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Before the season tipped, LeBron upped the volume on the discussion of his relocation to Miami with the brilliant “What should I Do?” Nike commercial. It was a visual, digital billboard that slyly antagonized the doubters, the haters, the dumb, shortsighted and those afflicted with varying degrees of Alzheimer’s.

For those who rushed to answer his question in the negative, how silly you must feel now. Read More »

OK, so the Knicks didn’t get LeBron. But there’s no use crying over spilled milk. And like El DeBarge once crooned, it was time to “Turn The Page”, a piece of sage advice that a certain fan base and owner in Cleveland could abide by in order to restore some mental health and self-esteem. Read More »

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Last night, Golden State’s Monta Ellis continued his torrid opening season stretch by posting 39 points, eight assists and nine rebounds in the Warriors’ 115-109 victory over Memphis. He scored 17 of his teams final 21 points, exploding and elbowing his way onto the start-of-season landscape that seemed solely reserved for Kevin Durant, LeBron, D-Wade, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo and the phenomenal rookies John Wall and Blake Griffin. Read More »

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As we transition into one of the most highly anticipated seasons in recent memory, my mind has been shifting into overdrive, thinking about some of the more memorable moments in my hoops-loving life. For those of us who are similarly afflicted, I need not explain to ecstatic rush of emotion and joy that overwhelms us as we witness these brilliant episodes of b-ball transcendence.

Caught up in the moment, you realize that not only are you watching a once-in-a-lifetime display, but you value the fact that these experiences will escort you through life, in the same way that birthdays, first kisses, senior proms, graduations and anniversary’s do.

It’s like the first time you heard Sucker MC’s, Eric B is President, Dougie and Slick Rick’s The Show or Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s They Reminisce , in that you knew that your life was irrevocably altered from that moment on. Read More »

Here at Bounce, we appreciate the style/substance combination. This season, there are a few pro and college cats that will be fighting their way back from injury or other circumstances, players who possess the swagger, skills and “IT” quality that make you shiver in your seat when they’re playing their game at full capacity. One such player, who I’m itching to see back at full strength, is the Bucks’ Michael Redd.

To be quite honest, there’s a Love/Hate element that exists here. I’ve never truly forgiven Michael Redd for giving St. John’s the bizness in the 1999 Elite Eight with his 20 points and stellar play, which, for all intents and purposes, signified the end of the Red Storm’s relevance. As Ohio State marched into the Final Four, the St. John’s legacy, inclusive of the remarkable college accomplishments of Louie Carnesecca, Chris Mullin, Willie Glass, Malik Sealy, the McGuire boys, Walter Berry, Mark Jackson, Felipe Lopez and Ron Artest, among others, staggered into oblivion. Read More »

My man Black Caesar has suggested that, this season, the Miami Heat come out for their lay-up line warm-ups to Nas’ Hate Me Now. I think it should be a little more hyped-up and uptempo, but something that has a similar sentiment. My vote is for this piece right here. Read More »

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Versatile. It means to be competent in many things, easily able to turn from one thing to another, adaptable to many uses or functions. For years, the pundits have considered Lamar Odom an enigma, a player who never truly, according the their thought process, lived up to his considerable gifts.

Instead of accepting and appreciating the man for what he is, many have erroneously wasted precious time and energy telling others what he should be accomplishing, what he should be doing, what he should be. They saw the mind-boggling athleticism for a man that size – 6′10″, the defensive prowess, the rebounding, the scoring, the ball handling, the floor generalship, the vision and lovely dish repertoire on the break, and got seduced into greediness.

Maybe now, as the filter of time has led to a sincere appreciation of his ability to be so good at so many things, to be an essential element to a championship mix, to complement Kobe and Pau, or Durant, D Rose and Chauncey in the successful, arduous quest to be the last, best team standing, folks will finally give the man his props. Read More »

The Semi-Automatic: Kevin Durant The Latest / Apr 27, 2010 / 5:15 pm

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(This was published in January, to coincide with the arrival of a new year and era in NBA basketball. I thought it was appropriate to re-visit this discussion, in lieu of recent events.)

Basketball, broken down to its simplest compound, is about scoring more buckets than the team you’re playing against. The Semi-Automatic refers to players who leave bodies in their wake with their innate ability to get buckets. And there is no greater young prospect in the game today with the combo of length, desire, work ethic and an insatiable appetite for greatness – all of which marinate along with a smooth, devastating offensive weaponry – than the 21-year-old Kevin Wayne Durant. Read More »