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In the most recent issue of Bounce, #16, which just landed in mailboxes around the world, we went deep into the heart of Detroit – which has long been a premiere breeding ground for hoops excellence – to capture that Motown essence. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to get your hands on it. The buzz is already approaching collector’s item status

We asked Detroit basketball historian and co-founder of, Bill Hoover, Jr., to select an All-Time, All-Decades basketball team for Metro Detroit. For this purpose, “Metro Detroit” is defined as Detroit and the surrounding area from which the Detroit Free Press/News selects its annual All-Metro teams. Decades were limited to 30 selections and, as a result, many incredible talents did not make the cut. To check those who just missed, you’ll have to scroll to the end.

CDR – Chris Douglass-Roberts

Eric Evans, Detroit Rogers/Northwestern, ‘08
Dominique Buckley, Romulus, ‘08
Paul Williams, Detroit Renaissance, ‘08
Corperryale “Manny” Harris, Detroit Redford, ‘07
Kalin Lucas, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, ‘07
Durrell Summers, Detroit DePorres/Redford Covenant, ‘07
Tracy Smith, Detroit King/Mt. Zion Prep, ‘07
Jordan Crawford, Detroit C.M.A./Hargrave Military, ‘07
Ramar Smith, South Kent Prep/Detroit King, ‘06
DeShawn “Petey” Sims, Detroit Pershing, ‘06
Mike Bramos, Grosse Pointe North, ‘05
Chris “CDR” Douglas-Roberts, Detroit Cass Tech/Northwestern, ‘05
Tajuan Porter, Detroit Renaissance, ‘05
Joe Crawford, Detroit Renaissance, ‘04
Malik Hairston, Detroit Renaissance, ‘04
Dion Harris, Detroit Redford, ‘03
Brandon Cottom, Detroit Kettering/Detroit DePorres, ‘03
Paul Davis, Rochester, ‘02
Lester Abrams, Pontiac Northern, ‘02
Maurice Ager, Detroit Crockett, ‘02
Brandon Jenkins, Detroit Southeastern, ‘02
Walter Waters, Detroit Southeastern, ‘02
Ricky Morgan, Pontiac Northern, ‘01
Rawle Marshall, Detroit Mackenzie, ‘00
Arthur “Doc” Johnson, Detroit Pershing, ‘00
Rickey Paulding, Detroit Renaisance, ‘00

CWEBB – Chris Webber

LaVell Blanchard, Ann Arbor Pioneer, ‘99
Willie Green, Detroit Cooley, ‘99
Brent Darby, River Rouge, ‘99
Aloysius Anagonye, Detroit DePorres, ‘99
Michael Williams, Detroit Mackenzie/City, ‘99
Dane Fife, Clarkston, ‘98
Antonio Gates, Detroit Central, ‘98
Shane Battier, Birmingham Detroit Country Day, ‘97
Greg Stempin, Harper Woods Notre Dame, ‘97
Andrew Mitchell, Detroit East Catholic, ‘97
Rashaad Philips, Ferndale, ‘96
Ken Johnson, Detroit Henry Ford, ‘96
Winfred “Wimp” Walton, Detroit East Catholic/Pershing, ‘96
Albert White, Inkster, ‘95
Jermaine Jackson, Detroit Finney, ‘95
Guy Rucker , Westland John Glenn, ‘95
Robert “Tractor” Traylor, Detroit Murray-Wright, ‘95
Willie Mitchell, Detroit Pershing, ‘94
Maurice Taylor, Detroit Henry Ford, ‘94
Derrick Dial, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘93
Todd Burgan, Detroit Benedictine/Detroit Pershing, ‘93
Ira Newble, Southfield, ‘93
Paul Grant, West Bloomfield/Birmingham Brother Rice, ‘92
Katu Davis, Detroit Northern, ‘91
Jalen Rose, Detroit Southwestern, ‘91
Chris Webber, Birmingham Detroit Country Day, 91
Voshon Lenard, Detroit Southwestern, ‘91
Shawn Respert, Redford Bishop Borgess, ‘90
Lorenzo Orr, Detroit Osborn/Southeastern/Pershing, ‘90
Howard Eisley, Detroit Chadsey/Southwestern, ‘90

