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You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve read the reviews, but now it’s time to get in the game. Everyone’s been talking nonstop about NBA 2K12 since it dropped this week, and if you’ve been holding out on getting a copy, we’ve got you covered. Want to get your hands on the game for Xbox 360 or PS3? All you have to do is answer the following question: Read More »

Contrary to what may seem real at this point, not everyone is playing NBA 2K12 nonstop, calling in sick to work or bouncing from school early. Some people really aren’t into video games. It’s not their thing. But then there are other people still rolling out the old systems and plugging in a copy of the old classic, NBA JAM. While NBA 2K12 is taking steps towards making their new game one of the best basketball video games ever, but can it possible live up to all of the fun NBA JAM gave us? Did it ever get any better than that? Read More »

Ever since the official launch of NBA JAM for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, our friends over at Complex and EA Sports have been throwing parties at some of the hottest sneaker stores around the country. From Austin, San Francisco and Philly to Chicago, New York and L.A., attendees have an opportunity to check out the revamped classic game, enjoy free drinks and hang out with the hosts such as Jrue Holiday, Kyle Korver and Eric Gordon in their respective cities. With that, check out the cities they’ve been to and the next ones on tap this week. Read More »

Episode: Bouncin’ All Over the World

When I was younger, I loved dribbling on the streets of Upper Manhattan making
moves on approaching women with shopping carts, spinning on the kid skateboarding,
and going behind my back on two kids walking together and splitting them with a low
place dribble. Reckless you say? I was inspired by the “Harlem Globetrotters” cartoon (1970) – the first time African-Americans were featured in a cartoon. Read More »