Whats going on world? Cardell “since 9 years old” Dudley is back bringing talented players from my hometown – the D.M.V (DC,MD,VA) – to the forefront. Players you should keep an eye out for, players who put in work on the big stages of college, the pros and ESPECIALLY the playground. Players ON THE VERGE of becoming a household name.

Woodbridge, Virginia native Wayne Washington is on a mission and reps the strong talent of the DMV area. Wayne played at Woodbridge High School and never suited up for an AAU squad, but still played NCAA ball and went on to make a pro roster.

Washington took his talents to Frederick Community College where he put in a lot hard work in the gym and continued his basketball journey at D-III Shenandoah University. At Shenandoah, Wayne blossomed, becoming a go to player and earning the starting nod in 2009 against D-1 Radford, which made the NCAA tournament that season. Once he started he never looked back and stayed in the starting line up all season, dropping a career-high 29 points during his senior year.

After grinding and hitting as many pro camps as possible, Wayne earned a tryout with the Washington Greenhawks in the ACPBL this season and made the team, a tremendous accomplishment coming from the D-III level. The 6′2 190 pound guard is the total package and definitely a player from the area to keep an eye on. Cardell interviewed him below:

Wayne Washington.

Cardell: How did streetball help your game?

Streetball is the essence of the game, where it all starts. You gotta go hard or go home. The game is so physical it separates the men from the boys. My ability to create a shot at anytime was developed playing streetball. I honestly feel like I can get off a quality shot on ANY defender. My whole life I been able to make the “tough” shots and that’s from hoopin’ outside with no restrictions on my game and allowing myself to get creative.

What would it mean to you to play in the Goodman League?

It would be great. I haven’t played out there yet but I plan to next summer. However, I have played with and against some of the guys that play in the Goodman other places. I got a lot of respect for anybody hoopin out there.

Where do you currently play?

Right now I play for the Washington Greenhawks in the ACPBL. I think we gotta nice squad too check us out.

What college did you play for? And what was the experience like?

I played at Frederick Community College and then transferred to Shenandoah University. Man, where do I start? There was a lot of ups and downs. I did experience some things that made me a better player and person though.

Confidence is a big part of basketball and sometimes as a player we can lose that. So I had to learn no matter what never let anyone take me out my game and that includes even my own coach. I also learned to stay ready and that’s a attribute every pro needs to be successful because you gotta perform when your number is called.

I can honestly say I’m glad its over tho’. And I only say that because I love a challenge. And pushing myself everyday to be a pro is what I live for.

What player did you watch the most growing up?

Allen Iverson of course! Every guard growing up in the 90’s in our area wanted to be like A.I. People might forget but AI changed the game, on and off the court. I had the Reebok Questions back in the day and was trying to break everybody’s ankles. Watching him play with so much confidence and heart every game was a big influence on my game.

Hardest player you ever matched up against?

I’m not sure? I’ve play against a lot of great players and I can’t say anybody is hands down the hardest match-up. I can say Isaiah Swann is up there tho. I played against him in the Coalition and hes big athletic guard that can shoot it. I really pride myself on those kind of match-ups and it brings out the best in me.

Best player no one knows about?

Umm….Wayne Washington. I honestly feel like that’s me. I don’t got the name yet but I feel like I got the game. A lot of guys got impressive resumes but its about what you do on that court. I’m not a cocky player but I’m confident in my game because I know all the hard work and preparation will pay off.

D.M.V BASKETBALL……describe in one word?


What are your future goals in basketball and life in general?

Every player would love to play and the NBA but my personal goal is to be the best player I can be and play at the highest level possible. Whatever level that maybe (D-league, overseas, or whatever). Everyday I’m trying to improve and become a better player so I can reach the goals I’ve set for myself.

We can’t play this game forever and when I hang it up I want to feel like I gave everything I had. I love this game so much and I plan on being involved in it for the rest of my life.

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