DC – Derrick Coleman

Michael Talley, Detroit Cooley, ‘89
Carlos Rogers, Detroit Mackenzie/Northwestern, ’89
Mike Peplowski, Warren DeLaSalle, ‘88
Doug Smith Detroit Mackenzie, ‘87
Steve Smith, Detroit Pershing, ‘87
Anderson Hunt, Detroit Southwestern, ‘87
Victor Alexander, Detroit Denby, ‘87
Terry Mills, Romulus, ‘86
Derrick Coleman, Detroit Cooley/Northern, ‘86
Willie Burton, Detroit DePorres, ‘86
Negele Knight, Detroit DePorres, ‘85
Jon McIntyre, Detroit Catholic Central, ‘85
Leslie Rockymore, Detroit Southwestern, ‘85
B.J. Armstrong, Birmingham Brother Rice, ‘84
Demetreus Gore, Detroit Chadsey, ‘84
Clarence “Bill” Jones, Detroit Southwestern, ‘84
Ben Gillery, Detroit Murray-Wright/Cody/Central, ‘84
Grant Long, Romulus, ‘84
Antoine “The Judge” Joubert, Detroit Southwestern, ‘83
Steve Beck, Detroit Southeastern, ‘83
Patrick Ford, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘82
John Shasky, Birmingham Brother Rice, ‘82
Roy Tarpley, Far Rockaway (NY)/Moblie Blount (AL)/Detroit Cooley, ‘82
Anthony Watson, Detroit Cooley, ‘82
Renardo Brown, Highland Park, ‘82
Derrick Gervin, Detroit Cass Tech/Finney/King, ‘81
Tim McCormick, Clarkston, ‘80
Gary Plummer, Detroit Osborn, ‘80
Kevin Willis, Detroit Kettering/Pershing, ‘80
Barry Spencer, Detroit Catholic Central, ‘80

THE ICEMAN – George Gervin

Fred Cofield, Ypsilanti, ’79
Walker D. Russell, Pontiac Central, ‘78
Joe Kopicki, Warren Fitzgerald, ‘78
Stuart House, Detroit Redford St. Mary’s/Denby, ‘76
Tony Fuller, Detroit Servite/St. Martin DePorres, ’76
Alan Hardy, Detroit Northwestern, ‘75
Terry Duerod, Highland Park, ‘75
William Mayfield, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘75
Greg Kelser, Detroit Henry Ford, ‘75
Bruce Flowers, Berkley, ‘75
Earl Cureton, Detroit Finney, ‘75
John Long, Romulus, ‘74
Cyrus Mann, Detroit Southeastern, ‘74
Terry Tyler, Detroit Central/Northwestern, ‘74
Johnny Davis, Detroit Murray-Wright, ‘73
Tom LaGarde, Detroit Catholic Central, ‘73
Tony Robertson, Detroit Southwestern, ‘73
Bob Elliot, Ann Arbor Pioneer, ‘73
Coneil Norman, Detroit Kettering, ‘72
Eric Money, Detroit Kettering, ‘72
Larry Fogle, Brooklyn Eli Whitney (NY)/Detroit Cooley, ‘72
Robert “Bubbles” Hawkins, Detroit Pershing, ‘72
Lindsay Hairston, Detroit Kettering, ‘71
Terry Thomas, Hazel Park, ‘71
James McElroy, Detroit Murray-Wright, ’71
Dan Roundfield, Detroit Chadsey, ‘71
Campy Russell, Pontiac Central, ‘70
George “Iceman” Gervin, Detroit King, ‘70
Cliff Pratt, Detroit Murray-Wright, ‘70
Mike Robinson, Detroit Northeastern, ‘70

Ralph Simpson, Detroit Southeastern/Pershing, ‘68
Charles “Razor” Edge, Detroit Northeastern, ‘68
Curtis Jones, Detroit Northwestern, ‘68
George “Instant Heat” Trapp, Highland Park, ‘67
Frank Russell, Pontiac Central, ‘67
Spencer Haywood, Belzoni (MS)Detroit Pershing, ‘67
Earle Higgins, Ann Arbor, ‘66
Rudy Tomjanovich, Hamtramck, ‘66
John Brisker, Hamtramck, ‘65
Willie Betts, River Rouge, ‘64
Willie “Spider” Griffin, Detroit Northeastern, ‘64
Willie “Stick” Iverson, Detroit Pershing, ‘64
Cliff “Chain” Williams, Detroit Southwestern, ‘63
John Trapp, Highland Park/Monrovia (CA), ‘63
Al Hairston, Mt. Clemens, ’63
Shaler Halimon, Romulus, ‘63
Sam Williams, Detroit Northern, ‘63
Mel “Baby” Daniels, Detroit Pershing ‘63
Ken Wilburn, River Rouge, ‘62
Oliver Darden, Detroit Western, ‘62
Jerry Pettway, Detroit Northern, ‘62
Henry Akin, Troy, ‘62
Bobby Joe Hill, Highland Park, ‘61
George Peeples, Ecorse, ‘61
Joe Hamood, Dearborn Fordson, ‘61
Dorie Murrey, Detroit Cass Tech, ’61
Reggie Harding, Detroit Northeastern/Eastern/Nashville Christian, ‘61
Bud Acton, Troy, ‘60
Maurice McHartley, Detroit Central, ’60
Archie Clark, Ecorse, ‘60

