Corey “Homicide” Williams gets after a loose ball earlier this year. Photo:

Whether in an undersized New York City park or a regulation Australian gym, Corey “Homicide” Williams is capable of dropping 30 any time he suits up.

So with the Hommo-led Townsville Crocodiles set to square off against the NBL regular-season champion South Dragons in a best-of-three playoff series next week, you can bet S.D. coach Brian Goorjian is having some sleepless nights thinking about how to contain Mr. 187.

“He’s going to get some,” Goorjian said referring to Williams’ scoring. “He’s a great player. We’ve just got to try to limit it and we’ve got to rotate bodies on him.

“We’ll throw a few wrinkles into our game plan. He will definitely be a focal point and how we go against him will have a huge, huge say in the series.”

Williams netted 28 points to go along with eight rebounds in Townsville’s upset win over Perth earlier this week.

But Goorjian said it’s not just Hommo’s scoring that worries him.

“Those guys are getting three-point shots because they’re playing with a great point guard,” Goorjian said. “He gets into the key, sucks people in and he spits the ball out, so controlling him would also have an affect on those three-point shooters.”

Williams averaged over 22 points as the Crocodiles took three of the four regular-season meetings between the teams.

11 Responses to “Corey “Homicide” Williams Causing Fear Overseas…”

  1. Casey Lee says:

    I don’t care if people think Australia doesn’t have as much competition as the US or Europe…Corey Williams is the best in the Land Down Under right now!

    Wait til summer, if he hits the blacktop, he has my vote for best in NYC: Summer ‘09!

    ~K1X did great job of marketing Mr. 187 on and off the court~

  2. Inspiredworlds says:

    its great to see australian basketball on bounce! Where did u guys goorjian quotes from?

  3. Balla says:

    Yes! I knew that 187 will make name for himself wherever he goes!

  4. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    white/green joints on his feet look hot

  5. MOVEZ says:


  6. Homicide wants his name back, ALL of it says:

    I don’t care in what context an article is written, the nickname “Hommo” should never be used. 1. Homicide has ONE M. 2. Hommo is just straight wrong and leads to misguided interpretations (think homo), plus you’re selling the man short. Five years from now when he makes it big, I’m sure he’s going to have fun dealing with people “mispronouncing” his nickname “Hommo”.

    HOMICIDE. Lets leave it at that. The nickname was already given to him, so no need to coin another ludicrously lame nickname.

    Homicide called, he wants his nickname back.

  7. DJ Rod says:


  8. UNREAL says:

    aha, Hommo? …just awful man, think about what would happen if that name stuck on. Guys would be like “Man, Hommo went hard that game…”, “Hommo was straight banging on dudes taller than him son!..”, “Hommo doing dudes dirty …”

  9. Trevor Kapp says:

    hmm i’ve probably written 10 different articles now on homicide and have referred to him as hommo before (i didn’t make it up by the way) and no one’s ever said anything about it but you all are the readers so i’ll cater to what you want.

    in terms of the quotes, they were sent by someone affiliated with the NBL.

  10. Inspiredworlds says:

    @ unreal – lol

    i’ve noticed it in the past as well and thought it was a bit strange, but never said anything =P. all types of connotations can spring from “hommo”….

  11. shock treatment 25 says:

    i agree homicide is a straight animal and gets the of his opponent no matter who it is, and also look out for his nephew who at some school in cali the kids only sophmore and shows flashes of being a force like his uncle. the kid has a super slick handle , sick court vision and crazy range on his jumpshot

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