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The new Man Up Invitational Pro League starts April 18, 2010. A $500 deposit must be made before April 5, 2010 to guarantee a spot. The League is Pro modified rules with 24 minute halves. There will be at least 10 games plus two All-Star games (one with the top 20 players in the league and the winner will play an All-Star team from another league). For more information contact Arnell Milton at (917) 733-3127 or click Read More to see the specifics of the league. Do not pass on this opportunity to play! Read More »

I didn’t get the opportunity to attend basketball camps and leagues when I was younger because I didn’t have that one person in my life to tell me where to go and push me to my full potential. If there were more mentors then, imagine the talent that would be seen on the courts today! Read More »

Team A.I.P. is offering basketball clinics Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. to anyone who wants to learn fundamental traits of the game. The clinics will be hosted at Patuxent High School in Lusby, Maryland, by AND 1 Mixtape All-Star Streetball Players. There is an attached flyer with this post so check it out for more information. Read More »

The Jordan 2010 is a milestone in the basketball community. The Jordan Brand’s cutting edge style and artistic vision has held court in the ball and snearkerhead community for many years. For its 25th Anniversary, the Jordan 2010 was released, continuing a legacy that has dated back to 1985. The Jordan 2010 has asymmetric styling, a noticeable clear window and responsive midsole that performs on the court. Critics might bash this shoe, but as readers, we have to keep in mind that innovators tend to receive flack for their creativity. Appreciate Jordan Brand’s new milestone and celebrate a brand that has lasted 25 strong years!

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I’ve heard the worst about the 2010 Sprite NBA Dunk Contest in a matter of days. I disagree with the critics; I was pleased with what I saw Saturday night. Last year critics said the problem was “too many props and glitz, not enough creativity.” The 2010 Dunk Contest displayed pure dunks with no gimmicks, something that highlights an actual player and his talent. I commend all who participated because they handled critics with class. When many wanted LeBron James and a star-studded event, the 2010 participants heard their name used as the butt of jokes. I’ve heard none of the participants bicker about the critics; they participated and tried to give the audience a good time.  Nate Robinson set a record people, a record that gives all sizes hope in a competition where size is key! The 2010 participants certainly got my approval.

Bobbito put me on to a story that was not basketball related yet I thought it was interesting and deserved some shine. Dance pioneer and member of The Lockers Dave Gregory Pope passed away on January 28, 2010. From Soul Train to traveling all around the world to showcase his talent, he has certainly left his mark. There is a marvelous website in his name that you should check out HERE. On February 16, 2010 from 7-11 PM there will a memorial in his name so check it out if you are in the Hollywood area. The admission is free but donations are welcome.

The Highlands

6801 Hollywood Blvd.(Above the Kodak Theater)

Hollywood CA 90028

Bobbito A.K.A. Kool Bob Love will be spinning for the Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience in Dallas this All-Star weekend! Bobbito will be spinning from 7PM-10PM on February 13, 2010. If you’re in the vicinity show some love and attend! Check the post for more information. Read More »

I must say the MVP Puppets campaign has been one of the longest promotional stints Nike has employed in a long time. Its success equates to Penny Hardaway and his Lil Penny series in my opinion. Although the concept of 2 star players competing against each other is stolen from Converse, Nike added its signature marionette theme reaching out to every age range unlike Magic and the Hick from French Lick. I can only imagine what is next to come.

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