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Amara Sy lands in Spain overseas / Jan 24, 2010 / 7:54 pm

Maybe the best French streetball player of all time (don’t forget Mo’ Sonko) signed a contract with CB Murcia this week. Everybody remembers Sy beating cats like Erron Maxey and Junie Sanders to get the crown at L.A. in the Nike Battleground King of the World. Since that day, Amara has played in France and in the D-League, searching a spot in the League. Read More »

Castro posing for upcoming show America's Next Sports Star

Castro posing for upcoming show America's Next Sports Star

Four months ago, we featured Courtney Castro as one of New York’s best-kept secrets. Since then, he’s lit up tournaments like Hoops In The Sun, Rodney Park, and the upstart Lower Manhattan Classic. Castro has taken his game to the pro-level and even explored the Hollywood scene. He’s no longer a secret!

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K1X representative Niels Jäger put me on to this cat a few days ago through an e-mail. I love how he goes through the city practicing his skills.

Girona: We own the night overseas / Aug 19, 2009 / 6:32 am

Last night of July was disputed in Girona, a nice city nearby Barcelona, the best night tournament probably in Spain. Eight courts for 44 teams in two categories (U-18, and over) that challenged to be the best team. This year was the third edition of the 3×3 Sant Felix Streetball, and every year the level of the players and the crowd are increasing. Read More »

As basketball becomes globalized, many ethnicities are stating to create their own niche in the sport. Coach Robby Penalosa of Brooklyn, NY and Coach Vinny Cheah of Boston-MASAE noticed the interest of Asian youth developing a taste for basketball, but getting little exposure from the public. They created RISE of the Son, an informational website about basketball tournaments and events in the Asian community. It is a website worth checking out, highlighting the future of ballers across the world.

For more information, check out:

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Steve Burtt Jr. is killing in Spain overseas / Mar 25, 2009 / 12:27 pm

photo: ViveMenorca

Steve Burtt Jr. landed in Spain some weeks ago. ‘All Day All Night’ came to my country to help Vive Menorca to keep in the first league. It will be a hard goal because his new team is in the last position, but Burtt Jr. is doing all he can to make it happen. His Spanish debut was a kind of soft, with 10 points (1-9 three point) in 23 minutes, but then Steve started to show why he is one of the best players in NYC. Against F.C. Barcelona (Andre Barret’s team) he hit 28 and last weekend he hit 25 in 25 minutes.

Keep pushing. Spain is watching. Read More »