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When Edgar Sosa was running down the hard-top surfaces of Dyckman Park he had no idea how far basketball would take him. First to a solid four-year career at the University of Louisville, then to a stint with the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. But no one could have told him he would he playing 3,957 miles from New York at the foothills of the Alps in Biella, Italy. Read More »

Edgar Sosa has NBA game! Photo Courtesy of flicker.com

So as I stare at my Bounce 24 deadline, the scout in me has to say something again. I’m remembering this freaky athletic kid fresh out of Rice HS dunking on grown men and owning the park at Dyckman back in 2005 with a team called “The Young Ones.” He was putting up numbers so easily that when I heard he was going to Louisville, I thought he would start immediately and be out of there in two years. Read More »

Bounce Magazine

Edgar Sosa and Kemba Walker, a pair of electrifying NYC playground-bred guards, got their baller’s teeth cut while playing for the Gauchos on the AAU circuit.

Gauchos gym is rich basketball real estate (see Strickland, Rod or Marbury, Stephon for more on the program’s OG’s), a bandbox joint with one-side stands in an Ampitheater-type atmosphere.

Sosa and Walker put in countless hours at this very venue during their primary period of youth hoops prosperity, when both emerged as tough-as-nails guards tailor-made for the physical Big East…

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Pro-Ked Super Pro-Keds with K1X shorts

No, I didn’t go on the court with this combo, but I sure did consider it for a second! I had everyone at the 14th St. Y hawking, though, particularly the older heads who, like me, grew up with Pro-Keds as premium brand of choice for the ’70s in New York. There has not been a day that I’ve worn these where I haven’t been stopped dead in my tracks by someone asking, “Where can I buy those?!” I was on a pay phone and this dude had the nerve to even ask me. I was like, yo, don’t you realize you’re wasting my quarter? Ha ha! Read More »

Sosa’s ready for March Madness

2009 March Madness, who’s going to step up. Last year, Kansas point guard Mario Chalmers put his head in the rim and knocked down clutch jumpers. This year, three guards with strong NYC playground backgrounds look poised to bring their teams to Final Four action. The Bronx’s Corey “Guy” Fisher, Long Island’s A.J Price, and Dyckman’s Edgar Sosa are children of the hood, pressurized and zip-locked performers, ready to throw the ‘dro at their opponents. All three knockdown open jumpers, all three know how to distribute the ball, they have won on the high school level, and each have hood passes with championship tags in top-level grassroots events in the city. Winning chips under pressure is what is respected on the street and these three guards have what it takes to lead their teams to the Final Four. I know a few of you are going to get mad at me for not giving Lavance Fields some light on this list. While I love Pitt’s defense and Lavance is no joke, I don’t think they have enough offense to reach the Final Four. Read why I feel these three will see the Final Four: Read More »

Kemba Walker

UConn’s Kemba Walker is having a solid freshman campaign. Photo: tommymac.com.

Now I realize I’m not exactly breaking news when I say UConn point guard Kemba Walker’s future looks bright. I’ve seen the Bronx native play in person a few times now (at last year’s McDonald’s game and at West 4th a couple times this past summer). But I can’t describe how impressed I was seeing “EZ Pass” first-hand at Wednesday’s UConn Marquette game. Read More »