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Blacktop Bio: Clyde Weems feature / Oct 7, 2009 / 11:00 am

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Straight outta Compton… Richmond (CA) is no Compton…it’s worse and not getting better anytime soon! According to CQ Press City Crime Rankings 2008-2009, Richmond hones the sixth highest crime rate (out of 215 cities in the US) for cities with populations of 100,000 to 499,000. The competition on the blacktop must be tough!

Through hard work, determination, and a focus that hails from the playgrounds, Clyde Harvey Weems, has earned his stripes on the concrete. Although born in Akron (Ohio), he has been raised as a product of the tough city of Richmond (California).

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At 32 years old, he shares his experiences from college to a coast-to-coast journey that puts the rags to riches success stories to shame. Read More »

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OHH…Philly, Philly! Philly where I’m from! Philly, Philly, Philly where I am from!

The Philly anthem by Eve (although not played) was displayed on the faces of hoop heads and fans everywhere at 10th & Olney. A couple hundred people filled around the court with love for the community and for the City of Brotherly Love. Cats were so deep on the baseline that you had to lure them with cheesesteak scent and 20 cent icees (“Water Ice” in Philly terminology). (MC) Ty the Mouth had to constantly tell people to move but nobody would budge. All cheesesteak jokes aside, an ice cream truck was literally selling 27 flavors of icees for cheap – hood cheap! Like DJ Khalid said, sometimes you have to do it for the hood! Read More »

After leaving a youth playoff game for the Entertainers Basketball Classic at Rucker Park, I walked down 8th Avenue in Harlem and noticed this:

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The asphalt mark signifies that the Nike Tournament of Champions (TOC) is coming to the Big Apple next Saturday at GOAT Park located on 99th & Amsterdam! Are you going to be there?

In your opinion, who will be the player to watch at the TOC and why do you think so?

Do you want a chance TO WIN a $200 Sean John gift certificate?

By 8:00pm tonight, predict the Read More »

NEW YORK, AUGUST 11, 2009 – New York City, a city with a reputation for producing some of the greatest professional and streetballers in the world, and Orchard Beach, considered one of the city’s sexiest venues for playground basketball, will combine to once again host Hoops in the Sun Playoffs 2009, the tenth installment of Hoops in the Sun playoff basketball where players become great – and stars become legends.

The first round of the Hoops in the Sun Playoffs 2009 will begin at Read More »

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(Monday, July 27th) R&B singer / dancer / entertainer Chris Brown made his first summer 2009 appearance at the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic (EBC) at Rucker Park in Harlem, NY with a performance on the court that awed fans beyond his musical talents. Read More »