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Michael Beasley after his Pro City debut. Photo: Naomi Jefferson.

Nike Pro City

I’m sitting in the office as the day is winding down and I get the good news that the number two drafted player in the 2008 NBA, Michael Beasley is supposed to be playing at Nike Pro City at Hunter College (68th and Lexington Ave.). Then I found out that his buddy, former Syracuse star and Houston Rocket Rookie, Donte Greene will be accompanying him.

When I get to Pro City it is already packed and the 6:30 game between the X-Men and Queensbridge hasn’t even started. Both teams are 3-3 and a loss eliminates either one. Once play got underway QB was awarded an 11-0 lead and play was picked up at the start of the second quarter because X-Men didn’t have enough players to start the game.

Despite their deficit to begin the contest the X-Men found their rhythm early and cut into the QB lead behind the play of Rashad Bell. Bell scored almost at will, getting into the lane for easy buckets. QB maintained a slim lead and led by just five at halftime, 37-32.

The X-Men went on a run early in the second half and took a 48-41 lead but the lead would be short lived. Darryl “Showtime” Hill used his quick handle to get out in the open floor and to the rack for easy buckets. With the score tied at 78-78 late in the fourth quarter, Showtime struck again. He scored eight of QB’s final 15 points, as they closed the game on a 15-7 run to win 93-85 and secure a spot in next week’s playoffs.

Showtime led all scorers with 29 points, while Ron Artest and Ira Miller added 20 and 12 respectively. Mike “The Icon” Campbell scored 22 points for X-Men and Rashad Bell added 20 for the losing X-Men squad.

Showtime after his 29 point performance. Photo: Kyle Henry.

The gym at Hunter College got so crowded that the bleachers on both sides had to be pulled out. When Gold’s Gym and defending champions N.I.K.E. 1 suited up for their 8:30 showdown, Michael Beasley and Donte Greene were sporting Gold unis. Even with a loaded squad that featured the previously mentioned players as well as Smush Parker, Derrick Caracter, Marko Jaric of the Memphis Grizzlies, Omar Cook and others, N.I.K.E 1 raced out to an early lead. Playground legend Junie Sanders showed why he is considered one of the best hitting a couple deep three-pointers and showing flashes of his old self with some drives to the rack.

N.I.K.E 1 dominated the first half and led by as many as 18 points. They maintained their aggressive style of play and led Gold’s 63-46 at the half. Beasley had just five points in the first half and was hearing it from the crowd. He was getting heckled even by the N.I.K.E. 1 head coach who kept calling him a “bum.” Nike Pro City lesson 101, never talk trash to a pro (See Artest .vs. Strickland). During the third quarter Beasley got it going. He scored every way imaginable, pull up jumpers, fade-aways and a couple dunks. Beasley’s scoring explosion coupled with a few questionable calls resulted in a 93-86 Gold’s Gym lead after three quarters of play. When the quarter was through, Beasley had scored 21 in the third and had a total of 26 points.

Gold’s momentum from a strong third quarter carried over into the fourth. Gold’s expanded their lead to double digits and cruised to a 126-11 victory, eliminating the defending champs from playoff contention. Midway through the final stanza, Donte Greene was informed that he would be a part of a deal that would send him to the Sacramento Kings. Also a part of the deal was Ron Artest who played earlier but had already left the building. Imaging starting your night as a Houston Rocket and midway through a game, you find out you’ve been traded?

Junie Sanders led N.I.K.E. 1 with 29 points and Tyrone Grant, Garnett Thompson and Darren “Primal Fear” Phillip each added 18. Beasley tallied a game-high 39 points, while Smush Parker added 26, including a 5-for-9 performance from behind the arc. Former Christ the King star Omar Cook added 13 points and seven assists, with zero turnovers for the winners.

Thursday at Pro City the Uptowners take on Prime Time in the 6:30 game and United Brooklyn battles Dyckman at 8:30 for the final playoff spot.

Mike Campbell

Beasley & Smush



West 4th

Fans who left after a sluggish first few minutes of play missed what turned out to be a good one Tuesday night at West 4th St. (3rd St., 6th Ave), with Money Inc. edging Jimmy’s All-Stars 80-76.

Money Inc. started the game on a 15-2 run, as J.A.S. seemed to be sleepwalking on both ends, missing lay-ups and playing very little defense. At the end of the first quarter, Money Inc. led 24-9.

J.A.S. cut the deficit to one point in the fourth by knocking down free throws. But turnovers and an inability to get stops plagued J.A.S. down the stretch.

