Smush Parker after his game winner against Uptowners. Photo: Kyle Henry

Last night at Nike Pro City (68th and Lexington) I watched probably the best game of basketball I’ve ever seen. It had everything, star power, an intense atmosphere, a game tight MC and it ended with a buzzer-beater. Smush Parker hit a deep 26-footer as time ran out to list his Gold’s Gym squad to a 115-112 victory over Adris “Too Hard To Guard” DeLeon’s Uptowners team.

Gold’s controlled the first half, dumping the ball in the post to John “The Franchise” Strickland for easy points. The Uptowners had no answer for The Franchise and fell behind 67-54 at the half.

Too Hard To Guard and his crew came out fired up to begin the second half. Nafi aka Borat aka Sylvester Stallone of the Afghanistan national team arrived midway through the third and gave the Uptowners a lift. On a Gold’s Gym fast break he hustled back and almost punched a Smush Parker shot attempt through the backboard. The crowd appreciated Nafi’s play and gave him a standing ovation after he exited the game with a dislocated finger from the blocked shot.

The Uptowners made another run late in the fourth quarter, led by JR Inman’s nine points in six minutes, to tie the game at 112-112 with 36 seconds left. After a few possessions by both squads, Gold’s Gym in-bounded the ball from the left sideline with 1.1 seconds left on the clock to Smush Parker. Parker threw a quick ball fake to get rid of his defender then let it go. The shot swished through the net as the buzzer sounded and the crowd went bananas, while the Uptowners players looked on in disbelief; the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Parker knew immediately the shot was good as he backed up and raised his hands.

The Uptowners were led by Too Hard To Guard who finished with a game-high 36 points and Inman who scored 21 points in a losing effort. Parker led Gold’s Gym with 25 points, The Franchise added 20 points and eight rebounds and New Orleans Hornets guard Mike James chipped in with 16. One side note that I found funny: Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric suited up for Gold’s Gym. I over heard a fan say, “Hey isn’t that the fine Brazilian model’s boyfriend, Adriana Lima. What’s his name again?” Not a good look when you’re a pro ball player and the best description someone can come up with for you is, “That fine Brazilian model’s boyfriend.” However, with Lima on his arm I doubt he cares.

Former New York Knick Allan Houston. Photo: Kyle Henry

In game two Ron Artest went off yet again, dropping 44 points to go with ten rebounds, six assists and three blocks, to knock off Dyckman 131-115. Dyckman suited up former Knick shooting guard and Olympic gold medalist Allan Houston. Houston was introduced to Pro City by a heckler who yelled, “Allan I’m a big fan, but if you don’t represent I’ma get on you.”

Houston did his best to keep Dyckman in the contest, but Artest would have none of it. The Sacramento King hit seven threes and threw done a sick tomahawk flush to dispatch of Dyckman. Houston showed glimpses of his old self when he scored five quick points on Artest with a three-pointer in his grill and a blow by for a lay up. Showtime added 22 points for QB and Jarrid Frye added 16 points and nine rebounds. Houston led Dyckman with 25 points and former Kennedy HS star JC Mathis added 22 for the losers.

Next week there will be some huge games at Pro City as teams lobby for playoff positions. Play resumes Tuesday July 29th when QB take on X-Men in the 6:30 game and Gold’s Gym battle N.I.K.E. 1 in the 8:30 night cap.

Too Hard To Guard at Nike Pro City. Photo: Kyle Henry

Nafi icing his dislocated finger. Photo: Kyle Henry

15 Responses to “Nike NYC Daily: Smush Ices Uptowners At The Buzzer”

  1. fan says:

    Hey Kyle how much assists did Daryll”Showtime” Hill have. I saw double digits. You tell me what you saw. Quiet as kept he is top 3 point guards easily in Hunter. Check the stats. I forgot 4 steals he play D too show some love. He’s been doing against some of the best.

  2. fan says:

    Smush parker and 2 hard 2 guard are ill. Smush looks like he’s practicing out there(The game comes so easy to him. 2 hard 2 guard got homicide attitude. (Relentless)
    Pro-City is where it’s at. Everybody who’s Everybody is liable to come thru. Shout Outs to Derrick Character in the building (Louisville). Naffi is Rambo’s stunt double.(Work Horse)

  3. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    for those who don’t know, the dude in the picture tapping smush’s arms is known other than hip hop legend london reyes of the new york city breakers. in the ’80s, he performed on national tv a number of times, i think even before president jimmy carter in teh white house, too. props.

  4. ali says:

    man! i need to come back home. these updates are ridiculous. thanks kyle.

  5. Brooklyn says:

    That game lastnite was off da hook lastnite at pro city artest was just beasting it wow and allan had his momments but andre and barrett suck it up which is rare.

  6. Jas says:

    How did Marco Jaric do? I can’t believe he played at Pro City.

  7. 40 cal says:


  8. dj ho says:

    good to see allan houston playing. i thought he would never play again – he’s obvioulsy doing it for the love of the game. is he gonna try and make it back into the NBA?

  9. Carlito Roc TCK Krew says:

    Damn, thats dope. Allan could always go over seas lol.

  10. Brooklyn says:

    Jaric was garbage and king smush hahahahahaha are you kidding me 2hard too guard had 36 and the uptowners havn’t made the playoffs in pro city in like 5 or more yrs and they took gold gyms too the buzzer and let see smush repeat this performance against the 3 time champs of pro city Nike1 on tuesday!

  11. Einar says:

    Artest was dominant. He was the floor general. I was surprised that his offense and control of the offense stood out more than his defense. Allan Houston put out a gallant effort but he looked in pain just running up and down the court. When he had the ball there was some life left in the body but otherwise he just looked old.

  12. Kyle says:


    The stat machine was messed up at Pro City. So I don’t know how much assists Showtime had. Sorry.

  13. Coach Troopy says:

    Yo what’s Good!! Does anybody know how to get a team for next year in the Pro City at Hunter College. I want to come through with a Jersey All-Star team.

  14. Ray Diaz, League Director says:

    Much Love to all the cats that come out to see our league. “Where the Pros Play” Nike Pro City.

    By the way Coach Troopy, come down and let’s talk.

  15. Chris says:

    Props to Allan for playing at this “event”, that shows more heart than he was ever given credit for having. We have to remember that he hasn’t played in a real Basketball game in over 4-5 years, so of course he’d loook stiff lol. He is plaining on returning this season, and that rust will come off with the more games he plays.

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