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2011 Converse Band of Ballers The Latest / Jul 13, 2011 / 12:25 pm

DJ D-Nice with the “Golden Speaker Trophy.” Photo: Sean Couch

It was gully hot in NYC and the line up was strong. Jim Jones – Harlem’s finest along with Shammgod, Bobbito – razor sharp on the hosting tip, Adrian “A-Butta” Walton – focused, Corey Homicide – fully loaded, Black Jack Ryan – deadly, a new and improved Ryan “Special EFX” Williams, and Young Money/Cash Money Brother Lil Twist were all in the gym. Producer-Artist Chiddy Bang was in the cut, Matt Johnson and his tight-shorted girlfriend, Kim Schiano repped for Team Brooklyn, and Wiz Khalifa was geared down.

All the elements of hip-hop were present at the Converse Band of Ballers Event held at LaSalle High School Monday (scheduled to Air on MTV2 in mid-August) afternoon. “Hip-Hop was built on the competitive spirit of basketball,” Jones said as he was interviewed with his team, “the aggressive nature of the game is what comes out in rap and…to be honest, I don’t see any team here that is ready for what we’re bringing.” Read More »

Covers (l-r): Bobbito Garcia, Junie Sanders, Hook Mitchell, Kiwan Smith (Nike NYC vs Chicago Battlegrounds), Smush Parker, 2nd row: Rucker Legend Issue, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Lance Stephenson, Brandon Jennings, Bone Collector (Issue #10) and, 3rd row: Kareem Reid.

Our former Editor in Chief, Jesse Washington, who now writes for the Associated Press as the National Writer on Race and Ethnicity, crafted one of Bounce Magazine’s finest editions back in 2007 when he put Larry “Bone Collector” Williams on the cover. Bone, who many feel is the ultimate modern day streetball player and the possessor of what might be ultimate takeover move – “the put the ball between your legs and go by you” in the words of Corey Homicide Williams, sat down a few months ago and called Allen Iverson out. While I think Bone would get twisted 2 out of 3 times by the king of the crossover, that 1/3 of a move Bone would produce might overshadow the overall dominance. The youtube Read More »