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Far right: Jonathan Hahami and his brothers with fresh NBA signatures on their gear.

With the lockout in full effect, a wonderful side of the NBA player-driven community summer league All-Star events is the shorty rock-player interaction. Miles Rawls of the Goodman League did a nice job keeping the fans involved during the Goodman vs Drew game, letting kids freely meet the players and get autographs.

Philly’s Rahim Thompson has the battle for I-95 in Philly next weekend and Greg Marius is putting together an EBC vs Goodman game Friday, September 30 at Long Island University in NYC. As for Jonathan, he sent Bounce an e-mail telling us about the game like a reporter. Check it out. Read More »

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On August 20th, a coast-to-coast all-star game featuring the best of LA’s Drew League versus D.C.’s Goodman will be played at Georgetown University. That could bring LA’s James Harden, Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozen, and 2011 2nd rounder Jeremy Tyler to D.C. to play against Kevin Durant, Sponge Bob and the rest.

Although there are highlights of Durant at Drew and now Brandon at Goodman, they both would rep their home tourney in any all-star classic. Check Brandon’s quick pull up game and straight chaser to the rim on the Marsreel highlight and come back for more details on the August game.

Drew League Highlights The Latest / Jul 8, 2010 / 6:13 pm

The Drew League now has official game statistics online. To see what James Harden of AP 1 and DeMar DeRozen of Hank’s Cheaters are doing, go to Drew League Box Scores. The league also features Baron Davis, Brandon Jennings, Aaron Afflalo and Nick Young.

Baron at the Drew with the shorties.

Baron Davis, Brandon Jennings and James Harden are all in full effect out in Watts, LA keeping their games up and rhythm live in Dino Smiley’s Drew League – now in its 37th year . The “take the summer off and chill” attitude has been checked at the door for the love of the game and the three NBA pros represent what the playground is all about. The word is that Baron is still flying to rim like he’s 20 and that several NBA pros will participate in the league this summer. Click here to see photos of Brandon and James Harden at the Drew League.

Man, it happened…we got Bounce 23 off!! It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on this, but I’m personally feeling like Kobe after winning a chip with Shaq (understand what I’m saying)…Legendary Rucker Coach Antonio “Mousey” Carela rocks the cover and talks about his interaction with Fat Joe, Puffy and the NBA stars he recruited to play uptown…”Street Dogma” explores the American National Dunking Ban caused by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and my pops Jim Couch, back in ‘67…our “How We Do “column features one of Philly’s finest – Mike Keyes – who demonstrates the KOBE TURNTABLE…get into it! The new comic strip – GAME FACES – tells the story of a young player on his quest to build his basketball FOCUS under pressure, a combo of metaphysical western urbanism with eastern morals and values. As the ball leaves his hands and rotates through the air the forces of the playground go into action… Read More »

Week #1 Drew League Highlights

Dino Smiley’s Drew League is in full swing going into its seventh week of play. The league has the earliest jump-off, (mid-May), of any summer pro league I know of and I gotta give major dap to James Harden for competing at Drew before the NBA draft. His agent had to have had wet butt cheeks and runny drawers worried about his draft status. Harden, who went third to the Oklahoma Thunder in June, wins the Mark “I don’t listen to peeps telling me not to play summer ball before the draft” Jackson who ended up Rookie of the Year in the 1987-88 NBA season.

Pro’s like Nick Young, Javale McGee, and Amir Johnson are keeping their games pressed and creased with more and more young players realizing that the community league summer pro game is important to their rhythm and skill development. For more highlights and information visit DrewLeague.com.

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Los Angeles Drew League MVP Jushay Rockett

The six-foot-five Long Beach California native played at the D-2 Alaska-Fairbanks and led the GNAC conference in rebounding and finished 3rd in scoring. In 2007, he played for the ABA’s Long Beach Breakers and Obvas Sanitarias in Argentina before crushing at the Drew League in the summer of 2008. His performance helped him earn an overseas offer in Mexico with Tijuana Galgos in the Mexican LNBP league. Described as “freakishly athletic” by his college coach, Rockett consistently receives praise from coaches and tournament directors for his strong defense and hustle.