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  1. D&D Invitational says:

    This is where some of the top teams workout and keep thier chemistry together. It’s a fact that teams that plays in the D&D Invitational usually win a chip somewhere or have good summers. Bingo Allstars (2xDyckman), TNP-(Watson), X-men-(West-4th), Kingdome Allstars-(Kingdome), Primetime-(EBC), Uninvited Guest-(K1X-LMC), Sean Bell Allstars-(NIKE TOC) and the list goes on. If you don’t workout at the D&D, then you ain’t really working out. See our tournament website at http://www.dndinvitational.ning.com

  2. Reed (Harlem) says:

    This is a good tournament. I always go there to watch games. The competition is great for a winter tournament. And the dude on the mic is better than most of the NYC announcers.

  3. Kelly (BK Allday) says:

    I fukz wit the D&D. It’s the only time that I see them uptown ballers cross that bridge to play in a Brooklyn & Queens tournament. Everybody plays there.

  4. "Most Hated" (Chi-town) says:

    We want to bring a team to the D&D league in NY. I seen some of the videos from that league, it looks tuff but I know that the boyz from the Chi would take that tournament.

  5. Master says:

    i heard it’s a good tournament. How can I put a team in? My dudes “Bingo’s Allstars” won there before and TNP won it this year. My homeboy Lee Green from Watson Classic is puttin a “Watson Allstars” team in the D&D this winter.

  6. 40 Cal says:

    Contact the DnD phone line at 347 601 2750 and ask for Du or Dog and make sure you bring a team that wants to play!

  7. Seldom Seen says:

    This is not the first time I’ve heard cats from outside the 212 sound off about what they can or will do…I commented on this in the past…right now we’re all simply writing words which may say something…however the true measure of what you’re saying Chi-Town’s Most Hated can only be judged and proven if and when your team shows up…anything less is simply Windy City smack talk!

  8. Bodysnatchers "Bx" says:

    I like this tournament. I was suprise to see a lot of popular teams from the summer leagues playing there. I know that TNP is the house team over there. Players say that the D&D is a tuff place to win and is considered the best WINTER tournament in NYC.

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