Jack “Black Jack” Ryan is no stranger to the jump shot, hence why he’s holding shooting clinics to the public. Black Jack is willing to work with you in many aspects of your game in a two-hour session. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to have a street ball legend work on your game. Call 917-754-2486 to book a clinic today. For more information, check out the attached flyer in this post.


  1. Casey Lee says:

    That’s a good look for the youth who need to learn how to shoot properly!

  2. Jamie Rillay says:

    Seen this guy at the Y one time in summer, he does not miss and has good fundamentals.

  3. bobbito garcia says:

    jack is a bonafide legend, man. i’m glad he’s finally sharing his secrets!

  4. True balla says:

    this guy hasn’t aged in 15 years!!!! haha, not as good as Dave Hopla but a very close second

  5. Jack Ryan says:

    My hats off to Dave Hopla. Don’t mind coming is second. He is a friend and he is the best!

  6. Kevin duffy says:

    Hey Jack, do you know my dad, Brendan Duffy, he said he was really good friends with you and used to go to basketball camps with you.

  7. Jack Ryan says:

    Where is he from? Don’t know the name but im sure i know the face.

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