Basketball, broken down to its simplest compound, is about scoring more buckets than the team you’re playing against. The Semi-Automatic refers to players who leave bodies in their wake with their innate ability to get buckets. And no rookie since the All-Time greats Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and Wilt Chamberlain did what Brandon Jennings, aka The Takeover, did this weekend.

The wunderkind put up 55 points to go along with 5 assists and 5 rebounds as Milwaukee beat Golden State 129-125. The crazy thing is that he didn’t get a bucket in the entire second quarter. In the third stanza, Jennings put on a remarkable show, hitting twelve in a row enroute to his 29 point outburst for the quarter.

Not only has he already put a near insurmountable lead on the Rookie of the Year race, he’s in the running for All-League honors. He’s singlehandedly lifted the Milwaukee franchise on his slender shoulders and made the Bucks relevant again. When Michael Redd returns to the lineup, how much more dangerous will they be?

You would think that in Mike D’antoni’s run and gun, frenetic offensive attack, Jennings would have been the perfect choice to run the show. Given what Steve Nash has accomplished in D’antoni’s system, The Takeover would have seemed to be the Knicks’ logical draft choice. Can you imagine what would be going on in MSG right now with this young fella at the controls?

He’d previously scorched the Nuggets for 32 points and 9 assists. After his epic 55 point performance on Saturday, the kid was back in the practice gym, on Milwaukee’s day off, getting some jumpers up. He’s averaging 26 points and doing things that no one could have fathomed, this early in the season as a young, rookie starter in the world’s greatest league.

“Last night, that’s the past,” Jennings told the Associated Press yesterday, as he prepared for tonight’s matchup against the Dallas Mavericks and Jason Kidd.

If the past bodes well for what to expect from “The Takeover” in the days and years ahead, a lot of teams must not be too excited to see what the future holds. But I most certainly am.

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  1. fan says:

    He had 55 and was pulled with 7:30 left in the 1st. He sat the rest of the 1st. He started off 0-3 and looked to seem out of it. He had 10pts in the 2nd and a cool 29 in the flow 3rd qtr. He capped off the 4th w/ jumper after jumper and some lay me’s. It was one of those nights you wanted him to shoot the ball everytime. The Bucks needed every bit of the 50 while he shot 50+ percent. The Warriors were hitting everything. Again overseas,coaches,gm’s,scouts,combine,stern everybody else who doubted were terribly wrong. LOL. The EXPERTS KNOW BEST. Hey Ali if he were in MSG. Long Moment of Silence for the team in the orange & blue. Players like this only come around so often. He’s already a fan favorite. I can’t wait to watch everyone of his games. While I cringe at the thought of watching a Knicks game. I feel bad that they have to finish out the season. A D-league team would kill them now. They couldn’t beat the Globetrotters. It isn’t the coach either.

  2. illest says:

    i commented on another post about this but yo yo. this kid is unbelievable, very rare and a must watch. all knicks fan….forget about the knicks. HES NOT A KNICK!!!!!ITS TIME TO GET OVER IT. THE KNICKS ARE THE MOST OVERRATED FRANCHISE IN LEAGUE HISTORY!! they have 2 rings in 60 plus years. they missed the boat on this one not to my surprise.

    that third quarter was so crazy and basic….12-13. straight jumpers off the glass, runners, 3s. his misses werent far off. and he barely went to the line. he couldve had 65 to 70. there are no other rookies that need to be mentioned right now.

  3. fan says:

    If you don’t have league pass. I beg you to jump aboard. This game should be a Hardwood Classic or on ESPN classic immediately. You’re not going to want to miss any games with this kid. He’s living up/surpassing to the hype I & few others had for him. He’s killing like Mighty Mouse with the dish. Whatever team signed him was going to improve. Point Guards make teams better. All of this w/o Redd. I applaud Scott Skiles and BJ for making this work. Not easy for old & new school to mesh. I’m kind of happy to he didn’t come to NY. Curry didn’t deserve Golden State. D’Antoni would have probably brought him off the bench. Everything happens for a reason. Shout Outs to Will Byum as well for his assault on Dallas playground style. The commentators were saying what a YANK. LOL. For bop I was crying. He Yanked him.

