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STAY FLY SHEED Articles, Nike, Sneakers, The Latest, nba / Jun 4, 2010 / 2:50 am

Although the Celtics lost in an ill fashion yesterday all I could think about was Rasheed Wallace’s Nike Air Force 1’s. I’ve admired this man for wearing this iconic shoe even though its technology is obsolete in 2010. I was more impressed with his “Gumby” colorway today than Kobe’s new White/Gold “Big Stage” Nike Kobe V. I had to pause my TV a few times to get a good look of this model because I was so intrigued. All I could think about was how I had a Bobbito moment and sooner or later I would be telling my kids about these Forces. This man plays 48 minutes not counting how many times a week he practices in them; this man’s feet must hurt on levels I can’t imagine. Read More »

THIS CAN’T BE RIGHT Articles, The Latest, nba / May 16, 2010 / 5:28 pm

This can’t be right; I was supposed to see Cleveland vs. Boston today, or so I thought.  Sadly this matchup I desired is not on ABC right now. Where did we go wrong? Was it the lack of killer instinct? Maybe the “elbow” injury did limit LeBron. No I think I found the problem: Lack of team chemistry. I can’t seem to figure out how Cleveland lost this series no matter how much I think about it. Maybe it’s the fan inside me speaking out.  We all saw what went wrong Thursday; I seriously don’t want to believe it. I’m in a state of shock at this point. BOUNCE I need your sympathy at this point because I will experience another winless season as a Cavs fan.

Sorry for the hiatus BOUNCE. I was doing volunteer work in Argentina for five weeks. I’m back to write about the sport I love!

Tearing Apart The Big Ticket The Latest / Feb 6, 2009 / 10:05 am


Garnett and Jose Calderon exchange unpleasantries earlier this season. Photo: intentionalfoul.com.

I should preface this by saying I absolutely despise the Boston Celtics and hope the Knicks beat ‘em by 30 tonight (Pardon my bias, but likely won’t happen anyway.) And as I write this, I realize I will likely face the scorn of some of my fellow Bounce aficionados. But I for one am getting sick of Kevin Garnett and the praise he receives for playing with intensity that derives from the streets. Read More »