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Brooklyn’s Finest: Ed “Booger” Smith Uncategorized / Sep 5, 2008 / 12:04 pm

I was talking with some friends in the barber shop the other day, among them was John “Mookie” Thomas, and we came to the realization that Brooklyn doesn’t get that much love on the playground level. Brooklyn has been known to have their share of players, but when people think playground basketball Brooklyn is an after thought. While talking, the name Ed Smith came up. Some of you might know him simply as “Booger.” Booger was the real deal. Point blank. Period.

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“The Highest Jumping Man In The World.” Uncategorized / Aug 29, 2008 / 12:17 pm

I came across this Ryan “Special FX” Williams highlight and all I can say is wowsers! The man was one of my favorite players to watch on the circuit this summer, because you just knew that he was going to do something crazier than the week before. Big Brawley says that Special FX is “the highest jumping man in the world.” And you know what? He just may be right. Peep the double alley-oop at the 1:56 mark…Sickness. Good luck out in Indonesia Ryan, and thanks for the highlights this past summer.

2008 Nike Tournament of Champions Images Uncategorized / Aug 28, 2008 / 3:42 pm

2008 Nike TOC champs, X-Men (Photo. Kelly Kline)

The Nike Tournament of Champions has been over for some days now. The winners have had the time to celebrate their triumphs and the losers their time to mourn. Throughout the festivities we caught some great images of the entire event Read More »

Bounce Magazine

Uptown Challenge vs. West 4th

Under the blazing mid-day sun, the women kicked off championship Saturday with perhaps the most physical battle of the day. Without standouts Kia Vaughn (Rutgers), Epiphanny Price (Rutgers) and Erica Morrow (Syracuse) because of NCAA regulations, West 4th looked lost at the start of the game. Uptown rode the strong post play of Lilka Cedars (13 points), as she tallied six of her squads first eight points. And former Kent State Golden Flash Cherise George (14 points) slashed through the D, getting to the cup almost at will. Read More »

Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie at Nike TOC. (photo. Kyle Henry)

The summer basketball season came to a close Saturday night with the end of the Nike Tournament of Champions. New York City basketball brass and common folks alike all came out to Goat Park (99th and Amsterdam Ave.) to see one team be crowned the champion of the summer. Read More »

Dyckman 2008 champions Bingo’s All-Stars. Photo by BallGurl


B-I-N-G-O spells champions, or at least it did last night, after the world famous crew defeated Take No Prisoners for the Dyckman Tournament title. Read More »

The Icon at the free-throw line. Photo by Trevor Kapp

West 4th


After washouts both Thursday and Friday, it seemed like the quarterfinal playoff game between Uninvited Guest and Money Train at West 4th St. (3rd St., 6th Ave.) would never be played. Fortunately for everyone at the Cage Saturday afternoon, the weather was perfect and the game was too. Read More »

Mike “The Icon” Campbell scoring one of his game-high 28 points at West 4th. Photo. Trevor Kapp

West 4th

Its been a good summer for former St. Johns Red Storm players. Kyle Cuffe and Eugene Built Ford Tough Lawrence have made names for themselves all over the city. Ryan Special FX Williams has become a superstar before our very eyes. And Daryll Showtime Hill and Ron Artest took home a Pro City title last week. Read More »