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Bobbito A.K.A. Kool Bob Love will be spinning for the Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience in Dallas this All-Star weekend! Bobbito will be spinning from 7PM-10PM on February 13, 2010. If you’re in the vicinity show some love and attend! Check the post for more information. Read More »

Joe Pope

Ridiculous handle, contortionist dunks, trash talk, Blocks that send the rock into the stands and DJs are not the only form of entertainment on the streets of NYC in the summer. Every announcer has his own swag. Some have jokes, others are great at coming up with nicknames. AG gets the kids involved at halftime for dance contests. Joe Pope has the celebrity check in. Tazz has unlimited energy. Some announcers get the crowd involved or joke on the crowd. Craig banned jean shorts from 119th. Announcers play a major role and, in some cases, can be the X-factor that separates the good from the great. So, who is the best of the best announcers? Read More »


If you’ve been looking for a pair of Bobbito’s 25th Anniversary limited edition “Kool Bob Love” Nike Air Force Ones in Puerto Rico red, look no further… we’re auctioning a pair of NEW IN THE BOX 10.5s on eBay in conjunction with the NYC Fury vs. Bounce Magazine charity game at Madison Square Garden at Madison Square Garden September 13th. Read More »

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Nike reps, Bounce familia and the fans of NYC summer ball had waited for this day the way Lil’ Dez does when he sits outside Kobe and LeBron’s apartment– uncontrollably bopping around in excitement, just waiting to see their heroes.

The 1 train, The Village, Hunter College and Harlem World have all been watching and waiting to crown the team of the summer. After months of players getting after it on all surfaces in all locations, the city finally got its wish this weekend. Read More »

Josh Selby throws it down at Rucker Park

Photo by Jon Lopez

Josh Selby throws it down at Rucker Park

The 4th annual Boost Mobile Elite 24 event, and it was an event indeed, was off the hook! First of all, anytime you put the top twenty-four high school ballers in the country on one court you’re bound to witness some quality hoops. But they weren’t gathered on just any court. They were gathered in the mecca: NYC. The hallowed grounds of Rucker Park, no less; however, due to poor weather conditions the game was actually moved to Gaucho’s Gym in the BX – the court that Stephon Marbury, Ed Pinckney, Sebastian Telfair, Rod Strickland and so many others have played on. Read More »

The Bounce Squad Gets the Boot The Latest / Dec 16, 2008 / 7:00 am

Bounce Magazine

Well, it was good while it lasted. No need to build suspense here. The Bounce squad was ousted in the SBL semi-finals on Sunday. I will point out, though, that ¬the crew exemplified streetball at it’s finest all season long and the playoffs were no exception. With only five guys suited up, it was like we showed up in the gym and called out, “We got next!” Bang made a Willis Reed-esque comeback to the team after suffering a concussion that should have sidelined him for the season and some. Bang couldn’t even wear his jersey because the doctors had to shred it up! Now that’s the heart and toughness that flows through the veins of a true streetball product. In fact, that might rank up there above Ron Artest tucking his chipped tooth into his sock and continuing the game (see Bounce Magazine issue #17). Read More »

Takin’ Care of Business… The Latest / Dec 9, 2008 / 11:51 am

Salvador water, Brazil

While Bob was getting his multi-cultural action on in Brazil, the Bounce Magazine squad held it down in the SBL (Park West HS on 50th Street between 10th & 11th aves) on Sunday. We got off to a slow start while our opponents made it rain 3’s early and often. We trailed by double-digits in the second half and it didn’t help us that the sideline heckling was at maximum decibels. Or did it? Read More »