Here at Bounce, we appreciate the style/substance combination. This season, there are a few pro and college cats that will be fighting their way back from injury or other circumstances, players who possess the swagger, skills and “IT” quality that make you shiver in your seat when they’re playing their game at full capacity. One such player, who I’m itching to see back at full strength, is the Bucks’ Michael Redd.

To be quite honest, there’s a Love/Hate element that exists here. I’ve never truly forgiven Michael Redd for giving St. John’s the bizness in the 1999 Elite Eight with his 20 points and stellar play, which, for all intents and purposes, signified the end of the Red Storm’s relevance. As Ohio State marched into the Final Four, the St. John’s legacy, inclusive of the remarkable college accomplishments of Louie Carnesecca, Chris Mullin, Willie Glass, Malik Sealy, the McGuire boys, Walter Berry, Mark Jackson, Felipe Lopez and Ron Artest, among others, staggered into oblivion.

But despite my hometown bias, “Game Recognize Game”, as they say. I could not help but be enamored with Redd who, despite not having supreme explosiveness or upper-tier athleticism, proved himself to be a remarkable perimeter weapon, a scoring threat of epic proportions. The foot speed and first step may not have been jaw-dropping, but the lightning quick, smooth lefty release, followed by the inevitable splash of the net, has always been appreciated by students of the game. I’ve always referred to the cat as “The Smooth Operator.”

The great thing about Redd was that, despite being the Big 10 Player of the Year as a junior and a great college player, he had to scrape, fight and earn his props, something the playground culture respects and admires. He was picked in the second round of the 2000 draft, the 43rd selection.

Coming into Milwaukee, he paid his dues in practice against Sugar Ray Shuttlesworth and The Big Dog. He rarely played as a rookie, but knocked 44% of his three’s coming off the bench as a super sub during his second season. As a third year player, he announced his arrival as a scorer with elite-level potential by knocking in eight fourth-quarter three’s against the Rockets.

By his fourth year in the league in ‘03-’04, with Ray Allen having moved on to the Sonics, Redd proved that he was officialy legit. He quietly put together a superb resume, despite the lack of national adoration, limelight or acclaim. While LeBron, D-Wade, Kobe, Chris Paul and Melo and others were synonymous with the 2008 Redeem Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Redd was the squad’s deadliest, most consistent perimeter threat.

The unfortunate knee injuries of the past two years have kept him on the shelf. This year, those of us who know what time it is eagerly anticipate his return. The prognosis is not promising. Many believe that he’s played his last meaningful pro game, that the back-to-back, devastating ACL and MCL injuries have expedited his retirement.

I’d like to see the cat on the wing in this year’s playoffs, being fed by Brandon Jennings, opening up the floor for Andrew Bogut and adding to the exciting growth taking place with the Bucks franchise.

Despite the emotional harm he inflicted on me back in ‘99, I’m amped to see him prove the doubters wrong one last time by coming back to do what he does best. And that’s getting buckets, while looking pretty and smooth doing it.

And I’ll be the first – when he’s back to being the player that his peers and aficionados respect and admire, going off for one of his patented BOOM-Michael Redd-Explosions – to holler, “Don’t Call It A Comeback!”

11 Responses to “Don’t Call It a Comeback – Michael Redd”

  1. Ali says:

    b4 we even get to the mike redd discussion, the wizards are going to have people forgetting the last few disappointing seasons. wall was so ill against the mavs in the 1st pre-season game, i was buggin’ out like it was the playoffs.

    mcgee had a dynamite summer, blatche is ready to take the next step, the addition of hinrich was crazy underrated, thornton can score, and yi is ready to ball with the big boys. and the kid booker, from clemson, intrigues me.

    yi, mcgee and blatche are going to be supreme beneficiaries of running the floor with wall handling the show as the flor general. if gil can break out of his emotional funk, he’s primed for a monster year as well. and everybody talks about wall’s offensive gifts, but the kid has some glove (as in gary payton) type defensive potentia. my bad, that was on the brain and i had to get it out. now on to mike redd.