  4. fan says:

    Shout Outs to this whole rookie class. They are suprisingly doing well. Casspi,Evans,Flynn,Curry,Blair, and some others. Brandon(R.O.Y.) just seems more savvy and fun to watch. Nothing like a skilled wizard. Best position to watch in basketball. Also the most important except if you have MJ/Kobe or a Olajuwon/Shaq dominat force. They’d tell u how easy it is with a passing point guard who can score. 55 DAMN.

  5. fan says:

    Special mention out to Ty Lawson & Chase Budinger who threw it on Lamar Odom yesterday. White Boys can jump. He caught one on the break and swung his feet. LEbron style.

  6. Trevor Kapp says:

    brandon was one of the first guys i interviewed when i started out with bounce so it gives me extra satisfaction seeing him start off his career like this. i watched that 3rd quarter on league pass on my computer, and i’ve honestly never seen anything like that. if you go under the screen, he buries a jumper. you go over, he blows past you. help comes, he throws an ally-oop to bogut. he was an impossible match up for golden state saturday.

  7. ali says:

    it’s just ridiculous what he’s doing right now. i thought he’d be good, but never imagined he’d be this good straight out the gate.

    and scott skiles, who’s notorious for being tough on his guards, is giving him the green light. that just shows that jennings has already earned the respect of his coaches and teammates. the kid made 7-8 three’s, and 21 out of 34 from the field. are you serious?

    he’s hitting his three’s at a 57% clip! wowsa!

    man, he topped kareem’s rookie high of 51, and barely missed earl the pearl’s rookie outburst of 56 and wilt’s rookie record of 58. if anybody told you before the season that his name would come up in the same sentence as those legends, they lie like a rug.

    don nelson said it was the best rookie performance he’s ever seen. and that’s saying something, considering he nailed the peach basket to the pole for dr. naismith.

    memo to mr blake griffin: better come correct young man.

  8. illest says:

    fan………for once i agree with you son. im glad the knicks didnt take him either. he would wallow away in the abyss known as the bricks. and skiles, who has been known to be an a-hole, gets my respect for realizing this guys talent. because i think skiles messed over ben gordon. skiles has a big ego but even he cant deny jennings skills.

  9. Blk Caesar says:

    I have no more words about Jennings.. I love his game but its frustrating to watch.. NY totally dropped the ball (no pun intended) on this one and Lebron is not coming here!!!

  10. illest says:

    ali…indeed on all of dat ali. and this guy is 6 foot and 100 pounds doing things only wilt has done. plus hes the only rookie to do this after his first seven games in the nba.

  11. Russ M says:

    I’ve known a few people who are connected to b-ball at the highest level who have always felt that the need to spend time in the weight room is overated. Does Jennings prove their point?

  12. funkalot says:

    I am happy for Brandon, the year in Eurpoe helped him, unlike the cautionary tale that it seems to hold for Jeremy Tyler. It is not looking good for the youngster right now.

    Also, Hopefully, Don “Ho” Nelson , gets to sing and play his ukelele at his pondersosa in Hawaii, by either quitting or getting axed by the Warriors, ASAP. These old school coaches gotsta go, if they are holding playa’s developments back like Steph Curry. It is a travesty, the young man should be starting or playing significantly more minutes, than “Ho” Don, my bad, is giving him.

    Lastly, the Rookies-Sophomores challenge during All-Star weekend will be a must see. Wreak Havoc and the TakeOver vs. DRose and OJ, what,c’mon, the game is going to be crazy. And probably more anticipated than the usually droll All-Star game, this year.

  13. illest says:

    russ… a player can always add weight. but its good to be wiry strong in basketball. if you are roy ayers smooth with the ball like jennings with quickness it doesnt matter.

    nelson is the most overrated coach ever. he is just cashing a check and is not a winner as a coach.

  14. fan says:

    As of know Jennings is more seasoned than Lebron his 1st year in the league. Too bad he isn’t a teachers pet of Stern. He deserves to play in the ASG as of now. Remember he’s doing it w/o Redd and Joe Alexander. Hakim Warrick hasn’t gotten it still. Gadzuric is the back up. Meeks hasn’t transitioned well. Luc is a defensive stopper. Team has totally bought into Skiles and trust & believe in their young general. Could you imagine Jennings & Steph Curry. Rook/Soph game might be the best ever. Rooks are definitely winnnig this one. Chase is going to windmill on somebody. Steph Curry or Mr Jennings win MVP. Johnny Flynn is going to throw it down too. Blake Griffin is going to break the rim. Ty Lawson is going to run out the stadium. He looks like he’s unlimited turbo. You can’t be that fast. Beabouis the young guys inject a much needed sense of playing for the love instead of the dollar. John Wall should have already been in the league. Man I wish Will Bynum was considered a sophmore.

