Uninvited Guest Photo courtesy of Casey Lee a.k.a. Peter Parker.

I stayed quiet about my tournament this summer and just listened to all the things people had to say. But honestly speaking, the playoffs have been off the hook. These same people who spoke about our tournament never even came through on a regular basis, just to let you guys know. While you guys talk about something you know nothing about, never been to or seen with your very own two eyes, we just sit there and laugh cause anyone who has witnessed the games out on Houston street has come back! Big shout out to every player who participated, DP, Mapp, K-Von, Gary Ervin, Bobbito Garcia, 1/2 man 1/2 amazing, Junie Saunders, Mookie Thomas, Murder Kill, Muff, Stixx, Karrem Bernard, D – Mac, Boondoxx, Tamel, Brian Gardenhire, Ty Grant, Sho, Donald, Lloyd, Mark Sanders, Mez, Larry, Kojo, Nicolas Leon etc… The Championship game is set for this Sunday at 3 p.m., with Uninvited Guest going up against Young gunnaz. These two teams have upset the best of the best in the tournament and deserve to be in the championship. Congrats to both!


  1. Casey Lee says:

    Haha! I have a nickname now? Peter Parker…photographer by day, superhero by night?

    Who knows what I’ll change into but I’m sure as hell not wearing any tights!

    LMC – see you in the place to be!

  2. my_potna_dem says:

    OMG!! You gotta be kidding me, this big mess of a tournament aint over yet?? haha. what a waste. it’s over for K1X, TWC aint messing wit them next year and they have no players left. Homicide is out from what i hear. Thats a good park they should loose K1X an try again to get it poppin next year. it was wack this year, but you cant rate a league off one year. Oops, my bad, TriState was crazy the first year!! LMC…… just quit, good try, lol

  3. TP says:

    Whos playing in the chip players wise???

  4. the cable man aka Ed Tv says:

    yo 40 cal wat up no bigg up to the young gunners its like

  5. 40 Cal says:

    TP, No big names except for Haron only for the simple fact that these two teams crushed the competition, there a bunch of up and coming players who are off peoples radar. Diamonds with K-von, Blacktop Poster, Block Party and there young cats lost in the Semi Final to Uninvited Guest, A team they beat in west 4(I was there), previously the game before that uninvited guest knocked off number 3 seed Money Inc who featured Stixx, Muff( who just came off a 44 point game against Iced Tea). The Biggest story of em all though(Ed TV: Dont cry on bounce, people like me cant speak all the time, It’s not easy to report and be a co commish, people will think your bias for no reason) The Young Gunnaz who was last years runner up came out with fire, there’s a story you guys dont understand about this. The South Street Seaport Leauge was crazy in past years, We had some of your favorite stars before they became stars but I’m not going to brag, not my kind of thing, I will say this though, behind watson we pull the best under 24 talent even though it’s unlimited, if you come to the game you will get to witness this when you see Smell, Ed Tv, Mr. Everything etc.. But I rather not speak about the rest cause just by reading this I give you my gaurantee that this sunday my joint is going to be poppin like it’s been all playoffs.

  6. TP says:

    Sounds good I havent been there so I might check it out only thing is in interferes with football sunday!!!lol

  7. LowerEastScribe says:

    Shout out to Courtney Castro and Catsro’s evil twin (number 2 in the picture). LOl…LOWER all day!

  8. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    40 cal! good luck this sunday, b. i wish i could’ve made it to more games this summer for ike’s crew, but good lookin’ for giving a 42 year old point guard who plays no D a uni! haha

  9. 40 cal says:

    Bob next year, or maybe we try toconvince you to put your bouncemag squad in the fall leauge. Did I say fall Leauge?

  10. Reed "Harlem" says:

    40 Cal, this is streetball. Your tournament will get better in time just like everybody else. A tournament is considered a waste only when thier is no championship game for the fans who attended games all summer long. So have your chip, post your results and watch your league grow in a few years. When do ya fall league starts?

  11. s.dot says:

    straight out brooklyn

  12. s.dot says:

    o dont forget 2 come watch

  13. Yung Gooch says:

    Wow someone tried to go in on Young Guns? FOH!! This our second time in the chip. We got Haron, ED TV, Mr. Everything, We also got OJ Da Juiceman, he was in Pros vs. Joes busting Alonzo Mourning and Antoine Walkers ass on Spike TV. All those names mean nothing when its time for playoffs. Its just survive and advance.Fyi….We beat money Inc with 5! We beat uninvited guests with 5. We beat Iced Tea with 5. We beat showtime and knocked off 1st place York last week. WITH FUCKIN WHITE TEES!!! I don’t wanna hear that hatin shit from anybody. We deserve to be in this tournament and any other tournament in the city. Our resume is thick dawg…..GOO-CHEE

  14. roman aka da gift says:

    This tournament was a good tourney for its first year! It has good competition and mostly all the players that played all over played here! I had fun and enjoyed playin in this tourney! Keep it up 40…

  15. ED.TV says:

    40 cal u know me and i just want our respect thats all

  16. Yung Gooch says:

    We takin it tomorrow in white tees….remember that…BRR!!

  17. 40 cal says:

    Gooch what are you talking about? No one tried to go in on the young guns, they dont even know you guys exsist, just play ball and let it show tommorow and like I said the guys off the radar such as young guns will shine, but dont forget Uninvited guest got it in just like you guys, beating team’s that were as good. Dont sleep on Uninvited guest just as well as I would advise Uninvited guest to sleep on you guys!

  18. XXL says:

    i hear and understand what everyone is saying. But the name and spelling of the team is pronounced, “Youngunners”.

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