David “Bear” Torres, who dropped a game-high 25 points, and Kimani Blaize, who sank five treys and finished with 22, led the way for Money Inc., who improved to 4-2.

Wednesday night at West 4th promises to be a good one as Smush Parker’s Macy’s team is scheduled to take on Sundiata Gaines’ Young Money Train. Tip off is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., but I’ll be there to claim my spot along the fence at 5:45.

Tri-State Classic

Former Providence College standout Sheiku “Sickle” Kabba scored 21 of his game high 32 points in the first half to lead Bowen Basketball to a 85-81 victory over Diamond. Ernesto Giscombe scored 22 and Sean “Murda” Simpson had 16 for the losers. Both teams are now 3-3 in the competitive Pro B Division of Tri-State.


Former Manhattan College star Von Damien “Mugsy” Green has been playing overseas now for 5 years. He lives in Paris and owns a sports agency company called 24 Sec Sports Agency. He has placed women and men on overseas clubs in Europe… The back-to-back same day game factor of summer league basketball isn’t taken into account by fans but coaches around the city realize the need for deep teams. Coming from tough games and suiting up in Tri-State is tough because it is not a running time tournament. With the clock stopping on each whistle, players who are out of shape have no legs and no finishing ability. Bowen Basketball almost lost the game because of that.

Contributors: Trevor Kapp, Sean Couch

26 Responses to “Nike NYC Daily: Beasley Goes Bonkers At Pro City”

  1. Russ M. says:

    Beasley was extremely impressive.Super smooth with the foot speed of a 6 footer. Carried himself on the court with a quiet, but major swagger that you rarely see from a kid that age.

  2. Justice says:

    Omar Cook sighting wow, where is he playing now?

  3. yo. says:


  4. Justin says:

    Pro City was crazy last night. Beasley did what ever he wanted in the second half. He was on some cool ish in the first half and only had one bucket. Eugene Lawrence is real tough too. He got into a beef with someone on his team with about 6 minutes to go and walked off the court. That was pretty much the end of Nike 1. He is lightly the key to that team.

    Tri-State should be good tonight

  5. Antonio Gil says:

    Justice- Omar Cook is gonna play in Spain (Unicaja Malaga) this season.

  6. Brooklyn says:

    Procity best tourney in the city easy beasley was awesome showtime had a awesome game like 30 pts the playoff next week should be off the chain get there early and get your seats it must of been like 500 peeps there lastnite.

  7. Trubinio says:

    Somebody please tell me how Marco Jaric played :)

  8. Kyle says:

    HaHa, Good one Trubinio. Jaric was OK, he actually looked to score when he had the opportunity last night. I think he finished with 12pts. Previous games, he was always passing. He is a decent athlete and he hustled and got some loose balls last night.

    Him and Charles Jones were getting into it a little bit last night. CJ called him a bum to his face and think Jaric said something along the lines of I’m a pro, you’re a bum.

  9. BallGurl says:


    I can NOT believe I missed this one. You couldn’t call a BallGurl?! LoL Just playing! I’m glad you were there for history. “Beast-ly” is a true baller. I hope he suits up again next week!

  10. Brooklyn says:

    Are you a jaric fan he was alright he was better than his 1st game but nothing too exciting omar hit some big jumpers also I wonder if beasley coming back for the playoffs tues cause they will need him!

  11. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    be easy, mike beasley!

  12. gabrielo says:

    how about beasley gettin hit with a tech for throwing the ball at tyrone grant after an and 1? or sticking his tongue out at the defender on the baseline before wetting a three in his face?…he’s got a bright future…donte greene didn’t do anything besides miss a few open threes, and drop omar cook’s passes..i wasn’t impressed too much with him

  13. Justin says:

    Come on….Jaric was terrible. Honestly looked like one of the worst players on the floor. If you didn’t know better you would have thought he got a uni as a favor

  14. fan says:

    Mike”smooth” Campbell is the goods. Rashard Bell is quietly one of the most improved players over the years. If he ever puts on a few pounds he might be a monster. Beasley is going to be scary w/ the ring (Flash)
    O.Cook is a general. Smush is a pro. G.Lawrence steady and D.P. best big man in the city. Junie sometimes remembers who he is. Daryll”Showtime”Hill was almost too good. He’s officialy back. The playoffs are going to be crazy I hope Brandon Jennings and Marcus make it out.

  15. Kenny Patt says:

    I would like to check out a playoff game. Does the gym get packed to the point that they turn people away?