  15. fan says:

    You dont want to be big in this league. You have to be strong and sustain the pounding. The lighter the better your body last. Ask Kobe,Gilbert,Wade or ask Shaq,Curry, or Artest. He looks like a body builder this yr. He’s cut up but playing like the tin man. STIFF.

  16. ali says:

    in terms of weight room, bulk is unneccesary, but strength is a must. jordan put in a lot of work to build his strength, yet remained slim, sleek and powerful.

    and forget about the dayamn rookie game. if the takeover continues on this path, he’s the east’s starter in the big boy game.

    some ill young talent coming in the league these last few years. i’m amped to see griffin up in the mix when he returns from injury.

  17. ali says:

    the takeover had 25 joints, 8 dimes, 7 boards against kidd and the mavs last night. bucks lost by 2 in overtime. there’s no way that team should be 5-3 right now. jennings is not only a human highlight reel, but the bucks are getting W’s. that’s some big time stuff right there.

    and how ’bout drew gooden? he’s alive, 22 and 14. he must’ve had a kansas flashback.

    speaking of flashbacks, flip murray was on some keith murray ish last night w/ 31 off the bench for the bobcats, “…and just like that, i get in ya!”

    and where’s the banter on the atlanta hawks and joe johnson? he got 35 w/ 9 assists last night. right now, the hawks and the suns got it hummin’!

  18. illest says:

    ali…that bucks team was getting killed last night until the 4th. jennings had a good 4th and helped get that team into overtime. those fans are there anticipating his every move. no doubt there is no way this team should be 5-3 w/o redd. ive had the pass since 99 and only watched the bucks when they had allen, cassell and g rob. now they are the only team i watch on league pass.

    the hawks 9-2 is surprising.

  19. ali says:

    redd and jennings is gonna be special, get them some help down low and watch out. yo illest, i used to go to those bucks games in the garden when big dog and vin baker used to give the knicks fits. those teams were very close w/ sam i am and a young mr shuttlesworth doing it well.

  20. Blk Caesar says:

    It does seem like the Hawks have finally figured it out, but its early. However, they are playing well and that win in Boston was impressive. They have a great backcourt rotation with Bibby,Johnson, Crawford and Teague.. I still think Josh Smith has a lot to work on and Horford is playing out of position but still doing well. I missed the Mavs game last night burning the midnight oil in the office.. But it seems like “the takeover” did just that in the 4th quarter.. Drew Gooden?? Wow I thought I saw that guy on a milk carton last week.. Good to hear he still has a pulse… Oh and supposedly the John Wall era at UK has begun.. Just read he hit a game winner for them against Miami(OH).. I watched some of the UK game versus Morehead State and its going to be an up and down year for them.. They are really young and its apparent on the court.. But we’ll see how much they mature in a few months b/c they have a serious schedule…

  21. Blk Caesar says:

    OH and AI goes bye bye from memphis!!! I knew he wouldn’t last there… Can somebody explain to me this dude’s deal.. Does he really want to go out like this?? he was and still is a tremendous talenet but he has to look himself in the mirror and decide what he truly wants his legacy to be…

  22. illest says:

    ali…bogut has played better because of jennings. and that kid ilyuskova has no conscious. they have a decent team that can make the playoffs in the lowly east.

  23. ali says:

    word, bogut is coming off the proverbial milk carton and the turkish kid has been firing. i’m interested to see where this AI thing winds up too. does someone go out on a limb, like boston last year when they brought in marbury? but AI can’t accept coming off the bench and wherever he goes, if it’s a contender, that’s the scenario. c’mon AI, there is no I in team or answer. get it together bro and come out of this feces smellin’ like natural oils and berries.

    and the wall era is off, running and pulling up indeed blk caesar. you know, he’s been working on that scenario and pull up j w/ rod strickland. so much young talent on that crew. the bledsoe kid looked good the other night and everybody knows what p patterson is bringing night in and night out.

    i think they’ll hit some early bumps but should be groovin’ come march. once the nuances of the dribble drive, motion offense starts coming naturally, should be a lot of fun to watch.

    pitino really has to step it up ’cause we all know how calipari does. he’s like luca brasi. don’t nobody want to see that cat. but eventually, something happens and he winds up sleepin’ w/ the fishes.

