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Here at Bounce, we appreciate the style/substance combination. This season, there are a few pro and college cats that will be fighting their way back from injury or other circumstances, players who possess the swagger, skills and “IT” quality that make you shiver in your seat when they’re playing their game at full capacity. One such player, who I’m itching to see back at full strength, is the Bucks’ Michael Redd.

To be quite honest, there’s a Love/Hate element that exists here. I’ve never truly forgiven Michael Redd for giving St. John’s the bizness in the 1999 Elite Eight with his 20 points and stellar play, which, for all intents and purposes, signified the end of the Red Storm’s relevance. As Ohio State marched into the Final Four, the St. John’s legacy, inclusive of the remarkable college accomplishments of Louie Carnesecca, Chris Mullin, Willie Glass, Malik Sealy, the McGuire boys, Walter Berry, Mark Jackson, Felipe Lopez and Ron Artest, among others, staggered into oblivion. Read More »

Brandon talking like a panther before the draft…

Back is the latest installment of the Grime – For the G.O.A.T. – LL Cool J – you’re still Todd to me!

…Imagine if the Knicks could go back in time. Do you think they would draft Brandon Jennings or take David Lee, Chris Duhon and ride with first rounder Jordan Hill again and get funky with the pick?

Wanted to see the future of the “L,” so catching Nate Robinson’s first start against the player Bobbito dubbed “The Take Over” was a must see. Both are possessors of premium playground ball style with Nate showing his skills at EBC America in 2006 and Jennings earning the 2007 co-MVP at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 Game.

Robinson’s first start at the point yielded some solid results. He involved his teammates and got the rock to Lee, who ended with a season-high 32 points and 15 boards.

The Knicks were down five with a minute and change left in the third quarter when Nate hit the bench. Duhon came in with an immediate turnover, which led to a vicious one-step-inside-the-extended-dotted-line cram Read More »

The World Youth Basketball Tournament (WYBT) recently held its first matchup a few days ago in Hawaii. The tournament was named after Jay Boogie because of his contributions to the World Youth Basketball Tournament. Players from different countries flew to Hawaii to compete in this round robin tournament, leading to its final single-game elimination. NBA superstars such as Dwight Howard and Andrew Bogut have competed in WYBT tournaments. The main spotlight was on 22-year-old MVP Aukai. His range was incredible, while being versatile inside the paint. He also has good ball handling and a vertical that is impressive. Pictures of the tournament are posted at http://macleem.com/gallery

For more information about the tournament and Aukai, contact:

Haneef Saleem at hsaleem@macleem.com

Aukai at Konasunsetbasketball@yahoo.com

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