David “Smokey” Gaines, Detroit Miller/Northeastern, ‘59
Ira Harge, Detroit Northeastern, ‘59
T.Z. Tennille, Detroit Miller/Northeastern, ‘59
Felton Rogers, Detroit Eastern, ‘59
Bill Buntin, Detroit Cass Tech/Northern, ‘59
“Marvelous” Mose Montgomery, Detroit Northeastern/Northern, ’59
Lonnie Sanders, Detroit Pershing, ‘59
Dave DeBusschere, Detroit Austin, ‘58
Charlie North, Detroit Northeastern/Northwestern, ‘58
Ed “Stone” Stewart, Detroit Miller/Northeastern, ‘58
Steve Jordan, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘57
Sam Oliver, Detroit Southeastern, ‘56
Ron Summers, Detroit Northwestern, ‘56
Gunars Vitolin, Detroit Chadsey, ‘56
Allen “Jocko” Hughes, Detroit Miller, ‘55
Ellis “Appleseed” Appling, Detroit Miller/Webster (LA), ‘55
George Lee, Highland Park, ‘55
George “Baby” Duncan, Highland Park, ’54
“Diamond” Jim Boyce, Detroit Northwestern, ‘54
Henry Hughes, Inkster, ‘53
George “Swinging Gate” Gatewood, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘53
Walt Godfrey, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘53
George Brown (Wroten), Detroit Cass Tech, ‘53
Murphy “Big Daddy Cool Breeze” Summons, Detroit Northwestern, ‘52
Frank Tanana, Sr., Detroit St. Andrews, ‘51
Walt Owens, Detroit Northwestern, ‘51
Willie Scarborough, Detroit Moore, ‘50
Charlie “Kingsnake” Primas, Detroit Miller, ‘50
Ernie “Daddy Wag” Wagner, Detroit Northern/Northeastern, ‘50
Guy Sparrow, Pontiac, ’50

Charles “Tiny Brown/Goose Tatum, Jr.” Ward, Detroit Capron, ‘49
Chuck Holloway, Detroit Northern, ‘49
“Jumpin’” Johnny Kline, Detroit Northwestern/Northeastern, ‘49
Ken Burrell, Hamtramck, ‘49
Blaine Denning (Mitchell), Detroit Northern, ‘48
Sam Taub, Detroit Central, ‘48
Ramon “Spike” Wilkinson, Detroit Moore, ‘48
Aram Sarkisian, Detroit Southwestern, ‘48
Sammy Gee, Detroit Miller, ‘47
Wm. Sylvester Griffin, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘47
Bill Robinson, Detroit Miller, ‘46
Tom Mooradian, Detroit Southwestern, ‘46
Emil “Bones” Jones, Hamtramck, ‘45
Bob Taylor, Detroit Miller, ‘45
Ron Teasley, Detroit Northwestern, ‘45
Harold Pink, Detroit Northwestern, ‘45
Noah Brown, Detroit Miller, ‘45
Bill Krall, Detroit Redford, circa ‘44
Chuck Frankel, Detroit Northern, ‘44
Vic Stotts, Detroit Miller, circa ‘44
Vertis “Dollar Bill” Zeigler, Detroit Northern, ‘43
Woodruff “Boudreau” King, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘43
Silas Phelps, Detroit Northern, ‘43
Bobby “Showboat” Hall, Detroit Russell, ‘43
Tony Kaseta, Detroit Northern, circa 42
Don Lund, Detroit Southeastern, ‘41
Don Osterman, Detroit St. Theresa, ‘41
Clifton Mobley, Hamtramck, ‘40
Ralph Siewart, Mt. Clemens, circa ‘40
Collins Jones, Detroit Moore, ‘40

