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An old adage says, “After the rain, comes sun.” And if it weren’t for a destructive tropical storm in 1989, the intense ray of sun that has warmed and nourished the hoops landscape over the previous seventeen years might have remained hidden under a cloak of obscurity.

When Hurrican Hugo completed its wrath on the U.S. Virgin Islands in ‘89, one of the fortunate consequences of its terror was flinging Tim Duncan into the welcoming arms of basketball. Read More »

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The Dunk! The Ram! The Slam! The Bong! Whatever you want to call it, it’s an art form, birthed on the playground, that has revolutionized the way the game is played. And few college players were as spectacular with their aerial artistry as Harold Minor. Read More »

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Other than being known as the Blake Griffin Sweepstakes, this year’s selection of up and comer’s will be synonomous down the road as the 2009 Point Guard Draft. As a matter of fact, there were five floor generals taken among the first ten picks overall.

And despite the pundits that opined about the precipitous drop off in talent after the Clippers selected the Super-Duper Griffin, I was particularly delighted with the array of options at the #1 position. Read More »

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“I’m sorry Chris Jackson, You are for real!” -The Ali re-mix of the OutKast classic, Ms. Jackson

Every generation can lay claim to that one transcendant talent, a shooting star that scorched everything in his path en route to ascending the ladder of LEGEND. For some, their reign at the crescendo was long. For others, the view from the mountaintop was all too brief. For Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, the artist formerly known as Chris Jackson, his extraordinary spontaneous combustion during two remarkable seasons at L.S.U. was enough to tickle the memories of those who witnessed his exploits for a lifetime.

With an arsenal that included an impeccable handle, more shakes than a fervent Beyonce dance routine, a bananas vertical leap, an underrated assist game that was overshadowed by his prolific scoring, lightning hands that thieved like Bernard Madoff and a hiccup-quick release on a jimmy that was as dependable as Oprah, Mahmoud sizzled retinas. Read More »

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Whenever the discussion about the greatest point guards in the history of the game comes up, the usual suspects always get their due – Magic, Isiah, Tiny and the incomparable Mr. Oscar Robertson. But one man, “The Glove”, is often undeservedly forgotten. Read More »

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During this holiday season, I’ll be dipping into the archives to offer up some updated goodies in the form of some of the most delectable “The Playground Gave Us…” joints from ‘08.

Before he became everyone’s favorite Grandmama, Larry Johnson was a straight up MONSTER! - a remarkable talent and imposing force on every court that he stepped on. LJ was quite possibly the most dominant two-year player in NCAA history. He was the next step in the evolutionary chain that eventually gave us Lebron. Read More »