  16. gabrielo says:

    i’m sure Jaric could care less what anyone says about him, you could tell he’s just going through the motions trying to get in a good workout, at the end of the day, he’s an NBA vet who has stats that far surpass a lot of these other guards that had a cup of coffee in the league…and he goes home to Adriana Lima, one of the baddest women on the planet

  17. Brelander says:

    Beasley came alive in the 3rd quarter. He was smiling & laughing as he got to the ball and took his man to the rim. Good to see Omar Cook has been working on his jumper. Shout out to DP for doing his best to contain Beasley in that 3rd quarter, DP is still one of the best in the business , his baseline jumper is automatic. I would have liked to see Garnett D up Beasley. I remember when Nike1 team at West 4th a few years ago was Smush, Junie, Tone Springer and a few other guys. So it was a real treat years removed seeing Junie and Smush dueling it out and gunning for each other. Side note, Artest is a beast, seems like he can get to the rack at will and get a bucket or foul called based on brute strength. I think Xmen certainly could have used a point guard last night and also seem to seem to never try to establish a post scorer in tight games. Mike C , Mike Haynes and T. Eddie can all shoot the 3 but they down the stretch they needed somebody to get the ball in the post and try to score (c’mon they had the Beast on the floor). Now on the sidelines that is easier said than done because Artest is certifiably insane and was certain to not give anybody easy passage into the lane.


  18. justin says:

    @ gabrielo – are you guys related? If you play ball and you have any pride, when you step on the court you PLAY. Its not that he didn’t really score…he straight up looked terrible. Dribbling off his knee, trying to take it to the cup and falling into people…the list goes on. Plus it is hard to get a workout when you are on the bench because you ain’t doing ish. Its called heart but you can’t teach that

  19. Blk Caesar says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Gabrielo.. Jaric has nothing to prove to anybody at Pro City and it has nothing to do with heart.. You can tell that he is not really playing and definitely going through the motions… Beasley did the same thing in the first half and people were calling him a bum too, until he decided to shut everybody up.. It is extremely difficult to make it as a guard in the NBA so I find it difficult to question his heart.. Just ask Charles Jones (who kept calling Jaric a bum) how long he lasted in the league.. Unless you are the head coach,GM, or owner of The Memphis Grizzlies I would care less about what you say or think also.

  20. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    y’all buggin. the grizzlies coaching staff and ownership would hate to hear about bad press on one of their players. if dude is going out there getting baked, they care about it. it’s a business, remember? it injures their credibility and marketing. you know how many more artest jerseys will sell out the nba store this fall because of what he’s doing this summer? do you? the nba recognizes the importance of street marketing, you see it everywhere. that’s why they televised ebc at rucker park games a couple of years ago, and david stern himself went to ‘55th. jaric has to play hard whereever he goes, otherwise don’t suit up. he ain’t that nice where he can say ‘oh, the comp didn’t inspire me,’ or something to that effect. play hard, or don’t play at all.

  21. Justin says:

    Blk Creaser – Jaric is that you? My point exactly, beasley was going through the motions and then he remembered he is a ballplayer and that he has a ballsack….then proceeded to drop 39.

  22. ehh says:

    Maybe MAYBE the grizz would care but would Marco?. Dude plays 82 games a season against the best ballers in the world, he’s got nothing to prove. He’s not going to play his ass off and risk injury for street cred. VC didn’t when AButta dropped 40 on him, why should any other pro who needs to feed their family.

  23. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:


    vince carter did a dunk that people talked about for years when he played in ebc. and a butta earned a lot of those buckets, it’s not like vc was doing matador D. i’m thinking you must not live in new york, cuz if you were able to see the amount of nba players in various parks and tournaments, indeed playing ‘their ass off,’ you’d understand why we expect anyone to play hard. and honestly, if marco is playing in nike pro city–he is playing against the some of the best ballers in the world. it’s just a different season and not under the nba banner. think about it.

  24. Ray Diaz, League Director says:

    Many NBA players underestimate the caliber of players that play in Pro City. Some come to get a run and get run out the gym. Fortunately for Beasley he’s a quick learner.

    As for jaric, school is still in session!

  25. ehh says:

    I know theres plenty of NBA players who play thier ass off in NYC summer leagues, for example Ron Artest, He’s from QB so he’s got to represent, just like all the other NBA players who grew up in NYC and other US City play ground enviroments. Home court pride is important to them, but Jaric. Dudes not even from the US let alone NYC. He’s there for a work out, not for street cred or to make a point. I’m not condoning the way he’s playing but I understand why he won’t lift his game when he’s got 82 paying games to play starting in November.

  26. Russ M. says:

    Anybody know if he’s going to play Tuesday, 8/5 ?

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