Harvey Pierce, Detroit Southeastern, ‘39
Frank Sabo, Detroit Southwestern, ‘39
Frank Mekules, Detroit Western, ‘38
Art Stolkey, Detroit Holy Redeemer, ‘38
Bob Osterman, Detroit St. Theresa, ‘37
Kara Coates, Detroit Northern, ‘37
Bill Van Vleck, Detroit Northwestern, ‘37
James “Country” Davis, Detroit Miller, ‘36
Ed Parry, Detroit Eastern, ’36
Charles Pink, Detroit Northwestern, ‘36
Broadus Williams, Detroit Miller, ‘36
Bob Kerr, Detroit Western, ‘36
Howard McCarty, Detroit Northwestern, ‘36
Sam Lombardo, Detroit Miller, ‘36
Jack Piana, Detroit St. Anthony, ‘35
Barney McCoskey, Detroit Southwestern, ‘35
Herman Fishman, Detroit Northern, ‘34
James McIntosh, Detroit Northern, ‘34
Wilbur King, Pershing, ’34
Tony Ruggirello, Detroit Cooley, ‘33
Earl Meyers, Detroit Eastern, ‘32
Bobby Roth, Detroit Central, ‘32
Wayne Cruce, Highland Park, ‘31
Chester Laske, Hamtramck, ‘31
George Ford, Detroit Southeastern, ‘30
Harold Green, Detroit Northern, ‘30
Henry “Honey” Berris, Detroit Northern, ’32
Carl Bayer, Detroit Northern, ‘32
Emmanuel Fishman, Detroit Northern, ‘30
Charlie Jusctice, Hamtramck/Detroit Northern, circa. ‘31

DeForest Eveland, Detroit Northwestern, ‘28
Gus Finney, Detroit Cass Tech, ’28
Willie “Rockjaw” Stevens, Detroit Miller Jr. High, circa ’28
Ennis Stafford, Detroit Northwestern, circa ‘28
William “Sausage” Malone, Detroit Cass Tech, circa ‘28
Harry Rusan, Detroit Cass Tech, circa ‘28
James Haynes, Detroit Cass Tech, circa ’28
Walter Burch, Ferndale, circa ‘28
Al Milanki, Detroit Northeastern, ‘27
Joseph Major, Detroit Southwestern, ‘27
Arnold Smith, Detroit Southwestern, ‘26
Ernest Marshall, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘26
Carl Gussin, Detroit Central, ‘26
Norman Daniels, Detroit Southeastern, ‘25
Nolan Putnam, Detroit Southeastern, ‘25
Birkett Duty, Detroit Southwestern, ‘25
Joe Truskowski, Detroit Northeastern, ‘25
Tommy Clark(e), Detroit Cass Tech, circa ‘24
Lambert Springer, Detroit Southeastern, ‘24
Everitt Hill, Detroit Northeastern, ‘24
John “Bo” Molenda, Detroit Northeastern, ‘24
Frank Hojancki, Detroit Northeastern, ‘24
Harold Hendricks, Detroit Southeastern, ‘24
Virgil Noble, Detroit Southeastern, ‘24
Les Fairbairn, Detroit Northwestern, ‘24
Ernie McCoy, Detroit Northwestern, ‘24
Myron “Susie” Schecter, Detroit Northeastern, ‘23
Sam Babcock, Detroit Central, ‘23
Harold “Penny” Bejin, Detroit Western, ‘23
Robert Gunn, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘23

Art “Red” Carty, Detroit Northwestern, ‘19
William Henderson, Detroit Northwestern, ‘18
Lee McElwee, Detroit Central, ‘18
Bruno Smokiewicz, Detroit Northwestern, ‘18
Eddie Smokiewicz, Detroit Northwestern, ‘18
Joe Dermody, Detroit Northwestern ‘16
Walter “Tillie” Voss, U of D High, circa ‘15
Les Clark, Detroit Central, ‘13
Vic Whitmarsh, Detroit Central, ‘12
Rake Keller, Detroit Central, ‘12
John Roxborough, Detroit Eastern, ‘10
Tom Roxborough, Detroit Eastern, ’10

Walter Bauld, Detroit Eastern, ‘09
Peter Ulbrich, Detroit Eastern, ‘08
Charles Roxborough, Detroit Eastern, ‘08
Joy Miller, Detroit Central, ‘05

