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DMV Spotlight: Boo Jackson The Latest / Dec 14, 2010 / 5:19 pm

Verbals: Cardell Dudley


Whats going on world? Cardell “since 9 years old” Dudley is back to bring talented players from my hometown the D.M.V (DC,MD,VA) to the forefront. Players you should keep an eye out for, players who put in work on the big stages of college,the pros and ESPECIALLY the playground. Players ON THE VERGE of becoming a household name.

First up is Christian “Boo” Jackson, a junior forward for Emporia State University after playing for Manhattan and Bowie State respectively. Standing 6-5 and weighing in at 230 lbs, Boo is a good mix of power an finesse. Ask his opponents, it’s hell checking this dude. Try to put a bigger player on him, he kills you from the outside on the dribble drive. Try to put a smaller player on him who is quick enough to stay with him, he will PUNISH him in the post. Better yet, ask the reigning NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant how hard it is to stop Boo – he gave Durant squad 40 in 2009 Goodman league playoff Read More »

Cardell “Since 9-years-old” Dudley reviews some of the top players in the DMV. Big up to Cardell who cipher sounds…

Cardell, DMV — **The Release**

With the next issue of Bounce being a D.M.V Spotlight Edition, I will highlight players from the area. With the Goodman League exploding on the national scene, it’s only common sense to start and end there. First up is one of the DC area’s finest, Hugh Jones better known as Baby Shaq.

“Baby Shaq can play, Shaq can play in the league.” – Shaquille O’Neal. Read More »

Big up to Cardell Dudley from the DMV aka DC/Maryland/Virginia! Coming next week right before Bounce 26 – The DMV Spotlight Edition – Cardell’s player reviews of top players from the DMV.

First A.I.P. Streetball Game The Latest / Feb 22, 2010 / 6:31 pm

From Streetball.com.

One of the players scheduled to appear is Joe Vecsey’s man Pat Da Roc. Check Pat’s site for further information on him at www.patdaroc.com.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, children of all ages, Summer 2010 is almost here. If you’re like me, you’re fighting the cold winds of the winter and doing nothing but praying that they subside and the summer begins, when you can take all the extra clothing off and actually enjoy the weather. This is dedicated to all the tournaments in NYC–all the way from the Boogie Down Bronx through Queens and Brooklyn ’til you land in Lower Manhattan and make your final destination a trek up the FDR going from East to West Harlem! Read More »

Photo: Bang Lee (SpaceBallMag.net)

A crowd of 10,386 was announced in attendance before the game started. At the 10 minute mark in the first half, the Kingdome reached full capacity or somewhere close to it with about 400-500 people. Faces like Duke Tango, Quentin “T2″ Hosley, Sean Bell All-Star’s Coach Rah, and Richie Parker were in attendance to witness the 2009 Championship between Dominican Power (blue jerseys) and Big Cuzin Entertainment (black jerseys).

One squad brought team-oriented style, while the other displayed individual talent. Kendall “World Premier” Provett, Kenny “Grown Man Stuff / Serious Satellite” Satterfield, Sean “Killa” Kilpatrick, Jazz “Total Package” Mansell, and Tyshawn “Bodywide” Valentine started the game.

Guess which team they were. Please don’t get it twisted though; the other team bragged names like John “The Franchise” Strickland, Raul Mercedes, Richard “Slasher” Rivas, Baby Shaq, and Frank “Frankie Chulo” Penn. Read More »