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Marko Milic, 6′6”, small forward, Slovenian, was one of the most talented European players of the ’90s. Now 32 year old and still playing good ball, when he was 20 he had a great physical impact on Euroball, as we can see on the video. Read More »

Phenomenal jumper? Rick Apodaca The Latest / Dec 22, 2008 / 8:56 pm

Someone told me that Rick Apodaca has the most phenomenal jumper he’d ever seen. I think I agree. Seeing day after day the practices of Carife Ferrara in the Italian League and Apodaca taking his jumpers, I can admire the harmony of his movement, the glide in the air just before the release of the ball from the hands.

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The King of Dezza Street The Latest / Dec 19, 2008 / 7:02 pm

Gabriele Piazzolla

He was the King of Dezza Street Playground, the most famous and important court in Milan. His reign has been recognized by all Milan’s ballers, no doubt about it. Gabriele Piazzolla, 6′1″ point guard from Missaglia, Milan suburbs, could make you sick with his crossover, could penetrate in all the strong defense he faced, and could mortify you with his three-pointer. Simply you couldn’t stop him.

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Concrete Ball From Italy The Latest / Dec 17, 2008 / 6:53 pm

Thousands of times in the United States people told me: “are you italian? Ciao amigo, ciao bbella, pizza, spaghetti, mafia, mandolino!!! Italy? Soccer!!”.  Thousands of times I answer : “mmmhhh, what’s wrong with you man ?”. The stereotypes who involve italian people in the world are always the same, some are true, some are false. I think I ride the false side. Read More »