Just Missed (There are many great ones that missed this list, too.)
Blake Cushingberry, Romeo, ‘08
David Johnson, Detroit East Catholic/Madison Heights Bishop Foley, ‘05
Joe Carr, Detroit Renaissance, ‘02
Ricardo Billings, Detroit Rogers, ‘02
Darius Hollis, Detroit Mackenzie/City, ‘00
Maurice Searight, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, ‘00
Jimmy Twyman, Detroit Central, ‘99
Charles Kage, River Rouge, ‘98
Lorenzo Guess, Wayne, ‘97
Rob Griffin, Belleville, ‘97
Sylvester Dotson, Detroit Cooley, ‘96
Mike Chappell, Southfield-Lathrup’96
Travis Conlan, St. Clair Shores Lakeshore, ‘94
Bacari Alexander, Detroit Northern/Southwestern, ‘94
Jon Garavaglia, Southgate Aquinas, ‘93
Carlos Williams, Detroit Benedictine/Pershing, ‘93
Thomas McGee, Pontiac Central, ‘92
Dugan Fife, Clarkston, ‘92
Leonard Bush, Detroit Northern, ‘92
Kevin Hrobowski, Detroit Cody, ‘90
Tony Tolbert, Detroit St. Martin DePorres, ‘88
Steve Hall, Detroit Cass Tech, ‘88
Barry “High Rise” Hardy, Inkster, ‘86
Robert Godbolt, Detroit Kettering, ‘83
Derrick Kearney, Detroit Kettering, ‘83
Kevin Smith, Birmingham Brother Rice, ‘83
Greg Washington, Detroit Western, ‘81
Tim Andree, Birmingham Brother Rice, ‘79
Derek Perry, River Rouge, ‘79
Keith Smith, Detroit Mackenzie, ‘78
Edgar “Cupcake” Merchant, Detroit East Catholic/Northeastern, ‘77
Bill Phillips, Southfield Lathrup, ‘76
Wilbert McCormick, Detroit Northeastern, ‘76
Dedrick Reffigee, Detroit Southeastern, ’75
Turono Anderson, Detroit Kettering, ‘74
Ken “Moochie” Jones, Detroit Northwestern, ‘74
Tim Teasley, Bloomfield Hills Roeper, ‘72
Eartha Faust, Inkster, ‘71
Jeff Walker, Detroit Central, ‘70
Lovelle Rivers, Detroit Mackenzie, ‘71
Frank Tanana, Jr., Detroit Catholic Central, ‘71
Carl “Jamo” Jamison, Detroit Southeastern, ‘69
Steve Harris, Detroit Northwestern/Mumford, ‘69
Marvin “Corky” Taylor, Detroit Mumford, ‘69
Tom “Cookie” Marsh, Detroit Northern, ‘69
Jim Floyd, Detroit Northern, ‘68
Lamont King, Detroit Northwestern, ‘68
Lindell Reason, Detroit Murray-Wright, ‘68
John Mayberry, Detroit Northwestern, ‘67
Dan Fife, Clarkston, ‘67
Ron Binge, East Detroit, ‘66
Steve Fishman, Detroit Mumford, ‘66
Larry Moore, Detroit Mumford, ‘66
Frank Price, River Rouge, ‘66
Howard Heard, Detroit Southwestern, ‘65
Joe Neely, Detroit Northwestern, ‘65
Fred Smiley, Inkster, ‘65
James Pitts, Detroit Northwestern, ‘64
Jerry Geistler, Detroit Redford, ‘64
Ralph Brisker, Hamtramck, ‘64
Dennis Bankey, Detroit St. Thomas, ‘63
Dickie “Gartersnake” Crenshaw, Detroit Chadsey, ‘63
John Rowser, Detroit Eastern, ‘62
Ted Sizemore, Detroit Pershing, ‘62
Bill Yearby, Detroit Eastern, ‘62
Stan Washington, Detroit Northwestern, ‘62
Peller Phillips, Detroit Northwestern, ‘61
Mike “Rookie” Jackson, Detroit Eastern, ‘61
Bill Downs, Detroit Catholic Central, ‘61
Harold Montgomery, Detroit Northeastern, ‘61
Marvin Mitchell, Detroit Chadsey, ‘61
Bill Chmielewski, Detroit Holy Redeemer, ‘60
Gene “Torch” Lawson, Highland Park, ‘58
John Bradley, Highland Park, circa ‘58
James Hester, Detroit Miller, ‘57
Lawrence Hall, Detroit Northern, ‘57
Eric “Luke” Johnson, Detroit Northeastern, ‘57
Donald “Zip” White, Detroit Northern, circa ‘57
Rudy Nelson, Detroit Northwestern, ‘57
Tyrone “Hands” Douglas, Detroit Miller, ‘57
Chester Hicks, Inkster, ‘56
Jack Ward, Detroit Southeastern, ’56?
Craig Morris, Detroit Denby, ‘55
Raymond Dungen, Detroit Pershing, ‘54
Levi Davis, Detroit Miller, ‘54
Gene White, Detroit Northwestern, ‘54
Larry LaVercombe, Cooley, ‘54
Roland Dungen, Detroit Pershing, ‘53
Al Marcangelo, Detroit Southeastern, ‘53
Ron Kramer, East Detroit, ‘53
Ralph Goldstein, Detroit Central, ‘52
James “Rabbit” Johnson, Detroit Miller, ‘51
Jimmy “Horse” Reed, Detroit Northeastern, circa ‘50
Paul Dean, Detroit Miller, “circa 50
Clarence Straughn, Detroit Northern, circa
Walter “Pinky” Thompson, Detroit Central, ‘50
Lou Gibbs, Detroit Central, ‘circa
Werner Killen, Detroit Central, ’50
Joe Altobelli, Detroit Eastern, ‘50
Paul White, River Rouge, ‘39
Fred Fioretti, Detroit Southeastern, ‘33
Norman Kane, Highland Park, ‘29
James Lemen, Detroit, Eastern, ‘23

