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Whats going on world? Cardell “since 9 years old” Dudley is back bringing talented players from my hometown – the D.M.V (DC,MD,VA) – to the forefront. Players you should keep an eye out for, players who put in work on the big stages of college, the pros and ESPECIALLY the playground. Players ON THE VERGE of becoming a household name.

Woodbridge, Virginia native Wayne Washington is on a mission and reps the strong talent of the DMV area. Wayne played at Woodbridge High School and never suited up for an AAU squad, but still played NCAA ball and went on to make a pro roster. Read More »

Covers (l-r): Bobbito Garcia, Junie Sanders, Hook Mitchell, Kiwan Smith (Nike NYC vs Chicago Battlegrounds), Smush Parker, 2nd row: Rucker Legend Issue, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Lance Stephenson, Brandon Jennings, Bone Collector (Issue #10) and, 3rd row: Kareem Reid.

Our former Editor in Chief, Jesse Washington, who now writes for the Associated Press as the National Writer on Race and Ethnicity, crafted one of Bounce Magazine’s finest editions back in 2007 when he put Larry “Bone Collector” Williams on the cover. Bone, who many feel is the ultimate modern day streetball player and the possessor of what might be ultimate takeover move – “the put the ball between your legs and go by you” in the words of Corey Homicide Williams, sat down a few months ago and called Allen Iverson out. While I think Bone would get twisted 2 out of 3 times by the king of the crossover, that 1/3 of a move Bone would produce might overshadow the overall dominance. The youtube Read More »

DMV Spotlight – Joe Flegler The Latest / Nov 9, 2010 / 8:20 pm

Joe Flegler highlights

Billy Donovan – “Joe Flegler is the best unknown point guard in the country.”- After a game against Florida.

Cardell “Since 9-years-old” Dudley continues his cipher as our upcoming Bounce #26 DMV Spotlight Issue drops in a few days:

The D.M.V (DC, MD, VA) has always been known as a hoops factory going back generations and generations. In the D.M.V you have to put in work to be noticed and most importantly, respected as a ball player. So why would a 5-10 175 pound point guard be the focal point of this story when 5-10 basketball players grow on trees around the world? Its simple, Joseph “Joe” Flegler has put in major work during his basketball journey. Read More »

Elevate MW5 photo by Raf Roy

It’s 8 o’clock on the Thursday night before Halloween in midtown Manhattan. My older brother Rell is with me to hit the re-launch party for the sneaker brand, ATR (Above the Rim). As we make our way up and down 68th street, a man dressed in a Johnny Cash-esque all black suit stops me and asks, “hey, are you looking for the ATR party?”

“Yeah, is this the place?” Read More »

photo: comportal.villanova.edu

Basketball, broken down to its simplest compound, is about scoring more buckets than the team you’re playing against. The Semi-Automatic refers to players who leave bodies in their wake with their innate ability to get buckets. And in the mid ’90s – when Georgetown’s Allen Iverson, UCONN’s Ray Allen, Wake Forest’s Tim Duncan, St. John’s Felipe Lopez, Syracuse’s Lawrence Moten aka “Poetry in Motion”, UMASS’s Marcus Camby and quite possibly the greatest college hoops team of all time, the ‘96 Kentucky Wildcats aka “The Untouchables” had a monopoly on the headlines – Villanova’s Kerry Kittles left behind a remarkable body of work that easily establishes him as one of the Big East Conference’s greatest players ever. Read More »

During his two electrifying seasons at Georgetown in ‘94-’95 and ‘95-’96, Allen Iverson was not merely the fearless, mercurial, quicksilver dynamo who earned two league Defensive Player of the Year awards and All-Big East selections while leading the league in scoring. He also brought some supreme Machine Gun Funk. Cue the music. Read More »

December is the month that many sneakerheads adore. It means one thing: coveted Retro sneaker releases. It happens every time, Jordan Brand and others re-release classics so that Santa can make many ball players and sneaker aficionados happy. I personally love the idea of Retros; I can save my OG’s and not worry about air bubbles busting, leather peeling, or viewing yellowed soles with sloppy glue marks from prehistoric sneaker technology. With all the new releases in 2009, a quarter of the NBA and professional players still wears Retros, showcasing their popularity on and off the court.

On December 19th, Jordan Brand is re-releasing the Jordan XII in the white/varsity red colorway. Reebok this month also re-released The Question in its original white/red colorway. Anybody remember? I’ll give you a hint: Lower East Scribe posted a picture of this epic match-up a few days ago. Ah yes, these two sneakers highlight one of the most pivotal match-ups between Jordan and the young whippersnapper A.I. The question I ask today is simple: What would you buy?

Show some love to Lower East Scribe and his recent article. You can view it HERE.

Photo from NiceKicks.com

The Questions.

It’s personally fitting to me that Allen Iverson’s first shoe is called the Question, because ever since he’s been in the league I’ve had to ask myself one: do I love him or do I hate him?

Last week, I was walking to the train, knocking Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Mobb on my iPod and asking myself what makes me love A.I.? Before I could finish my thoughts, Weezy’s lyrics gave me the answer I was searching for.

“Hold court with the apes/I’m a gorilla but lighter/got the, eye of the tiger/the heart of a fighter…” Read More »