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Converse Open Gym in Puerto Rico The Latest / Jul 25, 2011 / 3:47 pm

Photo Courtesy of Converse: Carlos Arroyo and JJ Barea

Press Release:

On Saturday, July 23, 2011, CONVERSE, Inc. launched Converse Open Gym Puerto Rico, one of the brand’s premier grassroots programs supporting basketball and kids. Puerto Rico natives and Team Converse athletes Carlos Arroyo and JJ Barea participated in the inaugural Converse Open Gym Puerto Rico, where they served as honorary on-court monitors and spoke to the kids about how basketball has played a major role their lives. More than 1,000 kids attended the inaugural Converse Open Gym Puerto Rico, a record launch for the program. Read More »

Some Extra Pennies The Latest / Feb 7, 2011 / 2:20 pm

photo: courtesy of university of memphis athletics

In the recent issue of Dime Magazine, the All-Star edition with rookie sensation and next level human highlight film Blake Griffin on the cover, you’ll find what came to fruition after my sit down with Penny Hardaway. Below, you’ll find some lost footage from our interview, some jewels that, due to space constraints, did not make the pages of Dime. Read More »

photo of colorado’s alec burks: massappeal.com

Let’s be real. How many people, other than us true connoisseurs, were really up on Joe Dumars while he was killing it at McNesse State? Or John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone or Dennis Rodman during their college days? Or how about guys like Wes Matthews when he was at Marquette, Carlos Arroyo and Raja Bell at Florida International, Bruce Bowen at Cal State Fullerton, Udonis Haslem at Florida, Ben Wallace at Virginia Union, Michael Redd at Ohio State or Gilbert Arenas at Arizona?

In today’s Deep Cover Chronicles, we’ll take a quick peek at some of the young fellas who are leaving bodies in their wake, despite some minimal coverage by the national media. But in the days and weeks ahead, with the glare of the conference races heating up and the impending glare of March Madness, they’ll get an opportunity to show the world their superfluous stylistics.

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Balkman scoring a layup for the Puerto Rican team at the Rucker

The next issue of Bounce Mag currently being chopped and screwed will feature our take on the NYC Nike Tournament of Champions and the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game in Venice Beach. But with the first ever World Basketball Festival making its home here in the city, we had to be heavy in the streets that weekend to cover it will definitely be highlighted with pics, players and the overall unprecedented level of illness that took over the NYC hoops scene for a little over four days. Like any other great production, some things just didn’t quite make it to the finished product and ended up here on the site like the extra credits portion of your favorite DVD.

I got the chance to kick it with Renaldo Balkman at the WBF where we spoke about his heritage, his adjustment to ballin’ with his Boricua brethren and other goodies like that.


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