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  1. illest says:

    a wonderful issue!!! i just read it. i dont know the financial scenario but bounce needs to drop every month. its the best magazine. I missed issues 10-15. i need to get those asap.

  2. Dan the Man says:

    From the 1960-69 decade team: John & George Trapp played for Tark the Shark at Pasadena Junior College in Cali-fornia. They almost upset U.C.L.A. in the 1971 NCAA playoffs while at Long Beach State.
    John eventually played for the Lakers and I believe George for the Detroit Pistons. John Brisker was a star & enforcer in the ABA. Spencer Haywood was an Olympics & NBA star. Ralph Simpson was a star in the ABA. And Bobby Joe Hill earned fame at Texas El Paso against Kentucky.

  3. ali says:


    i feel you on that once a month status. ain’t nobody out there doing it like we do.

    dan the man,

    tark was deep in detroit. and his juco coaching days, as well as at long beach state, were some phenomenal accomplishments. he also snagged anderson hunt, mvp of the ‘90 final four, from motown.

  4. Dan the Man says:

    From the 90-99 team Jalen Rose’s dad was the great Jimmy Walker from Providence & Detroit Pistons ! He had a sick cross-over & spin move. Click on to: view the issue and see him in action! MO-TOWN strikes hard with Brother Dan !!!

  5. Dan the Man says:

    Here is a short video with Jimmy Walker in action.

  6. Dan the Man says:

    John Brisker, ABA star (“The Enforcer”) from the 60-69 team was said to have met an untimely end.

  7. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:


    you can cop our back issues simply by clicking on ‘online store’ off the our top menu, then click on ‘bounce’ and most of them are still in stock. enjoy!

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    you should totally hit up all the detroit contacts you have to let them know this is up! they gonna bug!


    what town are you from and reside in now?

  9. Town Biz! says:

    i use to spend a month every summer in the early to mid 80s my uncles exposed me to some real ball on the wasn’t til later on did i realize who those cats would become…

    glad to see Bounce give love to the D.

  10. ali says:

    did anybody notice that San Diego Chargers pro-bowl tight end Antonio Gates made the all-’90s squad? my people out there tell me that he was, indeed, the truth.

  11. ali says:

    dan the man,

    my homeboy Jerry Bembry, a senior staff writer at espn the mag, wrote a phenomenal story about the legacy of Jimmy Walker. check it out when you get a chance.

  12. Dan the Man says:

    Found it! Excellent article. Thanx !

  13. illest says:

    illest and bob….ive seen the back issues and will definitely cop them. i used to get bounce for free in the mail. bounce has always been my favorite since the 1st issue with bob on the cover.

    bob…im from brooklyn…clinton hill. i reside in h-town now.

  14. illest says:

    thank you bounce for doing what is correct. its always a great thing when you see something that you wish could happen and it does and its right on time. like WYGT or the playground brought us and definitely Bounce. I hope cats appreciate the importance of your magazine. Bounce forever!!!!

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    my bad i meant ali on that first post not illest.

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    i’m from clinton hill/bed stuy too. lived on cambridge between greene and gates. i’m in maryland now but yearn for the BK/NYC flavor that’s irreplaceable.

