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All day word hung around mid-town about the eyeball-to-eyeball matchup featuring  Bishop Loughlin’s JayVaughn Pinkston and Half Hollow Hills’ Tobias Harris, two of the nation’s elite.

It was a heavily-billed blood-feud, with high expectations, hype and hearsay about the two stallions rapidly becoming the talk of the town.

These cats skyrocketed to the national visibility mountaintop following a summer on the AAU circuit. Their games, Divisi0n-I stock, and rankings took off. The summer would culminate however, with Harris’ Elite 24 game invite and Pinkston’s Elite 24 game “snub.”

The two got after it with mano y mano moves and clear-outs that had the gym buzzing.

 They exchanged elbows in the first quarter. The pace was ratcheted up a notch…The decibel levels hiked up a few notches when Tobias used his handle and outside range  (both of which make the 6-foot-9 forward a unique threat) against Pinkston, who countered with his unmatched physicality and interior beasting. Read More »

New York, NY – Big Apple Basketball will host the 7th Annual Big Apple Basketball Invitational on Read More »