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NRF SEASON V IS UPON US! Nike / Oct 28, 2009 / 4:07 pm

Scott Williams on Uptempo vs. Generation (W18) from NRF on Vimeo.

Aron Phillips’ interview with Scott Williams a.k.a. Lower Manhattan Classic’s own Tiger Hood!

The Nike Recess Federation is a league designed for the urban and creative professionals of NYC. It’s really cool because they do it NBA style. You have a full draft, general managers, franchise players, free agency, trades, an All-Star game, and if you make it to the finals,you will get to play in the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Read More »

Photo Courtesy of NYC streetball photographer of the year Kevin Couliau

Kadour Ziani was here this Tuesday testing out the rims at the world famous streetball court, KINGDOME. As I made my way through Martin Luther King projects, I could see from a distance that he started his test runs by jamming the ball between the backboard and rim. Read More »

Bounce Magazine

February 27, 2009

Dag, yo–I’m not even gonna front, losing to my old squad Shox in the Nike NRF League on Wednesday was mad depressing. I was amped to play against them as they’re all my peoples plus my business associates, but they also happen to be one of top two teams in the league (6-1)! We got smacked 61-41. Ay yay ay.

Our squad Dunk didn’t play bad; Shox just played a lot better. I finished with 13 points (although the books only had me down for 10, hmmm), and a couple of “ooh aah” moments from the crowd when I pulled out the Mango Tango container with a straw in the open court. (I was told afterwards that one defender bit my in-and-out hard enough he slid his feet three feet in the wrong direction!) Read More »

New York, We own the night The Latest / Dec 21, 2008 / 2:18 pm

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25th September, I woke up excited like a kid buying his first pair of sneakers. In fact I was about to buy my first real Fish-eye lens for my Canon camera. Why this lens in particular ? Because I grew up watching skateboarding videos where the fisheye is a religion. A few basketball photographers are using it, to me it’s the best lens to capture action in the paint and dunks of course. So I went to B&H megastore, always funny to see all those jewish people selling high tech and handling lots of cash. I did a first stop near the Madison, maybe not the most beautiful building but I just needed to try my new toy.

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