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BOUNCE #20 with Chicago’s Will “The Thrill” Bynum on the cover can now be read online! Simply click here or on the top right box on our homepage. You can flip through pages, read your favorite articles, search keywords, download the whole magazine to your desktop, and even print it!

Bounce print issue #20 will be available for free at our NYC and Chicago orange distribution boxes this week, and can be ordered at the Bounce online store soon.

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My best All Star Weekend memory The Latest / Feb 24, 2009 / 8:36 pm

I had a week to think and reflect about the last NBA All Star Weekend. The result is that there were just a few things that go down in history: Shaq’s presentation, KryptoNate, Rudy Fernandez, Kobe and Shaq ‘friends for ever’… Anyway, I’ll have a good memory in the form of sneaker: the Adidas TS Lighthing Creator ASW09. At first I thought that I couldn’t wear those colors, but then I realized that this was not the most important thing. The shoe is comfortable and functional. Now I have to look for a gold jersey to wear with those shoes perfectly. Anybody said Washington Wizards third uniform? Anybody said Agent Zero?

Special thanks to Marta Tejel, Adidas Spain.

Bounce is giving away a pair of tickets to the SNY High School Invitational played at New York University’s Coles Sports Center on Saturday, January 24, 2009. The facility is located on 181 Mercer Street in New York City. The giveaway also includes two gift bags with SNY merchandise. The four invited teams are Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson, which are presently ranked on Rivals.com in the top 100 in the country, Boys and Girls, which was ranked on Rivals earlier, and a young and talented St. Raymond’s team.

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What four high school players have graced the cover of Bounce Magazine?

The first to get it right will win. Respond in our comments section, leaving your e-mail address for us to contact you. The winner will be announced on Thursday, January 22 at 12:00 pm. If you see your answer don’t get discouraged, if the winning commentor does not respond, the next responder will get the tickets and gift bags.

My man Chris Chaney send me an e-mail from Corey ‘Homicide’ Williams. Just read it. I don’t have anymore to say…

My bounce is back, plyometrics really work mate! Sum1 please tell me why did Aussie Olympian Glenn Saville jump? 23pts 8ast 3stls in the win last nite

187 has spoken!

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photo: jamd.com

He was diminutive, but so explosive and crafty. Playing with an understated yet pronounced ‘hood flair, the man possessed a point guard’s game that was subtley beautiful. He competed delightfully over every inch of the 94 feet that spans the court. He was a maestro, a true lead guard who made every one of his teammates better.

The handle was textbook tight and ghetto fabulous all in one package. The vision and precision of his assist game was simply striking. He could score, pass and steal with the very best. And he could make any defender feel lost and helpless, as if they were stranded on Gilligan’s Island without Ginger and Mary Ann. Read More »