TAKING BACK WHAT WAS MINE! The Latest / Mar 13, 2010 / 3:33 pm

This past Wednesday, March 10, 2010, the Nike NRF League staged its annual All-Star Game 3-Point Contest. I won the title in 2007, scoring a record 25 points (out of 30 potential) in the shoot-out, but aggravatingly took 2nd Place in ‘08 and ‘09 to the same dude, my man Lou Miguel. We’re both the two oldest players in the league, and with 20 sharpshooters present in this year’s match-up, cats were counting us out. We wouldn’t have that and still wound up tying in the final round forcing a mano y mano ending. I hit 22 to win it, taking back what should’ve been mine all four years! Props to Lou Miguel, though, and Aron Phillips who wrote a nice post on the event at the Nike NRF site, click here to peep it.


  1. Russ M says:

    Good job my brother! Keep holdin’ it down for the over 40 contingent.

  2. bobbito garcia says:

    no doubt, russ! didn’t see you at yuta’s going away dinner, you missed a special evening, man. lot of emotion in the room. catch u next time my brother. peace!

  3. illest says:

    yo bob a nice place to be http://upnorthtrips.com/post/200825210/bobbito-plays-the-tracks-lil-kim

  4. Nhamz says:

    Haha! My man still getting buckets! I see you still got that seattle stroke from down town B, but don’t we have some unfinished business?? I’m still heated after catching that L to you in London in my dress pants and shoes, while you were decked out in the crispy kremes! If you come back over here this fall, make sure we book it in this time. If I come to NY later this year, I’m bringing my sneakers. That’s all I’m saying.

    Good ish B, keep killin em.


  5. funkalot says:


    This was a good look for the baby boomers! Speaking of baby boomers, what is up at the Pelham-Fritz? They should be nearing playoffs, right.

  6. bobbito garcia a.k.a. kool bob love says:

    nhamz! i’ll be in brighton, uk, come april , probably far from london but let’s definitely link for the rematch my brother. i’m down!


    pelham fritz is nearing the play-offs. i didn’t particpate this year so don’t really know though, check their website perhaps and if yo’re in town let me know just the same and i’ll swing thru.


  7. roman aka Da Gift says:

    Nicccce brooo!!! That’s hotttt…ur a great shooter so claroooo que tu vaz a ganar competencias de 3…

    Excellenteeee! :-)

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