Guinness Book of World Records holder Jack Ryan came down to our afternoon 14th St. Y run a couple of weeks ago looking like the 80% field goal shooter of yesteryear. Minus the hops, anyone there who never had the chance to see him in his prime got a good sense of just how nice he was back in the day. For real, he led his squads to quick Ws cuz regular field goals were no match to him literally hitting every single three-pointer attempted. What really bugged me out was his passing. Never one known for sharing, “Black Jack” was hookin’ his teammates left and right. He introduced a new dish that I’d never seen before where he would penetrate, raise his right leg high in slow motion as if he was gonna jump while keeping his left foot planted, then toss the rock behind the waist of the help D to the open man underneath. I don’t know if i’m giving it justice, but it looked like the Matrix where he slowed everything down so much that he could’ve avoided a bullet even. Bugged, but true.

Jack will be in the annual West 4th Oldtimers’ Game this Saturday, July 26th. Hopefully he hasn’t injured himself again as he’s been nagged with various ailments all year. I really invite all of you to see him on the very court where he started his worldwide fame (and where he was photographed for our Bounce issue #14 cover)!

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5 Responses to “The West 4th Legend Returns Home Tomorrow”

  1. Red says:

    Yo B,

    Good stuff.

    Jack is a legend, no doubt.

    It’s funny because everyone looks at Jack as a scorer but he really is one of the best passers of all-time.

    Back in the day whether it was Manhattan Beach, East 5th, West 4th, Riis or Tillary, I have seen him many times dish off and kick out to open teammates.

    But when your team needed a bucket, clear it out, Jack was going to work.

  2. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    no doubt, red, but if you ask jack, he’ll tell you in an eye blink that he loves to play 1-on-1 cuz there are no teammates to pass to in that game! haha

  3. Red says:


    I was at the game when Brooklyn College played the Naval Academy. Jack played for the Kingsmen who were D-1 at the time. (Turk was his teammate)

    On the break Jack had the ball in the middle and went right at David Robinson who was back on defense. Jack wasn’t just going to lay it up either. He pulled up and tried a three-sixty!

    Head coach Mark Reiner quickly removed Jack and that was the end of his season.

  4. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:

    end of his season, try end of his college career! all for a 360! haha! but he’s more than made up for it in his later years. i wonder where coach mark reiner is now, and if he knows that jack is his most popular and successful player ever . . .

  5. Omega 'Mega Man" Milton says:

    Real talk Bob I didn’t see you fall but its a safe bet you just step on somebodies foot. SO I’m not adding this to my body count. But did Black Jack ever tell you when he went down lol. Eaze

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