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Swizz Beatz recently became the creative director for Reebok Classic and his first order of business is this ill version of the Reebok Kamikaze. This limited edition colorway (only 84 are pairs were made and each box is numbered) drops this Friday, May 13 for a reatil price of $100. Read More »

Elevate MW5 photo by Raf Roy

It’s 8 o’clock on the Thursday night before Halloween in midtown Manhattan. My older brother Rell is with me to hit the re-launch party for the sneaker brand, ATR (Above the Rim). As we make our way up and down 68th street, a man dressed in a Johnny Cash-esque all black suit stops me and asks, “hey, are you looking for the ATR party?”

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Photo by Rafael Roy

As an LES resident, I take tons of trips through SoHo and the first thing I notice whenever I’m there? The giant billboard with Zoe Saldana, for Calvin Klein. But once my tongue rolls back into my head and my transformation back to Lower East Scribe from the wolf in those Droopy Dog Cartoons finishes, the second thing I peep is the giant Adidas store front. Whenever I look in the window, there’s something different. One week it’s women’s hoops apparel, then it’s distance running, then it’s cross training. The one constant with them is change.

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New Melo’s/Melo Nation Tee/Melo jacket/pants

Jordan kicks off the new fashion year with an introduction all gear and sneakers heads will fiend for. The coordination is tight and the color schemes are relevant. The New Melo 7’s are creamy and the Air Jordan 1 Anodized that follow are serious. As always, September into December is the time when gear is on the minds of the young baller, and the new styles display a strong boot, hoodie and the bubble jacket game that has Jordan Brand looking real strong off and on the court. Read More »

Reebok ZigTech Black and red

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, I’m sure you’ve seen the Reebok commercials on T.V. for the new cross training kicks featuring Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson or Sidney “Sid the Kid” Crosby. The backdrop is blacked out and a red line takes you for a visual loop through different training situations and abruptly ends as one of the athletes says “the energy drink for your feet.” The ad’s about as eye-catching as the bugged out infomercial guy selling Slap Chop’s and ShamWow’s, leaving us intrigued about what the heck we just saw, to say the least. Read More »

Stanley Lumax from Converse got me hip to their new campaign with Shammgod. Shammgod recalls his childhood basketball regimen and “shaking his own shadow.”

Bobbito A.K.A. Kool Bob Love will be spinning for the Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience in Dallas this All-Star weekend! Bobbito will be spinning from 7PM-10PM on February 13, 2010. If you’re in the vicinity show some love and attend! Check the post for more information. Read More »

Kobe Bryant would not fit in the high top Nike Basketball generation in the late 80’s and early 90’s if he walked in any court with the Nike Zoom Kobe V. Today Kobe is considered a genius for creating one of the lowest cut basketball shoes to date. It seems as though low cut basketball shoes make no sense to the average consumer because you have to buy braces and aftermarket accessories for protection, a problem easily resolved by purchasing a higher shoe. Kobe thought outside of the box, a trait that Nike has held for years. Soccer players wear low cut shoes and are in danger to sprain their ankle constantly, yet they are just fine. Kobe looked at another sport he loved and applied aspects to his signature shoe that would be a success on the hardwood. He wanted a light, comfortable shoe; I’m all for it, I don’t want my shoes to feel like two bricks if I’m running on a court for hours. Playing in a 10.6-ounce shoe that utilizes Nike’s cutting edge technology and materials is a treat to your body. It is the lightest basketball shoe to date. Kobe introduced Nike to a new market: the low top consumer. Hypermaxes and Hyperize’s already dominate the market in high/mid cut shoes, yet Kobe helped Nike lock up the market all around. The man is thinking like an engineer and marketing guru. Add Flywire into that equation and it seem like Kobe engineers bridges. Eat your heart out Billy Hoyle.