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TEAM NIKE WEBISODES 2 & 3 The Latest / Jul 8, 2011 / 4:48 pm

The buzz is building behind Team NIKE at Dyckman park. The park is packed every time Team NIKE plays and with good reason. With 10 of the best NYC has to offer on the same team, where else would you want to be?

We showed you episode 1 of the Team NIKE series, now check out the latest scenes from the Boys in Black. Check episode 3 after the jump.

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Any kid who carries a nickname like “Baddest Man on the Planet” has to get some notice. While the NYC hype machine can sometimes nickname a player into a mindset that coaches on the college level despise, the Bronx-bred, playground-tested Dwight Hardy (16.6 per game) has taken the park mentality and prospered so far. Young Hardy like a Jedi padawan has been tutored by Obi Wan’s like Kenny Satterfield and Andre Barrett (NBA), and overseas pros like Steve Burtt Jr., Corey “Homicide” Williams, Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie, and Jason J-Hi McLiesh. So hitting Georgetown Monday night with freaky reverse layup game and 3-point prowess for 20 loud points was no thing to him. The 10-3 Redstorm have found a leader, and with the NYC noticing their 3-0 record in Big East play, the return of the SRO crowd at MSG might not be far away. Read More »

It’s real to the mind, soul and spirit when a moment in time becomes a highlight. Ask Jay, Fat Joe, Jada, LeBron, Durant and Kobe about an entrance into an arena filled with 20,000 strong chanting your name. Don’t front on the similarity that a streetballer experiences when the crowd demands for a demonstration of skill. Citizens of the street know the call; it sounds like the moment a man or woman goes, “ahhhh, my favorite song,” and then rushes out on the dance floor to dance to the rhythm.

The connective energy morphs through the lines of memories that 14-year-olds riding on buses, cars or trains repeat to a friend, better at that moment than an ESPN/youtube highlight, at least to the ear, because a passion is being expressed from a young mind. There’s so much to the moment when it is passed on by the next kid, and when two or more street-verify and confirm, it’s an expression that catches fire.

It’s the interaction, the non-static realm of mind energy, that forces conversation, giving boys and girls the right to create a moment from memory. Yo, I need to write this down, I need to express myself. And so, if you can read between my lines, young and old, the read is real important. I read a report in yesterday’s New York Daily News that reading amongst teenagers is on the decline at record levels. So as the New Year approaches, here’s my top 5 worldwide streetball moments of 2010: Read More »

Gaines was called up to the NBA last year, could Eugene be the next?

The month of June is in the books and players are back in NYC. Bone Collector and Brandon Jennings have appeared at the Rucker, Utah Jazz point guard Sundiata Gaines and Celtic Nate Robinson have run at Fireball at Baruch College, while playground pros like Antawn Dobie, Antoine “Miles High” Millien, 2 Hard 2 Guard, D. Hardy, Dre Barrett, Cab Driver, Gary Irvin and Eugene Lawrence have put in memorable performances at Dyckman, West 4th, Hoops in the Sun, Nike Pro City, Fireball and Tri-State.

40 point games by Dobie and Millien, the Hard 2 Guard drive by on D. Hardy at Dyckman, Brandon Jennings at EBC and the Money Train back court of Dobie and Gary Ervin knocking Nate Robinson out of the Fireball playoffs have been the highlights of the New York City summer.

Naming a player of the month is tough, but my vote goes to Eugene Lawrence, the former St. John’s Red Storm point guard, who is looking like the most NBA ready player in the city and Antawn Dobie whose nickname “Anti-Freeze” is by far the best in NYC. Read More »

The Heart & Soul of New York City Films, Video, k1x / May 1, 2010 / 7:43 am

Red Cafe & Pete Rock
A K1X film by Kevin Couliau

Yes, it’s about that time. Rain, sleet and snow have made way for the sun, long evenings and fresh sneakers. Early may, when Europe’s hardwood champions have been crowned and the NBA playoffs shift into full gear, marks the inofficial start of the real basketball season: the streetball season! That’s when reputations are made, nicknames are born and every ballplayer naturally gravitates towards that “thump”, “thump” sound of his or her home court. Playground basketball is where it all started. Playground basketball is where talent is honed and friendships are made. It’s where neighborhoods gather and where skills and sweat are a currency. That’s especially true for the mecca of basketball, New York City. Nowhere else do streetball tournaments, players and games attract a quasi-religious following. Dollars, pride and bragging rights are on the line. Believe the hype!

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Photo: Casey Lee

(Monday, August 10th) They call him the “Don Corleone of Streetball.” In a match-up of veteran coaches, Bingo and his All-Stars battled James Ryan’s Prime Time in the first game of the playoffs for the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic for the summer of 2009. The score was neck and neck with each team exchanging leads throughout the first half. By halftime, the numbers did not lie: 44 even. Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie and Yatta Gaines were going at each other in a duel. Both could not be stopped! Anti-Freeze relentlessly drove the lane and Yatta was Read More »

Prime Time talks it over. Photo: Casey Lee.

Miguel “Miles High” Millien hit a teammate with a no look dish for an and one. He altered X-Men shots all night and even drilled multiple 15-footers. The 6-9 high-rising forward is showing he’s more than just a catch and dunk stud, and his all-around play Tuesday at Pro City is the main why Prime Time’s playoff hopes are still alive.

Millien shot 11-for-19, scoring 24 points and grabbing 6 rebounds, as James Ryan’s team defeated the X-Men, 127-121. Read More »

Watson Classic Heating Up The Latest / Jul 14, 2009 / 12:17 am

Bounce Magazine

Photo: Jon Lopez

The Watson Classic is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and doin’ it in style. Featuring some of the top ballers in NYC, tough unis, and Joe Pope on the MIC, WC is making a case to be mentioned among the top summer leagues in the mecca. Before my game with the Gym Rats on Sunday, I caught some highlights in the match-up between M.O.E. and Posse. Read More »