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Sundiata Gaines at Pro City

I gotta Facebook from Yatta Gaines last week that said, “Man it’s snowing crazy up here!” Didn’t understand what it meant at first but Yatta got picked up by the Wolves last week. Our ongoing Bounce poll on Yatta’s fate is now headed in the right direction with our readers saying that he will have a five year NBA career. Read More »

While Kobe Bryant did everything in his power to send Los Angeles back to the west coast with a victory in hand, he received as much help from his teammates as New Orleans got from FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Thus far, the 2010 Finals has been ripe with ancillary storylines – the rugged toughness, exemplified by Ron Artest, exhibited by L.A. in Game 1, Rondo’s triple-double masterpiece coupled with Sugar Ray Allen’s sweet stroke in Game 2, Derek Fisher’s late-game heroics in Game 3 and and the Celtics Killer B’s (Big Baby and the bench) making all the difference in Game 4.

But last night, it was all about the Return of the Macks, as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rondo re-established their top billing in Boston’s 92-86 Game 5 victory. Read More »

With the Lakers wobbling down the stretch and trying to hold on to their slowly disappearing lead, it wasn’t Kobe or Pau, Odom or Ron-Ron that secured the series advantage for Los Angeles in Game 3. The hero was none other than Derek Fisher, who had that feeling in the fourth quarter, where his 11 points, as the sand slipped out of the hourgalss on the Celtics, propelled his team past Boston’s furious late-game rally. Read More »

In the event that you missed one of the greatest fourth quarter finishes in recent NBA history, Ron Artest turned out the lights on game 5 against the Suns in the Western Conference Finals with some playground heart and hustle. Despite an atrocious shooting night, Ron-Ron did what he always does as the final precious seconds ticked away – hustling, clawing and fighting in the game’s less glamorous aspects to give his team the upper hand. Read More »


Sundiata Gaines standing on right

I stood up in the middle of the Dime Magazine Office about two years ago and said “Will Bynum should be in the NBA.” I told anyone who I knew in the scouting game that they should take a look at him. “The Thrill,” who’s featured in the upcoming Bounce Edition 20, was the best player in the Piston’s ragged 2009 playoff run. However, Bynum consistently demonstrated the NBA guard skill-set of breaking down defenders, hitting open jumpers, and elevating over bigger players for strong finishes.

There is another Bynum-type talent developing in NYC this summer just waiting for the opportunity to wet his feet in the NBA and make a strong statement. What scout wants to get some dap and advancement? Take my advice and sign the 6-1 Sundiata Gaines. While I hear some of the Euro scouts complaining about his free-throw percentage, about 59% for his college and pro career, I feel he’s worth the risk.

Here’s why it makes sense. Read More »