  17. ali says:


    i’m from clinton hill/bed stuy too. lived on macon and throop and cambridge between greene and gates. i’m in maryland now but yearn for the BK/NYC flavor that’s irreplaceable.

  18. illest says:

    ali….thats what up. i lived on clinton and willoughby.

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    my moms is now on clinton between myrtle and willoughby. next time i’m up there, i’ll spill some libations on the corner for you.

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    that iceman poster is ill. what i dont get from nike is that they had that and the air force one ogs on two different shirts years ago. they never released them again and they didnt resurface last year for the 25th anniversary. nike is buggin. and why didnt they put more of the old 70s and 80s basketball posters on shirts? i would have loved to cop the world b free or gus and ray williams shirt.

  22. Nathan Head says:

    I am a 1957 graduate of Northwestern High School. What a great record of sports stars the school has been able to maintain over many decades. I have also encouraged, not only Northwestern, (through its Alumni Association, but all schools should put up in a hall — all the famous folks from music, fine arts, sciences, medicine, academia, politics and so on…and fil that wall with every walk of life, as the graduates will have achieve over these many years….Yes, Deroit has many of its own that it can be extrememly proud of, that graduatefd from the Detroit Public School System.

  23. Dan the Man says:

    Late Great Jimmy Walker:

  24. Charles Razor Edge says:

    I went on to play college ball at Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphin, Tn. Played for Memphis Tams, ABA and later Indiana Pacers. Led the nation in all rebound 72-73 season, 25 rebounds a game. It was good to read about all the players that made it from Detroit. Thanks again for the great article.

  25. Dan the Man says:

    John Brisker (The Enforcer)and ABA star was said to have met an untimely end.

  26. Dan the Man says:

    See JIMMY WALKER in action:

  27. Steve Fishman says:

    Great stuff. Nice of you to include me in the “just missed” group along with my teammate and still best buddy Larry Moore.

    One guy whose absence is notable is Dave Baxter of Lutheran West (class of 1974). Averaged around 30 his senior year. 1st team all-state. Went on to be a captain at Michigan where he played on the team that lost in the finals in ‘76. Drafted by the Sonics in the 3rd round. Great player who should be in there.

    Thanks again for the article. Brought back a lot of memories.



    How can I get a copy!


    Andrew Mitchell, Detroit East Catholic, οΏ½97


    I played against Gates in AAU and as teamates at Kent State, during our Elite Eight run. He was my roomate. He was and still is a beast.

    I have been inducted into the Kent Basketball Hall of Fame. I am currrenctly playing in Sweden. TORONTO- CROWN MAGAZINE, might do a story.

    I currently do my own contract’s deals(starting a agency) and have a licencing agreement with my organization, so any upcoming shoe companies or clothing lines, I can promote in Europe holla!

    Before going professional I was trained by Eric Lichter (currently serving as Director of Football Performance at Ohio State University) and trained with Leandro Barbosa of Phoenix Suns,

  30. ali says:


    you can order a copy on the online store. feel free to hit me up at

  31. miky p says:

    How did Mark Macon (Saginaw/Temple/NBA) get left off the list?? I assume oversight….cuz that fool schooled me in HS.

  32. Jonathan Hogan says:

    I would have to agree with Steve Fishman about Dave Baxter, Lutheran West 74′. I attended the now defunct school and he and his brothers are legends. Mr. Baxter was an All-Big Ten Selection and Team Captain I think anyone with his pedigree should be afforded the honor. The dude had a mean Afro too.

  33. Don Coleman says:

    A friend recently brought this to my attention. I thought that it was unusual that even though our team Cass Tech (‘55) won the City & Metro championship and was rated as the best in Detroit and in the top 5 state wide (before a state wide tournament included teams from the Detroit Public Schools) none of our players were mentioned in any of the list. I see players from teams we literally stomped listed. How did you come up with this list? I lived and grew up in Detroit and knew the players, teams, playgrounds, etc having played from the 4th grade through high school. Did you speak with any coaches, players from that era? 4/5/09

  34. ali says:

    don, who should have been included that was missed?

  35. Morris Jenkins says:

    Great article and site. I would also add as honorable mention; Frank Clark, Pershing 1969 and Bill Kilgore, River Rouge 1969,

  36. Bill Hoover says:

    Mr. Coleman,

    Regarding your 1955 Cass Tech team, you, and your teammates.

    Let it be known that in 1955, Detroit Cass Tech did indeed rule the city of Detroit. Cass soundly defeated Detroit Northwestern at U of D Memorial (now Calihan Hall) before 5,750 fans, 56-37, for the league championship.