  2. Baraka says:

    never gave redd too much props. he’s a one trick pony…even though shooting from deep is pretty important. but i’m thinking so many others can shoot the lights out if they didn’t play d or didn’t drive , etc. now, i haven’t studied redd so i may be ign’ant to some degree of all of his talents but this is just my opinion. he’s a sixth man type to me. now, before i sound too crazy, let me review his career stats. i believe he gets his fair share of steals but i’m not convinced of his defensive prowess.

  3. Baraka says:

    Wall is the TRUTH! the quickness and the 6′4″ size makes him special.

  4. Ali says:


    it’s time to really peep redd’s resume. he’s not a great defender, i’ll give you that, but he gets duckets to get buckets. you didn’t see him getting it in as a freshman, soph and junior at ohio state? you didn’t see him step into the void of ray allen’s departure and get bizmark? look at his % from deep and ask yourself why they wanted him on the wing of the redeem team. he’s no joke.

    i think people don’t take him as seriously as they should. but if you study up on what he’s brought throughout his career, you gotta recognize that cat.

  5. funkalot says:


    I like Redd, his jimmy is real, but when you look at his numbers in totality, one all-star game , only one third team all league honors and let us cede him the Olympic gold, his numbers are just good.

    Hopefully, his knee is good and he can get buckets, again.
    A sighting during the end of the pre-season is in order to evaluate his potential.

  6. InShammWeTrust says:

    Anyone know if the sell Bounce anywhere in Manhattan? Or is it only available at the free boxes?

  7. Lower East Scribe says:

    Yo Ali,

    Redd was like a top 5 scorer on the Redeem Team and he only avg. like 12 min a game-LMAO. But your post had me cracking up man. First about the joke that was St. John’s (I’m a fan but we all know it) and then with the Smooth Operator joint…ah man, your the man big Bruh. But jokes aside, I’m still how I feel about Redd. He’s a some-timey beast. He can go for 40 or not do much at all. I wouldn’t call him John Starks just yet, cuz I know most of the times he doesn’t produce it’s due to injury. Good post and I gotta admit, it’d be fun to see him run with Jennings and Bogut. Hopefully he can.

  8. Ali says:


    i’m not saying that he’s in the company of reggie miller, the pistol, joe dumars, the answer, drexler, earl the pearl, jerry west, the iceman, kobe or air jordan as one of the elite shooting guards in history.

    i’m just saying that the cat is nice, i dig his stylistics and he’s a wonderful player to watch when he’s flowing, a cat that hits nearly 40% from deep. i remember him avg’ing close to 30 in the playoffs about four years ago, although the pistons waxed the bucks in the first round. and i remember him getting biz as a freshman straight out the gate in college.

    i don’t think we’ll see him until 2011. i’m just hoping to see him back this year, catching and popping from the wing, ready to contribute during the playoffs. nah’mean?

  9. jay in the ATL says:


    I agree with you on this one, Redd is nice and when he’s healthy one of the better shooters (not shooting guard) in the leage. this is a guy that went from being more oaf a slasher/driver (he had a mean crossover) in college to have one of the top shooters in the L. You cant take away from a guy that average 20 plus on a team that didnt have much aside from him. Alot of people overlook him because he gives you a real quiet 20 and the face that he’s in Milwaukee don’t help none either.

    Good read, and dope video inserts.

  10. Ali says:

    thanks jay in the ATL. i agree w/ you wholeheartedly. being in milwaukee doesn’t help, but the dude is really also just low key, more prone to go to church and worship than pop up on the police blotter or have his own reality show.

    funny how the public says they want their stars to be humble and down to earth, so why do they ignore them when they aren’t on TMZ, or they’re not loud, boastful, self-centered and free of personal drama? that’s rhetorical, btw.

  11. InShammWeTrust says:

    Anyone? Seriously? Does anyone know where I can buy the current issue of Bounce (Shammgod cover) in Manhattan??? The orange box is no longer at West 4th courts.

    Any help out there??????

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