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Hectic was the only word that could crack the too cool for school (or at least three more years of it), demeanor on John Wall’s face and sum up the last two years of his life. Going from a buried in the tar heel state prep star, to a top HS recruit who led the resurgence of a college hoops haven, a media sensation and a soon to be overall no. 1 pick in tomorrow’s NBA Draft, hectic might be the only way to describe a two-year span like that. Read More »

STAY FLY SHEED Articles, Nike, Sneakers, The Latest, nba / Jun 4, 2010 / 2:50 am

Although the Celtics lost in an ill fashion yesterday all I could think about was Rasheed Wallace’s Nike Air Force 1’s. I’ve admired this man for wearing this iconic shoe even though its technology is obsolete in 2010. I was more impressed with his “Gumby” colorway today than Kobe’s new White/Gold “Big Stage” Nike Kobe V. I had to pause my TV a few times to get a good look of this model because I was so intrigued. All I could think about was how I had a Bobbito moment and sooner or later I would be telling my kids about these Forces. This man plays 48 minutes not counting how many times a week he practices in them; this man’s feet must hurt on levels I can’t imagine. Read More »

THIS CAN’T BE RIGHT Articles, The Latest, nba / May 16, 2010 / 5:28 pm

This can’t be right; I was supposed to see Cleveland vs. Boston today, or so I thought.  Sadly this matchup I desired is not on ABC right now. Where did we go wrong? Was it the lack of killer instinct? Maybe the “elbow” injury did limit LeBron. No I think I found the problem: Lack of team chemistry. I can’t seem to figure out how Cleveland lost this series no matter how much I think about it. Maybe it’s the fan inside me speaking out.  We all saw what went wrong Thursday; I seriously don’t want to believe it. I’m in a state of shock at this point. BOUNCE I need your sympathy at this point because I will experience another winless season as a Cavs fan.

Sorry for the hiatus BOUNCE. I was doing volunteer work in Argentina for five weeks. I’m back to write about the sport I love!

THE DREAM SHATTERER Articles, The Latest, nba / Mar 18, 2010 / 1:54 am

Ayo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team… Listening to Big Pun only reminds me of what pain the Cleveland Cavaliers had to endure for 40 years. I see the bandwagon fans root for Cleveland because we are on the bright side of things but they disgust me. Everyone flocked to Jordan after The Shot, few paid attention to the Hot Rod Williams era, and the Ricky Davis/Andre Miller/Darius Miles era might as well not exist in the history books. I am a native of Cleveland and I loved my city from the start. Until All-Star weekend in Cleveland and the King James era, people were practically giving away Cavaliers tickets. That is certainly a thing of the past now that this Eastern team is on top of the world.

A few people tell me the Cavaliers will choke again but I could care less. I know we fell hard for the past three years; I know what heartbreak feels like (Remember I was a die hard Cleveland sports fan all my life and still to this day). Now is the time to win and I have never been more confident in my life. Jordan fell twice before he won his first and LeBron is no different. Dreams will not be shattered in Cleveland this June anymore.

The NBA Breakdown is a fun, informative, interactive, entertaining, high energy call-in basketball talk show, which features interviews with top quality athletes, entertainers and celebrities.

It’s hosted by Dave Mendonca and Audley Stephenson and based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The live program airs Sundays @9pm EST at this link. Read More »

I WAS IMPRESSED! Articles, Events, The Latest, nba / Feb 16, 2010 / 5:53 am

I’ve heard the worst about the 2010 Sprite NBA Dunk Contest in a matter of days. I disagree with the critics; I was pleased with what I saw Saturday night. Last year critics said the problem was “too many props and glitz, not enough creativity.” The 2010 Dunk Contest displayed pure dunks with no gimmicks, something that highlights an actual player and his talent. I commend all who participated because they handled critics with class. When many wanted LeBron James and a star-studded event, the 2010 participants heard their name used as the butt of jokes. I’ve heard none of the participants bicker about the critics; they participated and tried to give the audience a good time.  Nate Robinson set a record people, a record that gives all sizes hope in a competition where size is key! The 2010 participants certainly got my approval.

Bobbito A.K.A. Kool Bob Love will be spinning for the Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience in Dallas this All-Star weekend! Bobbito will be spinning from 7PM-10PM on February 13, 2010. If you’re in the vicinity show some love and attend! Check the post for more information. Read More »

I must say the MVP Puppets campaign has been one of the longest promotional stints Nike has employed in a long time. Its success equates to Penny Hardaway and his Lil Penny series in my opinion. Although the concept of 2 star players competing against each other is stolen from Converse, Nike added its signature marionette theme reaching out to every age range unlike Magic and the Hick from French Lick. I can only imagine what is next to come.

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