  24. Blk Caesar says:

    Nice Godfather reference.. I know this is bad but last month was the first time I saw the Godfather all the way through.. I always caught bits and pieces of it but never had the time to just sit and enjoy.. Fantastic film… Yeah I read Wall gave props to Rod for helping him work on that pull-up jumper.. AI is turning into Eddie Cain Jr man… “Nights like this.. IIII wish raindrops would faallll”!!!!

  25. ali says:

    word, part 1 and 2 are bananas. heard 3 was wack and never watched it all the way through. my pops used to watch the godfather all the time when i was a kid.

    and eddie cain jr? lol!

    i think AI is turning into ralph tresvant. stop being so GD sensitive and play ball. do what’s best for the team. if you gotta come off the bench and mentor some scrubs, do it with glee. and when you get your minutes, show the world what’s up.

  26. Blk Caesar says:

    Never saw 3 either.. but they were playing part 1 and 2 on the AMC channel on a Sunday so I just sat down and watched them.. Its was like 9 hours all together watching both of those.. Wow Ralph Tresvant… that was funny!

  27. fan says:

    It seemed as if he was to passive after he got it going. You have to look for your teamates as a pg but also know when to takeover. Hence the nickname. Remember no one cares about fg’s or fg %. It’s the W/L column that counts. In the 4th he started to get it going. Aside from the few misques from the line they had it. The mavs had help from the whistle. Dirk was getting some questionable calls. He got away with an elbow seal by the neck and a foul on face mask ilyasova who has some game. He seems tentative and shoot slinger at times together. Bowl of energy. I also don’t like the fact that Jennings gets subed so much due to the starting lineup not being a defensive unit. Not soley on him.
    Bring Warrick off the bench for ilyasova. Start meeks and let Delfino look for his offense. Men are dogs for a reason. Subbing them isn’t going to get them to play defense. Some players are just inclined to be bad defenders and same for the O side. Doing a great job Skiles just my assesment. Tinker a little. I thought Jennings showed his youth on his 2 game winning decisions. Too early and settled. Looked as if he got clipped slightly on both shots. He’s not getting that call yet.
    All & All he played subpar & still almost netted a tripled double. The kid Beaubois is a monster as well. Luke Ridnour is one hell of a BACK-UP guard. Great game except for that prayer in the 4th. It’s young money time. Jodie Meeks make some damn shots. You’re open. Stop rushing. Sorry to say Michael Redd needs to go to Phoenix or Denver to Rehab. Better yet Tim Grover. He came back overweight. Duh. He’ll never regain unless he uses his smarts and not the Bucks staff. Lastly Warrick that fall away jumper is not in your repertoire. You have no excuse. What are these coaches in the league teaching yall man. You know playing in the league is your job. Dont get fired or replaced.

  28. fan says:

    Atlanta can’t go far w/ Bibby starting or w/o a true PG that runs. Same for Portland Blake is a backup. D’Antoni needs Atlanta or Portland. He’d have them looking ferocious. U dont need d if you’re blowing everybody out. Josh Smith & JJ still strap along w/ Horford. The reason M.Williams looks like D.Stevenson. LOST. Is because every guard on Atlanta could only look 2 score. Jamal and JJ are way better passers than they display. You guys are lucky to have a team that has chemistry and could win NOW. May never get that chance again. Look at what you have & make it work. Forget Stats. Win/Loses. No Egos. Starting,forget the coach and forget the media & refs. Play you guys are like the new Golden State BD era.

  29. ali says:

    gotta watch parts 1 and 2 w/ no commercial interuptions cease. rent them joints on a slow sports day and kick back w/ some real deal crab cakes. yessir!

  30. illest says:

    fan….atlanta is 9-2 without dantoni. im tired of the love affair with dantoni. his system never wins championships. his system is really just run and gun. he is a paul westhead or a dougie moe. score in 7 seconds and play defense for 4 seconds. thats ridiculous to say that you dont need defense if you are blowing everyone out. defense wins championships.

