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Man, it happened…we got Bounce 23 off!! It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on this, but I’m personally feeling like Kobe after winning a chip with Shaq (understand what I’m saying)…Legendary Rucker Coach Antonio “Mousey” Carela rocks the cover and talks about his interaction with Fat Joe, Puffy and the NBA stars he recruited to play uptown…”Street Dogma” explores the American National Dunking Ban caused by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and my pops Jim Couch, back in ‘67…our “How We Do “column features one of Philly’s finest – Mike Keyes – who demonstrates the KOBE TURNTABLE…get into it! The new comic strip – GAME FACES – tells the story of a young player on his quest to build his basketball FOCUS under pressure, a combo of metaphysical western urbanism with eastern morals and values. As the ball leaves his hands and rotates through the air the forces of the playground go into action… Read More »

Joe Pope

Ridiculous handle, contortionist dunks, trash talk, Blocks that send the rock into the stands and DJs are not the only form of entertainment on the streets of NYC in the summer. Every announcer has his own swag. Some have jokes, others are great at coming up with nicknames. AG gets the kids involved at halftime for dance contests. Joe Pope has the celebrity check in. Tazz has unlimited energy. Some announcers get the crowd involved or joke on the crowd. Craig banned jean shorts from 119th. Announcers play a major role and, in some cases, can be the X-factor that separates the good from the great. So, who is the best of the best announcers? Read More »

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Nike reps, Bounce familia and the fans of NYC summer ball had waited for this day the way Lil’ Dez does when he sits outside Kobe and LeBron’s apartment– uncontrollably bopping around in excitement, just waiting to see their heroes.

The 1 train, The Village, Hunter College and Harlem World have all been watching and waiting to crown the team of the summer. After months of players getting after it on all surfaces in all locations, the city finally got its wish this weekend. Read More »

Tonight at 145th & Lenox in Harlem at 6:00pm, Dancy Power aka Sean Bell All-Stars plays defending champions Money Train in an epic battle that will determine who will go to the Nike Tournament of Champions on Saturday.

Coach Rah leads his Sean Bell All-Stars, a team that is mostly Queens (NY) based against Money Train a team that surely gets most of their players from the Q as well.

The game features talent like Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie, B.J. “The Beast” McFadden, Kareem “The Best Kept Secret” Reid, Corey “The Undertaker” Underwood, and Jazz “Total Package” Mansell.

Tri-State Classic

By Casey Lee

(Friday, August 14th) — Team Bad Boy, also known as the X-Men, led 49-40 against Dancy Power with the legendary MC Duke Tango calling the game. Also, others in attendance included Fat Joe & Co. as well as Harlem’s own streetball legend Ron “Terminator” Mathias who was officiating the game.

For Bad Boy, or Brooklyn’s X-Men, Tommie Gunz came lighting it up with a crazy reverse lay-up to capture a 26-17 lead early in the game. At 5:30 in the first half, Bad Boy built the lead up to ten points but Dancy Power started roaring back. The Kareem “Best Kept Secret” Reid to Jazz “Total Package” Mansell connection kept Dancy in the game by cutting Bad Boy’s lead to six points with 2:00 left. By halftime, the game started to receive more AHHHs and claps than all the ladies who walked into the park in front of the crowd of streetball-hungry men! AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHaaaaa!!! Read More »