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In case you haven’t been able to get through the gates, haven’t got there early enough or haven’t been following me on twitter (@LowerEastScribe), here’s a look at some of Team NIKE’s ill-action in the Heights

The summer is here and so is the drama. The rumors circulating the streets about Team NIKE have been more talked about in NYC, than Anthony Weiner and #Twittergate. But there are no mistakes happening here with this squad, just passion for the game and, to the surprise of many, team unity. Each week, I’ll be bringing you game recaps of how the Boys in Black do at Dyckman and posting the videos here from

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KIX “Lil Thugs” T-shirts Clothing, k1x, nba / Oct 26, 2010 / 12:55 pm

K1X & Lil Thugs presents:

Got-next artist Lil Thugs from Paris has teamed up with German basketball brand K1X to create an exclusive series of t-shirts featuring four iconic ballplayers that personify the “play hard – don’t embarrass our products” philosophy like Charles Oakley’s elbows. All designs are exclusive to K1X and feature the unique cartoon illustrrations that have cemented Lil‘ Thug’s reputation as the definition of “streetwise”. Read More »

It was a busy week for us. Fury vs. Watch Out exhibition game last Thursday was a good one.  We got the chance to play against Roman “El Regalo” Perez and Spanish pro Nacho Martin along with Dominican pro Victor Toribio and good friend of the Fury, 40 Cal.  To keep with the international flavor, we even tried to use the official FIBA pro league ball but it still isn’t broken in yet, and got the blame for an excessive amount of turnovers. Read More »

Last week, got a win in the Lower Manhattan Classic on Sunday but then took a tough loss to Iced Tea on Thursday. No excuses, we had a full roster, 6-9 Spanish pro, Nacho Martin, even filled in for us off the bench, he’ll be running with us until he goes back to Spain at the end of the month. We played well enough to win, got within 3 pts in the final 3:00 min but for the first time in this league, we flat out got outplayed.

PG for Iced Tea sealed the deal with back-to-back 3s. I don’t know the kid’s name but he put in work. Feisty, too, my kind of guard, a lot like Joe Kim. Anyway, Ham-Fish up on Wednesday night then we have a “friendly” (or “exhibition game” in American) against good friend of the Fury, Roman “El Regalo” Perez (who plays on our Fastbreak NYC team), Nacho and some pros from Spain and the DR they’ve put together. Should be a good run, come out to Fury vs. Watch Out, Thursday, 8:30pm @ MLK HS (122 Amsterdam Ave) to take a peek. Until next time…

Photos by Jocelyn Lam

I debated doing this journal again this summer. Last year, if felt kind of like the Borat section of Bounce. The Fury’s experience as an All-Asian American team in NYC’s Men’s Unlimited leagues hopefully did as much to expose Asian Americans to the beauty and rigors of NYC’s summer streetball as it did to expose streetball to Asian American athletes. Our “Cultural Leanings of Streetball,” if you will, were more like a goodwill tour. But now, our team is hardly a punchline. Read More »

Last year, we started our first Asian-American Men’s Unlimited basketball team, the NYC Fists of Fury sponsored by Fastbreak NYC.  And, the first league we played in was Isaac Daniels’ Lower Manhattan Classic.  We got so much love in that league and had such a good time that I just had to give a shout out before the 2010 season.  It’s just a killer location right in the Lower East Side on Houston St. and Chrystie St., with excellent comp. It was a blast.

Registration is still open but the DEADLINE TO ENTER IS MAY 8 so holler at Isaac if you’re interested:

Phone: (718) 641-4052 Voicemail: (917) 626-6878 E-mail:

The Heart & Soul of New York City Films, Video, k1x / May 1, 2010 / 7:43 am

Red Cafe & Pete Rock
A K1X film by Kevin Couliau

Yes, it’s about that time. Rain, sleet and snow have made way for the sun, long evenings and fresh sneakers. Early may, when Europe’s hardwood champions have been crowned and the NBA playoffs shift into full gear, marks the inofficial start of the real basketball season: the streetball season! That’s when reputations are made, nicknames are born and every ballplayer naturally gravitates towards that “thump”, “thump” sound of his or her home court. Playground basketball is where it all started. Playground basketball is where talent is honed and friendships are made. It’s where neighborhoods gather and where skills and sweat are a currency. That’s especially true for the mecca of basketball, New York City. Nowhere else do streetball tournaments, players and games attract a quasi-religious following. Dollars, pride and bragging rights are on the line. Believe the hype!

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