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Sunday’s contest between Bingo’s All-Stars and the Fireball defending champion X-Men at Baruch College was built up as the game of the summer. A report in the New York Post covers the details of the contest but it points to a rumor I heard on the street concerning the Team Nike 5k challenge. The word is that if an NBA pro comes to the Dyckman and wants to participate he will not be allowed to play against them. I might have heard it wrong but if that’s the case, it’s a shame. The essence of summer league playground ball is the NBA Pro vs Street Legend challenge, and if Team Nike is the best New York has to offer on the street level, they should have enough of a crew to meet that challenge. EBC has done it for years that way, and so has the Dyckman tournament.

For example, Ron Artest plays for Maxwell “Bingo” Coles – Team Nike’s coach, regularly. The street wants to see Ron so he suits up, but Will Bynum comes with Corey Homicide to play against Team Nike. I’m hearing that Will wouldn’t be able to play, unless he plays with the Nike team. That’s crazy. I hope this rumor is dead wrong. Read More »

, Big shout out to inside streetball.

I don’t know how many segments of this I can do with so few NYC streetball videos Read More »

Money Train

2009 Fireball Champion, Money Train.

Sundiata Gaines went up for a lay-up on the left side, took a hard foul from a N.Y.A.C. defender and watched the ball trickle through the net as he lay on the ground. The play drew screams from the Money Train fans in attendance for the Fireball championship at Baruch College on Sunday, and showed that no matter how many hits they took, the boys in green would keep coming.

After trailing by as many as 16 in the first half, Money Train rallied to defeat N.Y.A.C., 87-78, behind Antawn “Anti Freeze” Dobie’s 23 points and his Co-MVP Gaines’s 19. Dobie also added 10 assists and six rebounds. Read More »


Ryan “Special FX” Williams in the Brooklyn Pro Game at Jefferson HS.

If the NCAA ever needs a new commissioner to organize its 64-team tournament, it should probably consider Rickey Rivers. The affable Rivers always seems to gather the premiere talent to produce competitive leagues full of highlights and upsets. Read More »