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Stanley Lumax from Converse got me hip to their new campaign with Shammgod. Shammgod recalls his childhood basketball regimen and “shaking his own shadow.”

Castro posing for upcoming show America's Next Sports Star

Castro posing for upcoming show America's Next Sports Star

Four months ago, we featured Courtney Castro as one of New York’s best-kept secrets. Since then, he’s lit up tournaments like Hoops In The Sun, Rodney Park, and the upstart Lower Manhattan Classic. Castro has taken his game to the pro-level and even explored the Hollywood scene. He’s no longer a secret!

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Tommy Baker is a popular topic for BOUNCE Online readers. His ball handling skills are impeccable, he’s broken almost every Guinness World Record involving a basketball, and his charisma puts a smile on everyone’s face. Witness highlights from his memorable career in this Youtube clip.

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What happens when people with sick basketball handling skills are given a task to create a signature move? Freestyle Central has created a contest in which ballers everywhere can showcase their final product. The Freestyle Central Move Contest has 11 submissions you can vote from. Make your voice heard at

Here are the 11 submissions:

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Ball Up Tour – Next Date – August 1, 2009 in Chicago

The nephew of Connie Hawkins, the high-rising “Hawk” takes a break to give us his experiences from the BALL UP TOUR.

-How is the Ball Up Street Ball tour going so far?

Hawk: Ball Up is hot, and very busy. 6 weeks straight of traveling! I’m seeing things I’ve never seen and I feel blessed. The team really gets along and we have a great time together.

-How did you get involved in street ball?

Hawk: Like most guys, a street ball team came to Phoenix and I went to an open-run. I grew up playing street ball, and my uncle Connie Hawkins was an NBA player who became one of the Top 50 New York street ball legends so it’s in the blood/the family business. Read More »

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New York City Airmen coming in 2010

The National Street Basketball Association is a professional basketball organization that provides amateur and professional athletes with opportunities in basketball. The League will open up in New York on June 22 with the Pro-Ball Classic at 145th Street and Lennox running four days during the week – (Mon-Thurs). Expect players such as God Shammgod , Ron Artest and many more to represent in the new league. This year’s edition will be the first phase of a two-year plan to stock 6 teams to form a professional street league next year. Read More »

Amare, J-Kidd, and Lebron speak as Paul Pierce stakes his claim

When Paul Pierce made the claim that he was the best player on planet last year, many basketball head’s shook their heads in disbelief. However, Pierce’s claim has some merit even though he hasn’t made one All-Defensive Team and has just one NBA title. What Paul has developed is that desire to dominate on both ends of the floor. He has overcame multiple stab wounds that nearly ended his life and playing with mediocre NBA talent, to become a NBA champion. That desire is what the playground is truly about, the second, third, and fourth chance to learn how to dominate at the ultimate moment. See my article about Paul “The Truth” Pierce, at that is written with no disrespect to New York’s original “Truth” – Walter Berry, one of the best playground scorers ever on the streets of N.Y.

Steve Burtt Jr. in Israel Playground Pro / Jan 18, 2009 / 9:17 pm

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Steve Burtt Jr. – Summer ‘08 in Harlem

Check this story on Steve Burtt Jr in the Daily News titled “Between Bombs and Basketball.” He’s playing for Edlen Ashkelon in Israel which is very close to the unrest in the Gaza area. Steve broke the EBC scoring record in ‘07, (68 points), and is currently averaging 21.4 and shooting 54.5% from the field in Israel.