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Hectic was the only word that could crack the too cool for school (or at least three more years of it), demeanor on John Wall’s face and sum up the last two years of his life. Going from a buried in the tar heel state prep star, to a top HS recruit who led the resurgence of a college hoops haven, a media sensation and a soon to be overall no. 1 pick in tomorrow’s NBA Draft, hectic might be the only way to describe a two-year span like that. Read More »

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Although the Celtics lost in an ill fashion yesterday all I could think about was Rasheed Wallace’s Nike Air Force 1’s. I’ve admired this man for wearing this iconic shoe even though its technology is obsolete in 2010. I was more impressed with his “Gumby” colorway today than Kobe’s new White/Gold “Big Stage” Nike Kobe V. I had to pause my TV a few times to get a good look of this model because I was so intrigued. All I could think about was how I had a Bobbito moment and sooner or later I would be telling my kids about these Forces. This man plays 48 minutes not counting how many times a week he practices in them; this man’s feet must hurt on levels I can’t imagine. Read More »

Reebok ZigTech Black and red

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, I’m sure you’ve seen the Reebok commercials on T.V. for the new cross training kicks featuring Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson or Sidney “Sid the Kid” Crosby. The backdrop is blacked out and a red line takes you for a visual loop through different training situations and abruptly ends as one of the athletes says “the energy drink for your feet.” The ad’s about as eye-catching as the bugged out infomercial guy selling Slap Chop’s and ShamWow’s, leaving us intrigued about what the heck we just saw, to say the least. Read More »

As we continue to see Air Jordan Silver Anniversary releases appear on store shelves, the Air Jordan 11 Silver Anniversary still has no official release date, which makes authentic pairs of these a tough find. Shoe York has received stock of the mysterious Air Jordan 11 Silver Anniversary.  Sneaker connoisseurs are clearly aware that the Air Jordan 11 is one of the most bootlegged sneakers of all time. If stats were released, I’d bet the Jordan 11 and the White on White Air Force 1 would be the two most bootlegged sneakers. Those looking to buy an authentic  pair of the Air Jordan 11 Silver Anniversary can find them on sale for $299.99 with free shipping at Shoe York.

Stanley Lumax from Converse got me hip to their new campaign with Shammgod. Shammgod recalls his childhood basketball regimen and “shaking his own shadow.”

March Madness is a special event for sneakerheads since future stars will be remembered for their play and footwear. If you don’t believe me, try getting the image of Nike Air Flight Huaraches and Nike Air Force Max B’s out of your mind when you think of the Fab 5. It’s 2010 and the sneakers of choice on the college courts are the Nike Hyperdunk/Hyperize/Hypermax. What sneaker in your opinion will be engrained in your memory when you think of 2010 NCAA Basketball?

The Jordan 2010 is a milestone in the basketball community. The Jordan Brand’s cutting edge style and artistic vision has held court in the ball and snearkerhead community for many years. For its 25th Anniversary, the Jordan 2010 was released, continuing a legacy that has dated back to 1985. The Jordan 2010 has asymmetric styling, a noticeable clear window and responsive midsole that performs on the court. Critics might bash this shoe, but as readers, we have to keep in mind that innovators tend to receive flack for their creativity. Appreciate Jordan Brand’s new milestone and celebrate a brand that has lasted 25 strong years!

Bobbito A.K.A. Kool Bob Love will be spinning for the Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience in Dallas this All-Star weekend! Bobbito will be spinning from 7PM-10PM on February 13, 2010. If you’re in the vicinity show some love and attend! Check the post for more information. Read More »