  31. illest says:

    another ill night…..17 in first quarter didnt really need to score the rest of the game
    27 and 9 with jordan in attendance

  32. LowerEastScribe says:

    Jennings is doing great and while it;s still early in the season, he’s deff looking like he’s go the ROY locked up. The funniest thing about his story is the media that has covered him over the past two seasons.
    Last year, everyone was ready to write him off as an example of what not to do and “how far things have gone,” on the grassroots level.
    I always thought that year abroad was good for him but I do think it’s a case-by-case kind of thing. The media here was tearing him apart though and now they’re all over him. Before they would say that year abroad hurt him and talked non-stop about how it only hurt his stock, he should have went to school, yada-yada-yada.
    Now they use the same argument, about him going oversea’s, and say it only helped his game mature, he’s so incredible, yada-yada-yada. These guy’s are so fickle man, it’s amazing.
    Shout out to Jennings anyway. I hope Griffin comes back and does work but right now it looks like the ROY could be wrapped up.

  33. ali says:

    i can’t wait for blake griffin to throw his aresenal in the mix. and even though b jennings didn’t get the playing time and stats overseas, he impressed the scouts with his professionalism, work ethic and capacity to receive coaching. it’s not easy over there. you have to be mature and ready to humble yourself, as the struggles of jeremy tyler have proven without a shadow of a doubt.

  34. funkalot says:


    ROY sewn up. Too early bro. Lots of ball left and my man Wreak Havoc, Tyreke Evans for the uninitiated, will have something to say about the award. He the new millenium version of Mike Ray Richardson, averaging 18p 5a 5r. He has established himself as a real leader for Sac Town.

    Of note, there should be more disussion on the incredible guard development done by BX native Rod Strickland. He is batting a thou, with prodigies like D-Rose and Tyreke, and John “Off the” Wall next up.

  35. funkalot says:


    Too soon for a lock on the ROY. Lots of ball to be played. Undoubtedly, Brandon is the front runner, but my man Wreak Havoc, Tyreke Evans, for the uninitiated, will merit string consideration. He of the 18p 5a 5r and new millenium clone of Mike Ray Richardson.

    We need more discussion about the best PG developer in the land, BX’s own Rodney Strickland. His trackrecord is flawless with D-Rose and Tyreke as recent prodigies and John “Off the” Wall up next.

    I commented to Nate Archibald, that he should have a similar job to Rod’s in the pros. He smiled (flattered, but said that he was comfortable with his life and did not need the NBA for any sort of validation. He, also, beamed with pride about Rod’s exploits.

  36. funkalot says:

    Sorry about the double play, my computer did not register the first comment.

    I funked up!

  37. fan says:

    @Funk you can’t lead from the 2 guard position. For Reke to pan out long term he has to tranisition into a real pg. He definitely is the GOODS Though. Michael Ray dished the ball way better so did Strick. Beno Udrih is balling out of his mind alike to L.Ridnour could be & its def due to the presence of the vets hidden as rooks. They were ready out of high school. SPECIAL PLAYERS 3X. Can I get a AMEN. Refreshing to see the basic fundametals. The other day I noticed big man have no post games & guards can’t dribble,shoot or pass. What is this. They cannot get jiggy like that. LOL LMAO. Let’s also remember Bradon has the high for the season not just rooks. He could have had like 70 for a rookie in today’s game. Let’s please stop downplaying it. If he starts in the All Star Game it would be extremely good for the transition of the league. He deserves it. What he’s done already you can tell he’ll only get better. The mechanics,strength,benefit of the whistle which he’s not getting yet, teamates, I’m anxious to see what BJ could do for Joe Alexander. I keep saying that because budinger or joe are a poor man of the other. Alexander gives bj 3 to 4 easy assists a game. They had a connection in summer league. Lastly tons & tons of homage & respect to Mr. Archibald & Mr. Strickland. Guards/Gods with the ball in their hands. Paved the way for a lot of what we see today & will continue to see.

  38. funkalot says:


    You can lead from the two, notables who have done it include; Air, Kobe, DWade, BRoy, to name a few. It is situational, at best.

    Brandon has been blessed by some serendipity, with the injury to Mike Redd. To Scott Skiles’ credit he has allowed him a freer rein, which Brandon has seized with aplomb. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts when or if Redd returns.

    I agree, he should be an All-star, but David Stern has been notorious, in collusion with coaches, of not ceding a spot to a rookie. Which begs the questions: Who was the last NBA rookie to play in the ASG? and Who was the last rookie to start an ASG?

