Peace to the God The Latest / Jul 3, 2008 / 1:11 pm

When Sham turns the corner, you got a problem on your hands.

Last night at the Tri-State Classic on 145th and Lenox, Shammgod Wells blessed the hometown crowd with a punishing performance: 38 points, 15 assists and highlight after highlight. The crowd was hype to see their native son return and rep the block. “We scored 38 and 15.” Thats how you know you are reppin’, when every victory is not just a personal one, but one for your hood. He not only lit up the scoreboard, but got the W. Always gracious, he showed love to everybody, even stopping to kiss an elder on the cheek. This dude should run for office. God Obama.

Staring God in the face
Shammgod weaves through defenders.Concentration of a GodGood to be home. Shammgod gets love at 145A baller and a gentleman

11 Responses to “Peace to the God”

  1. Buckets says:

    Thats the man right there! I loved watching him at Providence. His handles and passing was unbelievable. And that Elite 8 run in the ‘97 NCAA’s was one of the best underdog stories ever. Wish he could have stuck in the league.

  2. Stanley Lumax says:

    Inshallah, he’ll be back.

  3. illest says:

    very nasty….kobe bryant said he learned how to handle the rock from him. the wizards should have played him more.

  4. peteystaxx says:

    any clips?

  5. Stanley Lumax says:

    Unfortunately I just stumbled upon the game with my camera. Best believe the camcorder is in the duffle bag from now on.

  6. BeanO says:

    Sham got the nastiest handle ever. i seen him sham an entire zone and the entire zone shifted. lol. dude got a gift.

  7. Len Bias says:

    I wish Sham would have stayed in college another year or two and worked on his jump shot

  8. AshawayFriar says:

    tons of talent, a joy to watch,I’ll second what Bias said-
    ‘wish he stayed with the friars another year or two’.

    best to sham, he’s a great kid.

    left me & thousands of other fans with great memories!

  9. Joe says:

    This guy was a solid jumpshot away from being an NBA all-star. I never could understand how someone just cant develop a jumper. It’s all mechanics and practice.

  10. June Mcglory says:

    does any body in shammgod games hit me up at

  11. CoachMe says:

    Lived in Texas all my life. But best believe when my kids ask me who were the top ball handlers I have seen play. God Shammgod is one of the first to come out. Much Respect Shamm.. (If you still got it, why not give the NBA another shot.)

    if any vidz out of Shamm, Raf (besides And1),and any others send to great learning tool for our team.

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