    Cass then defeated Royal Oak Shrine–the Catholic League champs–at U of D Memorial, 59-43, for the City Championship. Since this took place during the Metropolitan League’s/PSL’s self-imposed ban from the state tourney, they did not participate in that tourney.

    Mr. Don Coleman was indeed a 1955 Detroit Free Press 1st team selection. His teammate Jerry Malinasky was a second teamer and Ed Perkins and Leroy Settles were honorable mentions.

    The 1955 Detroit News, which did an All-City and an All-Metro team, had Coleman’s team Charles Mitchell as All-City and Jerry Malinasky and Charles Mitchell as All-Metro.

    One year earlier, the Detroit News had Jerry Malinasky as Cass Tech’s All-Metro representative, and the Free Press had Malinasky as a third teamer that year and Charles Mitchell as an honorable mention All-City. In 1953, Renaldo Benson, was a 3rd team Free Press selection. (Was he related to Obbie Benson?)

    Each decade was limited to 30 players and the 50’s had four gentlemen with Cass ties. You will agree all four were fantastic: Bill Buntin, who transferred to Northern and did not fully blossom until the Brewster Center–before Michigan, Walter Godfrey, George Gatewood, and Steve Jordan.

    Mr. Don Coleman and many others were very worthy of “at least” Honorable Mention status on this list.

    Please enlighten me about the post-Cass hoop careers of Malinasky, Mitchell, Perkins, Settles, and yourself. Thanks a lot, Mr. Coleman.

    Check out our website You’ll find it fascinating.

    Take care,

    Bill Hoover

    and a 1955 Detroit News 1s

  37. Bill Hoover says:

    Dear Miky P,

    Mark Macon was a interscholastic and collegiate beast, and a solid NBA player.

    He did not make this Detroit area list, because the Detroit News and Free Press, understandably, do not include Saginaw as being within the metro Detroit area.

    They go pretty far, including a place like Ann Arbor, but for that reason, the Flint, Lansing, and Saginaw guys, among others, did not qualify.

    Check out our website You’ll find it fascinating.

    Take care,

    Bill Hoover

  38. Bill Hoover says:

    Mr. Fishman,

    For the record, let it be known that Mr. Fishman was an excellent interscholastic hooper who enjoyed a fine career at Michigan.

    Dave Baxter was a sweet shooting stud, who is totally worthy of “at least” Honorable Mention status.

    Each decade was limited to 30 players and if you made the NBA, original ABA, or the early Harlem Globetrotters I gave you the automatic stamp of approval.

    Only three guys from that decade, who made the All-Decade team, did not play in one of those three categories. You will agree all three were very much on par with Baxter’s greatness. They were Cliff Pratt, Mike Robinson, and Cyrus Mann. Like Baxter, all three were NBA draft choices with none making the NBA. You’ll agree that Mann would have, had he not had “the car” incident, and Mike Robinson played well enough to make it, for sure.

    Stuart House, a high school All-American, and an NBA draft choice, is not what I consider an early Harlem Globetrotter at all, but he did play for the legendary organization.

    Dave Baxter has torched me in rec ball play–which isn’t saying much–by dropping half-court bomb after bomb, the type where he was already confidently jogging the other direction as the ball dropped through the net. He was/is a “bad man” when you’re talking about a shooting stroke.

    Check out our website You’ll find it fascinating.

    Take care,

    Bill Hoover

  39. BILL HUB says:


  40. BILL HUB says:


  41. Bob Kohler says:

    What about Mel Daniels, Pershing 1962

    New Mexico State – leading rebounder in the US

    MVP of ABA 1971

    Sizemore should be on the baseball list. My teammate at Harper Woods, Rick Schmidt, was better and proved it on many occasions in practice scrimmages. If Will was still around, he would vouch for Schmidt.

    You have done a great job in compiling and saving this information. Keep it going.

  42. Bill Hoover says:

    Sorry for going so long without replying. Mel Baby Daniels is on the 60s list. Perhaps you looked for him in the just missed, thus not finding him. Daniels was good in high school, but great there after.
    Magic Johnson, Jay Vincent, and other Michigan High Schools were ineligible for this All-Decades Detroit Teams because they are outside of the large area the News and Free Press define as the Metro Detroit area. I must admit, I did not read about the career of Harper Woods Pioneer Rick Schmidt to make an intelligent comment.

  43. ali says:

    hey bill,

    i’m glad the conversation is still going. i look forward to catching up again soon.

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