The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown was off the chain at Madison Square Garden, Team Flight Brothers was defenetly in the building, Big shot out to Air Bama, Rude Boy, JFK & Special FX. Of course I lost with a star studded line up like that, on my second try I missed a bunch of windmills and was eliminated, I still had fun though cause I got to watch Special FX pull out a bag of tricks and he did not dissapoint.


  1. sure says:

    All he could do is dunk. He’s avg 30+ at Hunter Pro-City. Could have killed in college but went to school that ruins future pros of lately. ST. JOHNS. Legit talent. Could play the 2 or 3 a lot of places. He hasn’t gotten a look overseas. Due to blind scouts or too much knowledge of the game. He’s not even good enough for deeply talented D-League. What a sham-mockery. The talent that just sits home waiting is crazy from state to state and city to city. The game coaches, scouts need a overhaul. Go younger keep up with changes. It’s like still using rotary phones or black white tv. Change is good. What are they looking for? The game as a whole is getting weaker every year. That’s why the vets speak the way they do. How could a 50 or 60 understand a 18-25 yr old kid. Then get mad when both parties don’t meet. LOL

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