TAG: Alejandro “Ali” Danois

photos: courtesy of Providence College Athletics

In the current issue of Bounce Magazine, #25, we shook the basketball world with our cover story of God Shammgod. His lab was Colonel Young Park, 145th and Lennox, Harlem, U.S.A.

In a city, in general, and a neighborhood, specifically, that’s known for its point guards having ridiculous handles, Shammgod somehow elevated the art of the dribble to Michelangelo levels. His eponymous move, “The Shammgod”, is his Sistine Chapel. It’s known, practiced and awed throughout the world, an ankle fracturing crossover that, when used correctly, warrants an assault charge because of the violent havoc it wreaks on a defender’s equilibrium.

But Sham’s essence and game are about so much more than an ill, never-seen-before dribble move. If you have not digested the deliciousness that is nourishing the souls of real b-ball fans around the globe, peep the digital version of our cover story on Sham right here.

A lot of our discourse, because of space limitations, could not be included in the mag. So what follows below is the Director’s Cut, if you will, of some more back and forth conversation. Enjoy! Read More »