What a wonderful way to spend a hot summer night. Don’t know about you, but I was in the house last night at the Melo Center in B-more, where all of this loveliness was going down as Josh Selby and Brandon Jennings engaged in a memorable duel.

Right here, Selby explodes for the most noteworthy of his 48 points. Off the rebound, he shakes Jennings, than posterizes former St. John’s star Mo Hatten something funknificent.

It’s rare for somebody to come into Baltimore from out of town and get immediate love from the crowd. But Brandon Jennings did just that, leaving many people hoping for his swift return.

Also on the Melo Center court last night, in addition to Selby and Jennings: Cleveland Melvin – the current Big East Rookie of the Year from DePaul who almost brought the house down with a Pippen-esque, lean-in dunk attempt over two defenders that just missed.

The San Antonio Spurs’ Gary Neal, who shoots jumpers as smooth as Rakim’s delivery.

The incandescent Patterson High School rising Junior, Aquille Carr, who perpetually puts defenders in a dizzying spin-cycle.

Former Virginia Tech standout sharp shooter Malcolm Delaney.

Another future up-and-comer who attends Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts named Sam Cassell Jr.

Former Temple University stud Mark Karcher.

In addition there were a handful of other elite high school, playground, college and pro players in the house. Here’s a sample of what went down.

5 Responses to “Brandon Jennings and Josh Selby Electrify at the Melo Pro-Am”

  1. barry says:

    so who ate who? who has been the most impressive cat this summer? closest i’ve been to summer ball has been watching a couple of HS games on espn last week! fugazy!

  2. Ali says:

    they battled to a draw. jennings was eating him early, but selby acquitted himself by going berserkowitz. guess he couldn’t go out getting served in front of his home crowd.

    most impressive thing i’ve seen this summer is aquille carr attack demarcus cousins. cousins is a massive human being, but when aquille dropped his defender, he attacked the rim like derrick rose. cousins tried to block his shot with everything he had, but that little MF hung in the air, played around with the ball while floating to the other side of the rim and made the most difficult lay high off the backboard look easy like sunday morning. after the game, demarcus was picking him up and hugging him. little man is sick!

  3. Ali says:

    josh’s NBA stock might’ve dropped due to the injured foot at kansas, but i can assure you that it’s fully healed. grizzlies might’ve gotten the steal of the draft as josh looked eerily similar to russell westbrook last night. and baltimore’s a tough crowd, but they gave brandon jennings nothing but love, from the tip, last night. only way the gym could’ve gotten hotter is if melo, lebron and blake griffin walked in the door.

  4. Blk Caesar says:

    Just got in the house from Pro city at Baruch.. Definitely not the star power of Jennings vs. Selby, but Marshon Brooks went off tonight until he got hurt..

  5. Ali says:


    i’m a big fan of marshon brooks. kid’s got the size and weaponry to get it done. and i love the fact that he’s a late bloomer who had to scratch and claw, not a kid who’s had a sense of b-ball entitlement since pre-adolescence.

    keep your eyes on my man cleveland melvin at depaul next year, as well as the other b-more studs, cj fair at syracuse and will barton at memphis.

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