LeBron Takes Me Back The Latest / Feb 16, 2011 / 5:53 pm

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Some Extra Pennies The Latest / Feb 7, 2011 / 2:20 pm

photo: courtesy of university of memphis athletics

In the recent issue of Dime Magazine, the All-Star edition with rookie sensation and next level human highlight film Blake Griffin on the cover, you’ll find what came to fruition after my sit down with Penny Hardaway. Below, you’ll find some lost footage from our interview, some jewels that, due to space constraints, did not make the pages of Dime. Read More »

photo of colorado’s alec burks:

Let’s be real. How many people, other than us true connoisseurs, were really up on Joe Dumars while he was killing it at McNesse State? Or John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone or Dennis Rodman during their college days? Or how about guys like Wes Matthews when he was at Marquette, Carlos Arroyo and Raja Bell at Florida International, Bruce Bowen at Cal State Fullerton, Udonis Haslem at Florida, Ben Wallace at Virginia Union, Michael Redd at Ohio State or Gilbert Arenas at Arizona?

In today’s Deep Cover Chronicles, we’ll take a quick peek at some of the young fellas who are leaving bodies in their wake, despite some minimal coverage by the national media. But in the days and weeks ahead, with the glare of the conference races heating up and the impending glare of March Madness, they’ll get an opportunity to show the world their superfluous stylistics.

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Before the season tipped, LeBron upped the volume on the discussion of his relocation to Miami with the brilliant “What should I Do?” Nike commercial. It was a visual, digital billboard that slyly antagonized the doubters, the haters, the dumb, shortsighted and those afflicted with varying degrees of Alzheimer’s.

For those who rushed to answer his question in the negative, how silly you must feel now. Read More »


Tonight, The Celtics and Knicks will play their first meaningful game in quite some time. Back in the day, when the incomparable Larry Bird and Bernard King were battling, the divisional rivalry was tangible.

In addition to Boston and New York being two of the three remaining original 11 NBA franchises (the Warriors are the other), the teams have had 12 postseason battles, with each walking away with six series victories. Read More »

OK, so the Knicks didn’t get LeBron. But there’s no use crying over spilled milk. And like El DeBarge once crooned, it was time to “Turn The Page”, a piece of sage advice that a certain fan base and owner in Cleveland could abide by in order to restore some mental health and self-esteem. Read More »

The other night, I watched with glee as Syracuse freshman swingman, 6′8″ lefty CJ Fair, caught a lovely banger against Cornell. CJ is a proud alum of Bounce Magazine’s Young World section, a bright, engaging, talented young man with a great family in his corner.

I remember watching him as a young, skinny player at Baltimore’s City College High School, playing for coach Mike Daniels, before he took his game to New Hampshire’s Brewster Academy for his senior year to team up with another B-more stud, Will Barton. Read More »


This Wednesday, we not only get treated to a match-up of what many consider the two best teams in the country – the defending National Champs versus another Final Four crew from last year- we also get to see two of the best coached teams in America.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of the individual components, with both teams boasting electrifying singular talents whose playground credentials are not in question. This contest features at least five players, all guards and swing-men, with the potential to get picked in the first round of the upcoming NBA draft. Read More »