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In an interview with AND 1’s Antwan “8th Wonder” Scott the 6-8 former Wake Forest standout mentioned that “he never thought [he] would actually play in a streetball game because [he] didn’t grow up playing streetball.” After dropping 28 in his first game and getting his nickname from Duke Tango he talked about the “respect” he earned. Something more than just word of mouth makes a true streetballer. A person true to the street respects his hood and NEVER puts negative energy onto it. I might be in the minority on this opinion but I’ll run with it here in NYC. Check how Antwan has served his community for years in the highlight below:

Bounce Magazine

Photo: skynolimit.net

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — S.K.Y. Streetball Syndicate, a group of the top street basketball players in the world, today announced a 14-stop, 20-day tour of American Armed Forces Bases throughout Asia.

The tour, promoted by Armed Forces Entertainment, will bring nine of the top players from S.K.Y. to play against the top players on each base. The players will compete in Japan, South Korea, and Guam.

“It’s an honor for the team to play in front of our troops,” said Lee Greene, the president of S.K.Y., Ltd. “We have put together an impressive group of individuals that will definitely put on a good show for those serving our country overseas. We are bringing a good balance of dunkers, freestyle passers and shooters.”

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