As a child, I awaited for February to come. It meant one thing: Air Jordans. It was that time of the year that Mike released another roman numeral to succeed the last. You knew a commercial would come; you would only guess what type of theme he would use. Would it be funny? Maybe it would be one of inspiration, highlighting his magnificent career. All I knew was once All-Star weekend came around, I had to beg for a pair to be the coolest at school. The sad part was my parents couldn’t afford them, so I had to see years and years of releases pass me by.

Once I got older, my job provided me funds to buy shoes. A new sheriff was in town now: Lebron James. Jordan was out of the league and I had to move on. February changed to October, and Jumpman logos changed to crowns and L23 symbols. For once in my life, I could buy the shoes I wanted on the exact release date.

The Lebron VII represents another year of hype and anticipation. On October 29, 2009, I will have the same feeling as I once did as a kid. The only difference is that I won’t have to pass up another shoe because of financial troubles. For the younger readers of BOUNCE Online who were like me as a child, wait. I know you want to be the cool kid or have a nice pair to lace up at the court, but it takes time and patience. It will come sooner or later, I promise you.


  1. Seven Duece says:

    Amen brother, that was the story of my life! Don’t forget to tell the kids to pace themselves when they start making money lol.

  2. 40 cal says:

    Those are sick!

  3. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    arnel milton aka mega man aka bulletproof wifebeater told me them joints are maaad comfortable. he works at niketown and got an early pair. i just copped the white/red hyperize from eastbay, thinking i should’ve waited for these instead, hmmm . . . they look mean in the picture. i saw the white/green up close and they were bananas!

  4. Teddy "Doowop" says:

    These are looking to be THE Lebron shoe. I have actually enjoyed a number of past Bron releases, but each one came with its detractors. Everybody seems to love these joints though.

  5. Ramon Diaz says:

    My favorite are 1-4 and I don’t like the 5’s and 6’s as much. Lebron is blowing Kobe out the water in terms of design and performance. I still have Lebron 20-5-5’s that are holding up like champs on the court. He makes a quality shoe that is durable. Yea it may be kinda heavy, but who cares lol your ankles are protected and I think it plays no difference.

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