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EZ Pass Bounces Back Hoops In The Sun, Rucker / Jan 21, 2010 / 3:04 pm

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Kemba Walker will admit it.

The kid they call EZ Pass hasn’t been operating UConn’s offense the way CT folks envisoned the Rucker Regular would the past few weeks, and UConn’s three-headed mauling machine of Walker-Stanley Robinson-Jerome Dyson hadn’t been leading the way they were supposed to during the program’s first three-game slide in three years.

“(Coach Blaney) told us (Walker, Dyson, Robinson) we’re the big three on this team and he wanted us to take the leadership role,” said Walker.

“All three of us haven’t been doing a great job with it, but lately throughout practice, we’ve been talking to the guys and trying to get them to step up.” Read More »