Coach Sean Arnold’s Most Hated Crew has some of the top young talent in the city. Two players from Progressive Christian Academy (Maryland) – Norvell “Shaka” Arnold and Bryant “Chewbacca” Crowder have serious collegiate upside. Shaka is a 6’4” wing with a tremendous wing-span and good feet. He showed solid jump shooting and ball-handling skills. Shaka said he is going to a D1 JUCO in Iowa. Bryant Crowder is a 6’8” wire with excellent rebounding and finishing skills around the hoop. Against solid overseas talent he performed well dropping 14 points against T2 and Gordie Malone. Crowder has one more year at Progressive and should be on the A-10 to Big East radar…

Word on the Street is that former Wadleigh H.S. standouts Joshua Watkins and Chris Noel are for real. Chris led D-1 JUCO in assist while Josh (Howard JC) is killing off the dribble. Both players have that Harlem swagger and toughness. Josh gets to the bucket at will, has solid mid-range skills, and is a good defender… Another player who is getting some serious attention is Kiwan Smith, formerly of the Nike Battlegrounds. Kiwan has that versatile game that many Big East Coaches crave and needs to get his grades right to get that big-time college shot.

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  1. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:


    if joshua watkins is ‘jiggy josh’ then your analysis is super on point. he is herschel walker with a handle. he needs to work on seeing men setting up on the three point paint for the kick-out, and also get his long-range sharp. at this point though no one is stopping him from scoring going to the saucecake, however he will be that much more effective when he rounds out his game. he’s still young. and powerful. i wouldn’t want to guard him at all!

  2. Carlito Roc TCK Krew says:

    Word Sean/Bob, Jiggy Josh and his Most Hated crew put down Mike(still Mr. Smooth?) Campbell and his previously undefeated Xmen team today.

    It was an excellent game. fs 115-110.

    I first saw Josh at the Tristate last year and it was evident that it was his home park. The crowd roared every time he drove and layed whoever was guarding him.

    This year, he’s bigger, stronger and still laying whoevers guarding him. haha

    He’s deff been in the gym, cuz for a small dude, he always has the strength to score down low, where there is no sunlight. pause.

    I’ve seen him joking around on the sidelines when he’s not playing, but during the games he’s real serious and turns the heat up when his name/number gets called.

    Hope he continues to excel and wish him the best.

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