  39. fan says:

    Absolutely right. Those are some heavy hitters. BRoy has a ways to go though. Have a valid point. If Scott Skiles hadn’t allow him free reign they wouldn’t be 8-3. Redd has to adjust to him. Which he’ll have no problem doing. He loves the kid already & is giddy about the upcoming season. Nothing wrong with letting a rook take you on a ride. I’ve heard everyone else get all the credit. Lets give Brandon his due. He’s playing better than everyone expected aside from his circle. Let’s remember this team w/o Jennings. I’m hoping stern allows it if he’s deserving. Not his fault he’s running through people. Remember he’s leading a pack of wolves.

    This guard class is not playing. Reward hard work & even better play. This kid is Awesome with a CAPITAL A BABY – DICKIE V. PTP’ER. Dick Vitale would have lost his mind wathcing him at Zona. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Baby. All the love lost because he didn’t go to college. Also he’s been attacked for being late to the draft. That should be corrected it was because he didn’t expect to be picked. SERIOUSLY. GREAT JOB GUYS. He’s been the exact opposite of what everyone expected. Great character,leader,poise,savvy, I need some commercials. Very Marketable young dude. He needs the RV bus with Van Gundy & Mark & Dickie V. Van Gundy in the Gorilla suit. Priceless. I want him & Mark back on the sidelines together. I’m also hoping Kenny the Jet gets a shot too. 3 guys with unbelivable amounts of knowledge & experience. TNT would suffer a little bit. In the makings you have Shaq coming & Rose would be good.

  40. ali says:


    it takes a real man to admit when they funked up.

  41. funkalot says:


    You are absolutely correct about Brandon. We are not effusive enough in assigning credit to him alone, for his meteoric play and rise as an NBA legitimate PG and Star.

    David Stern where is the hype machine, if Bobby Hurley, aplogies to you Dukies, had had such a start, the “L” would have gone overboard marketing him, by now.

    Let’s take the ASG decision from the “L” and powers that b and create our Obama like grassroots write-in campaign, for the daily, daily y’all opportunity to vote for the starters for the ASG.

    Keep hope alive!


    “Funky is as funky does” YA dig!
    Ps. who is recruiting Jonathan Graham? My main man Ernie’s son, son.

  42. funkalot says:


    You peep my man wreak havoc’s smooth 28p 4a 4r game last night, albeit an L, but he continues to serve notice that the ROY is up for grabs.

    Like Ice Cube told Eazy-E and the rest of NWA on “No Vaseline”, ” Oh Yeah, it ain’t over… “. Steady Mobbing!

  43. illest says:

    enuff with the ROY talk. there are a 100 games left. the mold was deaded with micheal ray. you cant clone him.

  44. funkalot says:


    Relax, having a discussion about the recognition of a player’s value, at a particular point in the season, and forecasting what may come, makes for interesting talking points, i.e – the impetus for commenting on a blog.

    It is done summarily, all of the time, whether it be the NBA selections for player of the week, rookie of the month, etc. or pundits like the TNT, ESPN and NBA-TV making it topical discussion, to spark general debate amongst viewers like us.

    The mold was not dead with Michael Ray, as Magic clearly took from his game and added a little bit and given Tyreke’s size and style of play, he is reminiscent of Mike Ray. Not unlike the comparisons made of Brandon to Kenny or Nate, not a carbon copy but a reasonable facsimile.

    Have some turkey, watch some football games and be happy!

  45. ali says:


    you crushed it with the no vaseline. word, let’s just sit back and enjoy this rookie class. it is indeed a marathon, not a sprint and tyreke, flynn, lawson, the takeover, griffin, curry and the others are gonna make us all take a pause for the cause this year.

    i talked to ernie on sunday, we got some things cookin’. jonathan is still growing, 6′9″ right now and they think he’s got a few more inches to go. when i talked to him a while back, he really liked jay wright and ‘nova. no decision’s been made yet, but my guess is that it’s gonna come down between georgetown and maryland. that young fella is not among the big time names, but he’s gonna be a monster when he fills out his long body. kid’s got a feathery jumper, can push the rock, dish, scrap underneath for board and putbacks and he’s a legit shot blocking presence.

  46. illest says:

    funk….im the most relaxed person in the world. but you cant take the temperature of the ROY after every game or week. after each month is fine. when i hear so and so is the MVP after 5 games thats insane.

    sugar ray is like no other. he deaded the mold. plus magic was playing the way he was playing pre-sugar. very similar indeed though as magic said in the great sugar ray documentary.

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